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  1. I feel like you didn't seeing as your two posts here have been about trying to put words into my mouth and hunting for some sort of secret agenda. Nobody put anyone on a pedestal, I never asked anyone to "come forward" or "step to the mat". They screwed up a thing, I was very critical. They made a thing right, I said thank you. I'm not looking for a parade, or a prize, nor am I asking anyone official to respond. I just hope that they see it so they know it was appreciated. End of story.
  2. That's exactly what I said, Thank you for actually reading my post.
  3. There was an 8 page thread on it so...I guess congrats that you didn't encounter any issues.
  4. So, we all know that this past event, Friday in particular, was a roaving dumpster fire on the PS4. We were festooned with server issues and we got little to no response. This drew more than a little criticism and I think it's fair to say that a good number of people lost faith in the staff for allowing this to happen again. Well, I didn't see it posted anywhere, but I was still getting double xp as of 4am this morning. So here's the thing, I'm all for calling someone to the mat for screwing up but if you're going to do that you also have to acknowledge the good with the bad. So, Thank you for adding that extra day, making it right. I, for one, noticed and appreciate the gesture.
  5. Good luck, before I quit trying I'd get a random match here and there but I never got more than 5 minutes in. Fingers crossed for you.
  6. Which makes it that much more insulting. I'd actually have some respect for them if they took even a little bit of responsibility y'know.
  7. A suspension for being critical of a broken product? That's a little telling isn't it.
  8. I'd probably try to shift the blame too. I mean they went through this already so no excuse is going to cut it. They had a dry run, it was a disaster, then they did a double exp weekend to make up for it which was a disaster. So now that it's the physical launch AND a double exp weekend... I mean really their options are to fix it or openly admit incompetence and they can't seem to fix it which I feel only reinforces the other thing.
  9. Yeah to my understanding it's just we lucky few on the PS4.
  10. Eh not always I had that happen earlier, I was host AND Jason.
  11. Not as of writing this no. They were good for the length of a game and a half or so.
  12. I mean you have a point, but y'know I had faith that they wouldn't make the same mistakes again, especially with this being the physical launch. One would think they would want their game to work on the day that it's hitting store shelves.
  13. Sorry for the inconvenience...AND....?
  14. And just like last time, I'm sure the ps4 players are going to get a middle finger rather than support or anything to compensate our time. I mean I took the day off of work for this event, I even bought the stupid emote pack because I thought "hey, they deserve my money". Way to poison the well right.
  15. I got to play exactly one game today...c'mon now.