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  1. Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you know that we are continuing to monitor this thread and working on fixes
  2. We're currently looking into the PS4 connectivity issues. Sorry for in the inconvenience
  3. As far as I am aware, we have not made any changes with Composure. We will take a look at it and see if there was anything changed in this patch that caused an unintended side affect for anything related to the stat. Rain currently does not have any effect on game play. We will be taking a look at durability to check if it is working as intended
  4. Any undocumented changes are added to the patch notes as I confirm them. So far I have added one change - Jason's Stalk ability. Of course I will be investigating further and changes will be added as they are confirmed. We definitely don't want our players to have to play a guessing game on what was changed with each new patch and we're working to improve on the system that we currently have for patch notes
  5. Hi everyone, With the release of the latest patch yesterday, I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself. My name is Aron (or Courier) and I just recently joined the Illfonic team as their Community Manager. You should be seeing me popping up around the various communities (Forums, Reddit, Discord, etc.) from now on. My job as Community Manager will be to help you all understand us at Illfonic and vise versa. As the new guy here, I’ve mainly been spending my time familiarizing myself with the Dev Team and getting a feel for the community around Friday the 13th: The Game. I also wrote the latest patch notes and will be working on improving all future notes too. Any errors or undocumented changes for these latest patch notes are completely MY FAULT and I apologize for that. Illfonic is looking forward to improving communication with its player base and we are actively working on ways to change how we have been handling things. If any of you have suggestions or concerns regarding ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ or Illfonic, please let me know here! I may not be able to respond to a lot of you, but I will definitely be taking notes of everything.
  6. Jarvis House New Playable Map: Jarvis House Jason Part 4 New Playable Jason: Jason 4 Level 44 Requirement Weapon: Pig Splitter (+) Can Run (+) Weapon Strength (+) Destruction (-) Water Speed (-) Shift (-) Traps Counselor Mitch Floyd New Playable Counselor: Mitch Floyd Level 24 Requirement 9/10 Composure 2/10 Luck 8/10 Repair 3/10 Speed 4/10 Stamina 6/10 Stealth 3/10 Strength New Features Rain The Rain feature is now available and players may have a chance to encounter this new weather in any of the current playable maps. Note; we had originally discussed toggle on/off feature for private matches however that will be in the next patch due to time constraints. Counselors pushing Counselors are now able to “push” other counselors "In order to prevent players from griefing via “bodyblocking”, we have introduced a new feature that allows Counselors to push each other. The player being pushed will slowly walk away in the direction opposite of the player pushing. This feature does not affect Jason." Changes Thick Skinned perk changes Thick Skinned now reduces ALL damage “Originally, Thick Skinned was intended to reduce damage specifically from Jason's’ attacks. However, there was a bug that was causing Thick Skinned to apply twice which in turn also caused the perk to incorrectly reduce all incoming damage. This issue was fixed in the last patch. After considering our internal testing and community feedback, we agreed that the previous iteration of Thick Skinned worked better for game balance when the inflated damage reduction values were no longer present.” The tooltip for Thick Skinned has been changed from “Take less damage from all incoming attacks.” to “Take less damage.“ [Known Issue] Perks that had their values adjusted will have no in-game effect until re-equipped Stun Duration adjusted Jason’s Stun Duration timer has been adjusted “Jason’s Stun Duration has been adjusted across all counselors and items to better balance the changes made by the previous bug fix.” Grease Monkey perk re-balanced Reduced the effectiveness of the Grease Monkey perk “Grease Monkey was individually causing too large of an impact. We have adjusted Grease Monkey to be more consistent with other perks.” [Known Issue] Perks that had their values adjusted will have no in-game effect until re-equipped Trap Damage adjusted All counselors now take the same amount of damage from traps “Traps have been adjusted to inflict the same amount of damage across all counselors. Players that activate a trap will now always be wounded unless equipped with an adequate trap damage reduction perk.” Jason's Stalk ability minor change Jason's footsteps are now silent while the Stalk ability is enabled Bug Fixes Perks Fixed a bug that allowed players to keep perks with old balance values Fixed a bug where the Medic perk to show incorrect amount of charges on the Medical Spray item Fixed a bug that was causing the Grinder perk to unintentionally grant Jason additional XP Counselors Fixed a bug that was causing weapon durability values to calculate incorrectly Fixed an issue where counselors could interact with nearby objects during ‘breaking free’ animations Fixed a bug that caused Pamela Voorhees’ Sweater to sometimes not properly appear as equipped Fixed an issue that caused players to sometimes become stuck if they used the Emote Wheel while in hiding Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause counselors to disappear from customization menus [Not Fixed] Jason Fixed a bug that was causing Jason 9 to have a higher base HP than intended. His HP should now properly reflect his tooltip Fixed a bug in Private Matches where choosing a player to be Jason in the pre-game menu was not working properly Fixed a bug that would sometimes crash the client if Jason grabs a Counselor that is sitting in a boat Fixed a bug causing Firecrackers to stun Jason through certain walls Tommy Jarvis Fixed a bug that caused the Tommy Jarvis’ arrival cutscene to sometimes not be displayed Fixed a bug that was causing a second Tommy Jarvis model to appear Fixed a bug that allowed Tommy Jarvis to be killed during his intro cinematic Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause Tommy Jarvis to spawn for a disconnected player Spectators The “Police Arrival Timer” and “Match End Timer” are now properly in sync while in Spectator Mode Fixed an issue where after re-joining a session, the spectator will crash after spectating Jason’s death Maps General Tidied up various counselor survival exploit locations on all maps Packanack The Phone Box on the cabin can now be repaired regardless of the angle it is approached from Fixed an issue that allowed players to drive out of bounds Packanack Small Fixed an issue that prevented players from interacting with the Poker in one of the cabins The Power Box outside of the barn is no longer being blocked by a tree The stacks of hay bales by the Archery Range are now properly blocked off Fixed an issue that caused players to be unable to pick up the Shotgun near the Archery Range Vehicles Fixed a bug that was allowing players to cancel the animation while leaving a car User Interface Jason is able to properly access the scoreboard again Spectators are able to properly access the scoreboard again Updated the font for the match intro movies Matchmaking Reduced the timer to start the match (only when the lobby is full) Sound Volume of the intro movie reduced