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  1. The following user just sexually harassed me and other players: [Omitted by Kodiak - Naming and shaming is not allowed] They threatened to violate me in very specific ways and used multiple derogatory terms to insult me and others in my lobby. The vulgarities continued until I muted him, but I demand that he be reprimanded. While I am used to a certain amount of foul language, teasing, and taunting, this person's sudden unfounded and continual barrage of sexually explicit insults crossed the line from banter to sexual harassment. I expect to be contacted about this.
  2. PSN is in no way shape or form to blame, the deflection. In 3 years I've had.... no memorable issue with the PSN and nearly all the games I play are MM.
  3. I am in a game right now. I will update soon. NVM
  4. I think you're right. However, that doen't this make sense. He's interacting with the environment and could not physically control my perception of that event, therefore it's bogus ya know
  5. I think you've uncovered an issue with the new patch. I keep experiencing muted sound effects. Since the patch, I randomly can't hear Jason chopping at or busting down doors. I used to listen for that cue, not I have to be looking straight at the door which is not realistic. If I'm in the vicinity, I'd hear someone busting down a door. One of the last games I was able to play ahem... I was crouched with my weapon by a window looking at a player outside, waiting for Jason to chop down the door. Suddenly he grabbed me; the door had already been chopped and I never heard anything.
  6. I do like the idea, but to be realistic, calling 911 is the first thing people do in a crisis... if they are able to that is. So I object to the idea as I rarely even get out if I was the person calling the police. Some of these Jason's work overtime to prevent anyone from installing the fuse. The SEVERAL last matches where the cops were even called were because I sacrificed myself to install the fuse I found knowing there were traps there and he heard me scream
  7. Still nothing over here. I'm done with trying
  8. If anything, we need MORE threads. This is unacceptable and warrants as much attention as it can get
  9. OOP. The quick returns.
  10. And there you have it
  11. This is a slap in the face to people who have struggled game after game to even finish due to host leaving (maybe for connectivity issues?), connectivity, and server issues. At this point, each player needs to be awarded a MODEST 10,000 experience points equating to a mere 20 completed games. We deserve more, but with the newest botched 2x XP weekend, I'm pissed, officially.
  12. Wow. Are they really this unprepared for all the PS4 sales? My brother got off work early to buy the game and unwind from the week and he is LIVID. He said he gives it one more hour and he's taking the game back and going out for drinks.