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  1. 15:27 She's outside using the chimney glitch, if you stand in the right spot it makes the whole house light up but they're actually outside.
  2. Nah it's not new it's been in since release.
  3. Just a father finally getting to spend some quality time with his daughter.
  4. They did fix it for if you get Jason you can hold up on the d-pad to check the scoreboard but for counselor you still have to do the longer way of pausing then clicking mute players.
  5. Lol true, I think it's my favorite screenshot because Jasons mask is off honestly. If it was still on I don't thinknit would look as cool.
  6. Exactly what I do, just went 8/8 earlier because of this method.
  7. Probably my best screenshot.
  8. Apparently it was said in a livestream I didn't hear myself because I wasn't there I was just saying that if that is what someone said than that it is pathetic.
  9. I seriously love this game but them blaming Sony is just pathetic and childish because they're not taking responsibility for their own fuck ups.
  10. They sure are. I just wanted to play Friday The 13th on Friday the 13th but no, if it I can't find a match I'm either put in a lobby by myself and no one joins or there's constant crashes, it sucks.
  11. Go to Tiffany and look at her eyes she looks like you just whipped out the biggest bag of cocaine that she's ever seen lol
  12. For me on Ps4 it's super quiet now.
  13. Well you have something up too loud because for it's real quiet now.
  14. Maybe drop her luck down by 2 points and add those 2 to repair? I don't know, the more I look at the choices you made the better it looks anyway, so I agree with your perk choices.
  15. So that means being able to just hold up on the d-pad again? If so thank you!