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  1. Can't please everyone. You follow Gun Media folks on twitter and read comments on FB, lots of people asking for this skin. So... some like, some won't. I liked the NES game and am excited about the new skin. You aren't. It is what it is. I don't want a Jason X uber Jason skin but we are probably getting one. I most likely won't be complaining on twitter, FB, or the forums about it though.
  2. Anyone else seen the report of the rights of the franchise are in question? Huge legal battle going on. I heard about this on a movie news youtube channel but could this impact the rights of the game? i HOPE NOT! I love this game and would hate to see something happen to it because of a stupid legal battle over rights. Disclaimer - I posted this without searching to see if this thread has started. Please forgive me if this has already been discussed. I'm just scared.
  3. If you are going by this past weekend's numbers then that is a bit skewed. DBD had a double blood point event/ DEVS playing weekend or something. A lot of the groups I run with were in DBD for that reason alone but left when I asked if they wanted to play. I have no issues finding players and all the friends I made while playing are still playing F13 during the times they normally did. As with any game after release, there will be a decline in player activity. I know I've unlocked everything i wanted to in regards to playable Jasons. DLC would help. Free content patch just announced. Once F13 has been around as long as DBD has (at this point in time) we will see where the numbers lare. I played both and found that DBD got boring very quickly. I still have the same excitement to play for F13 as I did at launch. Still hunting the elusive Pamela tapes. But sure, some players have moved on or back to what they know in DBD. so? Just because they aren't running at launch numbers doesn't mean the game is DYING. Just means attention spans aren't what they used to be. It doesn't have to be an either/or thing as well. Just because someone plays DBD one weekend and F13 the next, doesn't mean one is dying.
  4. Sitting here pulling my hair out when I realized something... it is like 4 or 5 dudes complaining. Then something came to mind. A silent majority is a large group of people who support something, but choose not to express their opinions publicly. ... The opposite of the silent majority were a noisy minority, a small group of people I'm just gonna wait for the midnight release of the game. You all can stay angry and vigorously type responses on your computer.
  5. Well, if the shoe fits
  6. In regards to your comment on Gun Media only responding when the stuff hits the fan. I will respond to that by saying this... social media is pretty toxic at times. Lots of people complain about silly silly things. What you view as reactionary is more likely a response to a concern that is shared by many and valid. If they responded to EVERY single comment made on FB, twitter, and the forums then yes, they would be nothing BUT reactionary and get nothing done.
  7. I agree with a lot of what you said, not all. Again, you fall into the category of having valid counter arguments. However, I feel that the "slap in the face" comment is a little much. Though we can agree that there could have been better ways to handle the early access, I don't think it was in any way intended to thumb the nose at the player base that supported it. I think it was a decision made on the long term longevity that ALL F13 fans want for this game. I also slightly disagree with the comparison to shouting out a Harry Potter or Star Wars spoiler vs. seeking information on the internet for the topic in question. I was in World of Warcraft when some jerk shouted, "Snape kills Dumbledore" in chat and I was in Everquest when some jerk said, "Darth Maul dies". Realize I am showing my age a bit with these comments.... still. I was in an unrelated area and blasted with information i wasn't seeking. Looking into information about the topic DOES open you up to potential spoilers. Still, i get your point and appreciate the dialogue. Just hope people can agree to move past this and enjoy the game. Also feel that it would have been a better idea to hold back on the end game until official launch. It isn't a deal breaker for me but I can see the benefit from that action.
  8. Debatable on bad decision. I don't agree but there are enough valid counter arguments to the contrary preventing me to Definitively say it WAST a poor decision. However, the group of friends I am playing with are staying away from forums and youtube until after the release to avoid stuff like that. There is a way around it. Ultimately, you can agree or disagree with the decision to give folks early access but spoilers are only spoiled when you seek out info. Let us review why folks are upset... 1 - streamers got the game earlier than they did 2 - players who didn't get early access to the game didn't get to kill Jason first 3 - The method of killing him was spoiled. Points 1 and 2 are entitlement issues and 3 is a self inflicted wound.
  9. I didn't quote your post to start
  10. and YOU would know that by saying what I said, I was responding to his line about, " Do you think the developers of Halo would be happy if a day before launch I uploaded the ending sequence of the game?" to which i responded the way I did. Don't want spoilers, dont seek out content. Basic message. Context clues are hard
  11. Again... no one forced you to watch streams and see the end game. Only one person made that decision and it wasn't Gun Media
  12. Like you, I also haven't posted much on the forums. Haven't felt the need. I just read what the devs posted in anticipation of the game. I absorbed every bit of information, eager for more, leading up to today. That includes watching streamers play the game before launch, something I very much wanted to see, and reading about achievements and other spoilers (how to kill Jason). I did all of this with the full knowledge that I COULD be robbing myself of some of the experience of discovery by pursuing it, but I did it anyway. Were i feeling let down or disappointment that I knew, like a kid searching for his presents before Christmas morning and losing that element of surprise and excitement leading up to it, I would have no one to blame but myself. I can't say anything about people feeling betrayed about streamers getting the game before the launch. A lot of the guys I have watched were helping play test the game. I considered it a reward but i do understand the feeling when some 19 year chick, who has barely mastered the English language, contrives a Jason is dead scenario for her stream, I am a little annoyed but it doesn't ruin the game for me. Ultimately, any information I have gained from streams, forums, reddit etc about the game's content that I felt were "spoilers" could have all been avoided had I not sought it out. But I did and I have only myself to blame for that. As I sit here and type this, I am listening/watching a stream from one of my favorite twitch guys. I am still stoked for the game. I plan on playing it. A lot, but I will be honest with everyone. In my attempt to continue to fuel my excitement for the game by reading the forums, the only thing ruining my anticipation of the game is all the complaining going on because people are upset over not getting early access to the game. Sure, I would have liked early access. Guess what, i didn't get it. So i have 2 options. 1 - cry about it on the forums 2 - wait until the game is released to the public I am going with option 2. You guys do what you want.
  13. Tom Savini Jason until I unlock Part 2. My favorite films are 6, and 7 of the franchise but I like the simplicity of Jason from part 2.
  14. The game had a few bugs, sure. But it was everything I wanted it to be. The game play is solid, the concept is great! Looking forward to the full release. Listing bugs is not whining, it is helpful. HOWEVER, I have seen SEVERAL comments in this thread that could be considered "whining" Luckily, they are in the minority. Most comments I have seen have been mostly positive.