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  1. I'm just making this because a lot of people underestimate people due to the counselor that they choose to play. A lot of people have given bad reps to counselors that are actually very useful. If you have heard anything bad reputations that I have not listed then please list them. I'm just going to name a few! Vanessa ~ Always coming in houses and stealing people's drawers // Following stealthy characters around being loud Chad ~ Usually teams // Has both sets of keys and fuse Eric ~ Usually teams Bugzy ~Team killer Tiffany ~ Useless These are just a few with a reputation that they don't deserve.
  2. Level 101 about a month ago! My Xbox gamer tag is Shadowrave1010.
  3. The problem with the unlock level being lowered is that there are already Jason's that are unlockable at those lower levels. It's good that the game spaces out the level unlocks. If you unlock too much is a short time you'll soon run out of things to unlock.
  4. Even with disconnect issues and host quits you still get XP, just not as much. What platform do you play on and what level are you currently? Just wondering.
  5. I'm surprised they didn't have Mitch unlockable at a certain level. I love the fact you have to level up to get him. There is way too big of a gap between the last unlockable Jason and the max level. I'm glad they added something to fill the gap. My advice is to take advantage of the double XP weekend!
  6. I'm so excited for the new counselor and the new Jason but with this news I have a couple of questions and that I was wondering if you guys could shed some light on. I don't expect you guys to know because you're not the devs but do you have any idea how this will work? With the new Jason and new counselor will there be a level limit in which you unlock them? I'm max level so this doesn't much apply to me but I'm curious. Will they have to be unlocked at first or just free for everyone to use regardless or level? Will the new counselors have the same amount of clothes as the currents ones? Along with the swimsuit DLC? Are those going to have to be unlocked with levels? Thanks for your feedback if you give any!
  7. Excuse me, but where did you find the Twitter post? I can't find it.
  8. Of course you shouldn't lose XP for an accident but there is no way to differentiate the accident from intentional kills. I've had many times where I've hit someone for the fact they ran in the road and I couldn't stop fast enough. It sucks when it happens. I do agree with you that it's the only option as of right now. It just doesn't necessarily benefit everyone. Sorry if it seems like I just repeated what you said but I agree with you
  9. I disagree, from experience I know the lack of XP does nothing to stop anyone. Sure it is an attempt to stop it but it doesn't work to well. Trolls don't care about losing XP for one game. There are always others.
  10. It would be cool if they added additional customization options for the counselors in exchange for CP points. I doubt they would add weapons because they would have to make those accessible to all players and spread them all around the map for people to find. I'm hoping they add clothes and other things but I'm very excited for the new kills. Overall I'm just trying to find ways to spend my CP. I hope they start to add in more options for that.
  11. Do you guys think there will ever be an option to buy anything other than kills with CP? Maybe they could add clothing that can only be unlocked when you buy it with CP? I'm just thinking about it because many people have so much CP saved up and once you get a nice set of perks and all the kills that are currently unlockable there is really no use for the currency as of now. Do you guys think that will change?
  12. Xbox- gamer tag- PityxParty
  13. CP is based on the amount of XP you get so they both kind of go hand in hand. a double XP event would benefit people trying to level up as well as buy perks and kills.