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  1. I forgot my password. :\
  2. Thank you for informing me. On the case it says bloody Jason skin and counselor clothing pack. So I was confused if it was the same.
  3. I totally agree! In my opinion the strongest Jason's are part 6, Savini, and part 3. The weakest part 7, the hardest one is part 2. I love the look of part 7 and that is the only reason why sometimes play him. Personally I think part 6 is the best. And Savini is overpowered.
  4. I know this has been talked about before but I just want to know why you still can't switch weapons for Jason! It would be simple, go to the current Jason your on, go to " Weapon ", click it, and the choose the weapon you want that Jason to have. Maybe your saying " but it would be weird to see part 2 running around with the trident." Well they could use the place holder models for the spear and pitchfork. If they do decide to put this in the game I have a personal request, if select the machete for part 6 can the machete on his utility belt be gone?
  5. I've been wondering if new counselor clothing pack for physical copy's will be the same as in the backer kit? I own the backer kit clothing pack and I would be disappointed if the physical copy version is the same.
  6. Hey everybody! I'm not exactly new to Friday the 13th the game forums. But I've been gone for a long time. My original name was Goldenking6603.