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  1. I like the idea but the whole car starting jason is nearby experience is as hard as hell already. I don't think against a good jason that after getting the car running to begin with there would be enough flares, fire crackers or stun time in the world to pop back to the hood rewire that battery or whatever, get back in the car start it and go. Noo, even the awkardest jasons will have you dead in that time.
  2. Oh it's thrown me off and in the more recent darker maps, bloody horrific...where the hell is he? Quicky looks left, looks right....feckity feck feck
  3. Adam was my second choice next to Aj. I go for repair as a main because being in public matches it is often a save yourself situation. In developed teams ill switch around more, that said; yes i don't want to struggle with repairs or have to rely on others to do them in public lobbies. Adam is a good second to aide here because of his high repair and yes he makes for a good jason bully too. I would say he is better than kenny because kenny doesn't do anything really well. I play Aj, adam and sometimes tiffany.
  4. I wouldn't mind more development versatility and options with my jasons but i don't know that he needs perks exactly. Though i see why you would like the idea. I would more go to have a say in which jason has his current set off strengths/weaknesses. So i like part 6 but i want more traps. In my jason hope bubble i could pick his strengths and weaknesses like i pick his grab kills, won't happen though.
  5. Part 5 was the prototype zombie jason...human or not he ran nowhere. Also he was very strong i don't know many men at all the can lift and hold anyone with one hand. Defense he was a paramedic and had access to all kinds of painkillers. Im assuming he used these as he got smashed by reggie with a tractor and unlike part 2 jason when attacked with a chainsaw he fought it off and eventually took a nice gash (part 2 cowered from jennys chainsaw) oh lets not forget tommys pocket knife, his hand and being kind of hacked off...all this and though he was human, he didn't scream once...and you want to give him low defense... In closing its like roy burns said to human jason "hey mate you are doing it all wrong man...stop with the running, you look desperate, be smooth, be cool" And dead jason was all like "yeah man you are so right when i come back from the dead i am gonna do it just like you, thanks roy mate" stabby stabby stab...
  6. Different window kills would be nice. So erm if its not broke, he could hold you in place and bring the frame down on yohr face much like the door kill. If it is broke impale them on the glass. I nice side point would be that the window may be rendered useless if a counselor had been killed with it this way.
  7. I recall being mortified when i saw the actors name who played jason for the first time. I dealt with it, until the first time i shouted at the screen "go get her kane" that was it i had to stop watching. The fake fractured reality was now shattered. Eventually i came to accept the truth...and now you want to put the actor in the game too... Well ok.
  8. This is my issue with most wwe jason creations. He is not a 7 foot something monster, do him again...
  9. Hell no...if sweater girl and tommy and are on the map and i've been demasked. I'm going to morph away regroup and consider my options/next aproach. I won't bail if i'm meant to die, i'm meant to die but reality is pressure is on jason, always has been. He needs the tools he has been given.
  10. I get this and with door barricading too.
  11. Yeah just now had the same thing. I rarely have to use the flashlight with AJ seems that is changing.
  12. Same here, i had one quick match, i got to see tommys room; Great map.
  13. I'm on ps4 and i couldn't find it last night. I do know that last time. Searching for friday the 13th and hopinh to find add-ons yielded nothing. Had to specifically look for springbreak. Yep search for emote party pack in the store.
  14. I don't know how this is working. From what i've seen prior. A jason with a destruction strength is breaking barricaded doors in 3 hits, p7 and p6 have been seen doing it in 4 hits. P4 should be breaking them in neither 2 or 4 hits but 3 as is the standard set by the other 2 jasons that have destruction as a strength.