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  1. No one is complaining about Jason using traps.
  2. I don't despise it, actually. I'm pretty indifferent about it. I do like variations in clothing style. Seeing the same outfit gets boring.
  3. My use of the term "bitches" was in direct response to another comment where it was used. I don't care how anyone plays either, because I'll escape every time, unless I have to sacrifice myself for the rest of the team. Again, there was no complaining on my end, and if you read it that way, you're mistaking the tone of my words. I was just pointing out what defines a tryhard Jason, and I think we've covered it. "According to him, he can wipe everyone in 5 minutes or less, every time. Make sure to call him on it when he doesn't." Yeah, never said that either. You must be reading someone else's comments.
  4. The topic is "What defines a tryhard Jason", I simply pointed out the factors that I believe go into a Jason that tries too hard and isn't very confident in their ability to be a good Jason. I'm not complaining about anything. If anyone is complaining here, it's you, calling people "bitches" for having the audacity to share their opinions about someone else's methods. Obviously, my comments struck a nerve with you, causing you to call me a "bitch" in your very first comment, which tells me that you're one of the very people I'm talking about. Maybe you're the one who needs to get better at the game. And for the second time, I never said that using traps equals tryhard. I said "excessive trapping". Do you know what the word "excessive" means?
  5. Exaggerating the other person's argument in order to make it easier for you to attack it is known as "straw-manning", and it's poor form. You used the term "bitches" before anyone else did, I only used it to satirically mirror your childish comment, so let's not make false equivalences. If you possessed anything remotely resembling literacy, you would be able to understand the difference between the words "excessive trapping" and "Jason should never use traps ever", which I never said. Again, that's the strawman fallacy.
  6. Judging by your manner of discourse, coming in here calling everyone "bitches", you're probably not very good at the game at all. You sound like every other toxic 13 year old I've ever been in a lobby with. This was a perfectly civil discussion until you showed up. I don't need to call people "bitches" to get my point across. That's the sign of a weak argument.
  7. I don't need to put four traps in front of a phone to get a perfect score. Sorry that I'm a better Jason than you are and how salty that makes you.
  8. Playing "The Window Game", for starters. I could start a whole other topic on them.
  9. What's pathetic is putting 4 traps in front of the phone because you're not skilled enough to kill seven players or less in five minutes.
  10. LOL, again, I'm Level 101, and if you doubt my abilities as a counselor, you're more than welcome to test them on PS4.
  11. No, spamming quick kills and excessive trapping does.
  12. I got Jason my first time on it and scored 8/8. I was worried about his - Shift, but it's not as much of a handicap as I thought it would be.
  13. Q. Who the fuck puts more than three traps in front of the phone and spams quick kills? A. Bitches. Bitches who know they aren't very good at being Jason. Being a bitch is not "good play", nor does it have anything to do with your ability as a counselor. I'm Level 101 and I've escaped as every single counselor, including the new one. Excessive trapping and quick kill spamming are signs of a bitch Jason.