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  1. his grab is probably fine but sometimes his grab is like triple his arm haha but i think its a lag thing i've one time gotten face to face with a jason and i kept avoiding his grab and i was literally right on his face and i was just moving left to right avoiding his grab really funny and hilarious but there are times when i'm running and i know for a FACT he won't grab me and he just grabs me with a super extension lol but i'm sure its like a lag thing FeelsBadMan
  2. ok i understand you now lol i've had that happen i just laugh and get on to the next thing no need to cry over spilt milk there isn't a end game reward for killing everyone well not that i'm aware of :/
  3. strange i haven't been Jason lately i set my thing to counselor preference but the times that i am Jason i have killed someone and they left and it still counted as kill
  4. yeah i understand it usually does count i've killed people and they leave and it still counts as me killing them i did an entire team kill with 1 or 2 people leaving and i still got the PSN trophy so i think it was just a rare occurance might be happening alot i don't usually sweat my balls off to kill everyone like every jason feels like they have to but i get what you're getting at
  5. i think there might be a little bug a tiny one because i had a game where everyone was alive but jason had 2/7 kills it was a bit weird and i was wondering what was going on might have been a little bug but i think you might of had that happen to you as well its super rare but it just happened
  6. bro i'm dead haha xD
  7. like that one time i downloaded Bloodborne and it said it installed then i left to work and came home to find out it never downloaded
  8. yeah i heard Xbox got the short end of the stick might be your region had a friend have the same problem telling me that he can't get into a game without it crashing or kicking him out of the game due to connection issues :/
  9. you can grab them while there in mid sequence of going through the window but through it oh god! ahhhhh
  10. just wait for the day that your precious traps get a huge NERF where counselors can finally get to disarm your obvious traps without pocket knives muahaha but good idea though would really make it really convenient, if they can do it with the hood of the car when you install the battery i'm sure they can do it with the gas lid.
  11. i'm ok with it but what would be pretty cool is if you have full health and Jason throws you through the window it would leave you in the 1 hit death scenario where you could die if he hits you once i'd like that leaving you screaming for help
  12. i was going to but everyone was so fascinated that i was getting crowded and Jason decided to make me the main course FeelsBadMan
  13. i'm still having fun with the game don't think i'm getting mad or anything like that but i do understand some of us can't spend hours on end playing a game we enjoy sometimes i have to wait a few to find a game or sometimes i get disconnected but they're working on hard on making fixes to the game but i do understand the frustration of trying to play a quick game before work and not being able to due to game crashes and host drops :/
  14. yea its doing the same thing on Ps4 well not every game but its doing it every few other other games that the game just crashes