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  1. Nice work! Your mock up of Part 1 doesn't have a title, though.
  2. Happens on Xbox too. It's really annoying. especially when you've just given the counselor a good jump scare and you can't follow through with anything.
  3. God, I hope we do get some environment kills for those houses. They look great right now, but you can't do much with them as Jason.
  4. I was just thinking the same thing myself. At first I imagined her playing basically like a counselor, but the more I thought about the less it made sense balance-wise (though I still get a chuckle thinking about stealing objective parts from cabins and having the other players wondering where the hell they are). How about Rage boosting her speed a little, instead of allowing her to plow through doors?
  5. That would work. She'd basically be be operating under the radar until she's right on top of you, which is totally her MO. It isn't too OP either, because all of her weaknesses are entirely focused on direct confrontation. I like it.
  6. I can get that. I had a similar experience myself. I started with Part 7, then Part 6 (the only ones the nearest video rental store had) and Part 8 was just coming out in theatres. When I finally found a place that had all of the movies and started going through them in order, I wasn't even aware of Pamela Voorhees' existence, so the 1st movie was a bit of a shocker for me.
  7. I really like most of these ideas. Especially the final showdown one. I don't think that cutting out the music entirely is a good call, though. I get the rationale behind it, but you've got to keep in mind that the match starts with the killer revealing his/her presence, so the fake-out doesn't really make sense past that point. However, I'm all for putting Stalk as one of her strength and not having her show up as a red marker on the map. After all, in a dimly lit camp ground, she's far less conspicuous than her near 7' tall, hockey-mask-wearing son.
  8. Personally, I used to hate Part 5 when I was younger, mostly for the copycat angle. But as the years went by, it kind of grew on me and now I actually appreciate more what they were going for. The execution didn't quite live up to the concept, but the plan itself wasn't necessarily a bad one. I'm curious though, what is it about Part 1 and 2 that you dislike?
  9. I think you've hit the nail on the head here with the "formulaic" description. It definitely feels like a paint-by-numbers entry in the series, especially the scenes with random victims added into it to pad the body count. Good catch.
  10. Yeah, despite my feeling the death scene was kinda cartoony, I'll admit they sure did a good job making that sewage barrel look as disgusting as possible. Also, to be fair, I'm perfectly fine with FlameRiderSD (and anyone else for that matter) prefering and disliking whichever movie they want. At the end of the day, I'm not trying to say anybody's wrong for having an opinion, I'm just having a good-hearted debate about the films' merits/flaws.
  11. Let's review Part 8's kills. from the same source as your video link. We've got: 1) An empty spear gun shoved in the stomach, and the prosthetic folds on impact, ruining the illusion. 2) A very slow stabbing using the spear itself. Basically just blood gushing over a white t-shirt in a close-up shot. 3) Smacked in the head with a guitar, with victim off-screen. 4) Sauna rock shoved in stomach. Could have been cool, but the shitty prosthetic folds around again, ruining the illusion. 5) Stabbed off-screen with broken shards or a mirror. 6) Harpooned in the back, but filmed through a window, so all we see is Jason Jerking the harpoon and the victim squirming. 7) Throat slit. Nothing to write home about. 8) Strangled... Yawn. The best part is the way Kane Hodder just tosses Kelly Hu to the ground. She took that bump like a champ. 9) Electrocuted and burned on a circuit board. Seen it, and not just in Friday the 13th films. 10) Thrown on weather vane. 11) Axed in the back. 12) Stabbed through the back with a seringue. Again, could have been cool, but all we see is the needle tip poking through a t-shirt in close-up. 13) Head smacked on a steam pipe. 14) Decapitated by a single punch. POV of the head as it falls down. Awesome. 15) Dunked and drowned in a barrel of sewage. This looks cartoony as hell. 17) Tossed into a mirror? I never counted that one as a death, but apparently some people do. Lame. 18) Wrench to the head, off-screen. All you see is are shadows and a splash of blood on the wall. It's been done, and done better. Say what you will about Part 5's overuse of close-ups, at least the way they were done gave the kills, even the average ones, some added intensity. Part 8 focused more on the reaction shots of the victims, but most of the shots really lacked some punch (and claiming they weren't shot in "lame close-ups", seriously?)
  12. Part 5 wasn't great and definitely has some obvious flaws. I agree that Roy being the killer is telegraphed by a mile, and that the cast is needlessly padded to increase the body count, but those issues pale in comparison to Part 8's flaws. 1: Crystal Lake is connected to the ocean now. 2: Most of the students are discarded from the story without a second thought. Did they drown? Did they escape? did Jason get them? Who knows? 3: Lackluster kills. The only good one is the decapitating punch. 4: Jason manages to keep track of his targets in a city of millions. 5: Worse, Jason gives a shit about a handful of people when there's thousands of potential victims everywhere around him. 6: And yet Jason just scares off some punks by pulling his mask up, instead of killing them. 7: New York floods the sewers with toxic waste at night. 8: Toxic waste turns Jason back into a child. 9: Rennie's visions make no sense: - Why would kid-Jason be in the lake? If he's not drowning in it, he could just get out whenever he wants. - Why is kid-Jason trying to drag her down? Jason started murdering people after Pamela was killed and he was out of the lake by then. - Why are her visions of kid-Jason sometimes attacking her, sometimes begging her for help, when all the real Jason does is keep trying to kill her?
  13. Part 5 is definitely the better of the two. Sure, it doesn't have the real Jason, but it advances the series' overall narrative by continuing tommy's story, it has better kills and some memorable characters. Part 8 may have the real Jason and an interesting premise, but its characters are incredibly bland, there's very few memorable kills in it, and there's so little of the film that makes any kind of sense that I get practically no enjoyment out of it, even in a "so bad it's good" kind of way.
  14. Or a chocolate bar
  15. No problem. Also, you've got to keep in mind that some kills require more space than others to be performed. When you grab a counselor, Jason's abilities in the hub turn into the kills selection, and the ones you can perform will light up red. If you're in a cramped space or blocked by some objects, some kills might not light up. If they don't all light up, jus try walking around with your grabbed counselor to the nearest open space.