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  1. Wow. After watching this video, I'm surprised this game ever got made.
  2. "PLEASE NEIN!!!"
  3. It was good. I liked it a lot. It makes me wanna see their standalones now. Even Aquaman, who I thought was retarded before seeing this. It was better than Thor. They ruined the Hulk in that one, and I was so excited to see it. The more Marvel movies I see the less interested I am in seeing the Infinity Wars now. It's not bombing, though. It's just coming in shy of it's expected opening weekend. It's most likely gonna turn a profit but not by much, especially factoring in "Hollywood accounting".
  4. The rights for things could get very weird and very fragmented and be different from movie to movie. There's a video about it that I posted in the general discussion section.
  5. So what if I convince a complete stranger playing as Jason to let me live? I do that a lot. The only people that get a little bothered by it are some of the people in my party. What if I have a counselor sing me a song, and if their singing is satisfactory I let them live? I do that too. Am I gonna get banned?
  6. Work for hire. That means whatever you create is owned by the company you work for.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if its a rights issue. If they did use it, they would have to do a variation of it because the drums make it less scary sounding. This might be more suiting... It's short but they could expand upon it
  8. I guess I'll just splash red on my screen until it's released.
  9. For me, for it to be true horror it has to be supernatural or so unbelievable like Texas Chainsaw or The Hills Have Eyes. It's probably the main reason I never like Micheal Myers. There's something about the supernatural that gives you that deep spiritual fear. Micheal is a little too plain for me. Freddy. Jason. Amityville Horror. Poltergeist (original). The fucking Exorcist. The Shining (the hotel was haunted). Steven King's Silver Bullet. Night, Dawn and Day of the Dead. Return of the Living Dead. Pinhead. Evil Dead 1 & 2. Creepshow. Night of the Creeps. A lot of these are fun movies but as a kid they all scared the living shit out of me, and I haven't stopped watching them since.
  10. Freddy vs Wolverine Hulk Hogan vs The Hulk
  11. Those DC Animated movies are awesome and some of them are very adult oriented. Does anyone remember Spawn on HBO? I don't know why these movie companies don't do cool shit. It would be cheap too, even if they get Robert Englund to voice Freddy and Kane Hodder to breathe into a mic.
  12. You look great! If you would've come up to my door on Halloween, I would've given you the whole damn tub of candy.
  13. Man you guys mentioned all the great ones, with some deep cuts too. Part 3 - "You're mine now, little piggy". I say this all the time to people and sometimes I accidentally let it slip with girls and it does NOT go over well. Part 3 - "Who gives a FUCK what you think?!" Part 3's got a lot. "Aw Will. You look tired. Have a seat." These are all the ones that echo through my skull thoughout the day. I don't give a shit what anybody says, Part 6 is gold! Part 1 - "I'm here" That's a subtle one. I better stop before I start quoting entire sections of the movies. Part 1 - "It's Rod Lane takin' Lantz down just 3 yards from the goal line! What a brilliant tackle! And the fans go wild!" Part 1 - Rod: "What's going on here? An orgy or something?" Glen: "Maybe a funeral, dickhead" I've seen Part 1 easily over 100 times. I live near the real Freddy house and it's the greatest shit ever. The owners went out of their way to make it look like the movie (with the red door). And right across the street is the real Glen house that looks just like the movie too. For a lifelong Freddy fan, it's one of the coolest things to see in the world. I've been to Rome and seen the Colosseum. I grew up in NY with the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. I smacked the Liberty Bell. The Sistine Chapel....and nothing beats that street!!! Fuck the Mona Lisa! The only thing that can contend is the Ghostbusters fire house in Manhattan.
  14. I think I'm coming around to this idea a little more. They would have to re-imagine the multiplayer again. This would be a good addition for a sequel. If there ever is one.
  15. No it's not a bug. That's me. I was in the lobby as "hell yeah dude". I've gotten so good at the game that I count as 8 kills now.
  16. Sorry, you're right. I should save my abusiveness for the game. @Jawbone.... ...I'll see you back at camp!
  17. HAHA! You're amazing! You're now my favorite member of the forums. Don't change anything. Just keep doing what you're doing.
  18. I love your avatar. I imagine your words are coming out of his mouth. It's so funny.
  19. I have myself set to random for both Jason and counselors. I've played as all counselors pretty much equally. And I can't say that any of them can classify as useless. They're all good and they're all disappointing for different reasons. There's only 3 types of counselors: run/can't fix, fix/can't run and in the middle. And the ones in each category are pretty much equal. You also have to factor balancing things with perks. I will say, though, that AJ is the most disappointing for me. I always feel like I should be doing better with her for all the hype she gets.
  20. Hmm that's a tough one. Besides his look and maneuverability, Jason doesn't really change much throughout the films. DBD has completely different characters for each killer. They better be different. And personally, I feel the exact opposite about DBD. Their killers need to be more unique. Especially the franchise ones. (Actually I never played as one of their stock killers, only the franchise ones. Actually again, I only played as Freddy. As evidenced by the 2 hours of DBD play vs 700 hours of F13 I have, they didn't do Freddy justice as far as I'm concerned. And I love Freddy way more than Jason.) I really don't think DBD and F13 can be compared. Back on topic though, I don't think any of Jason's abilities should change. The first 3 run, which is a considerable difference. They each have a unique weapon (which I'm actually not a fan of). Anything else would feel like an exaggeration. But the idea of giving each Jason their own hyper insta-kill, like what @havek said with the long distance ax throw, would be cool. Jason 3 could have the spear gun. It probably won't make each Jason feel much different, since they'll all have one, but it would be cool as fuck!
  21. I thought the "C" in CP meant "customization". Doesn't it cost CP to get Jason kills? I stopped paying attention to it a while ago when I ended up spending it all on lame perks. I haven't bought anything since. Now I have over 200k.
  22. For me on PC the hotfix causes the picture to dropout. I'll have sound but a complete black screen as if the monitor is not getting any signal. This happens on the opening after the dev intros. And it happens if I use alt-tab. With alt-tab sometimes the picture comes back and sometimes it's "ctrl-alt-delete-end task" to the rescue.
  23. Well according to them we could get an Italian Jason!
  24. Jason 7 used to be really awesome to use. Then he started posting on the forum without using the search and they took all his abilities away.
  25. Yea, I wouldn't try it if I were you. It looks like you have enough trouble writing simple sentences. Go back and read your shit and maybe you'll understand why people think you're retarded.