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  1. Single Player Adjustments

    Finally had a bot hide in a tent the other day after about a month of playing them. I think someone said they had a bot hide in an outhouse. I've also had them trip traps with pocket knives a couple times, unless there was a glitch with the trap sound cue.
  2. The problem comes from taking a break. The more I play the more desensitized and accepting I become to the things I don't like. And I don't need the numbers, I need the experience, and multiplayer is not the right experience for me as it is now. I unfortunately expect too much quality from my entertainment. Most things seem to be delivering nowadays, but I guess not everything can.
  3. No Survivors is a weak consolation. I used to try to make videogames better for myself back during the SNES. It's 2018, I shouldn't have to do that now. I refuse to accept a serving of shit. Multiplayer is a thankless experience. If you're more into this as a fan of Jason and the franchise, as opposed to it being just another videogame, then it's a waste of time and energy.
  4. Being able to snag counselors trying to enter a car door has been an AWESOME part of the last update. I'm surprised I haven't seen more praise for it. It helps reduce a lot of worry. But it doesn't really help a -Traps Jason unless there's a boat or if you choose to ignore the 2 seater. There's no good trap strategies you can use with 3 traps. 3 is too little. I beleive one more would make a substantial difference without making it too hard on counselors. Let us have more strategic options with our favorite Jasons. (Mods: Please merge this with whatever similar thread that I couldn't find while searching.)
  5. Switching to Med Sprays?

    Hey don't call me fucking grumpy I prefer grouch
  6. Switching to Med Sprays?

    It's hard to ignore when I have to cut through all these nonsense threads to be able to read anything with substance. Please exercise some responsibility and stop responding like a child. This is a forum and not snapchat or whatever cheap social media experience you're used to. I'm all for fun/non-serious game discussion. But there seems to be repeat offenders that ignore people that tell them where they're going wrong. Also, I'm one for keeping things in order.
  7. Switching to Med Sprays?

    Just because they're doing it, does that make it ok for you to do it too? No wonder parents used to say shit like this to their kids all the time. Those threads should be locked and thrown out as well, and I posted about it months ago.
  8. Switching to Med Sprays?

    So, to some degree, you knew it was bad to post it. You guys gotta calm down. You're posting like crazy, you newcomers. A forum is not Twitter. There has to be more weight to a subject to warrant a thread. There are existing threads that questions like these could be asked.
  9. Make matches more longer

    I wouldn't mind 5 more minutes a round.
  10. Switching to Med Sprays?

    A mess. This place is a mess. There has to be a YouTube tutorial on how to properly use a forum. I'll post it if I find one.
  11. Vendetta Against Savini Jason?

    Are you on PC? Can I have your account info, user & password? I wanna try Savini.
  12. Live bug assistance

    There's no defense here. If he wants to be professional he has to act professionally. Who cares about being shamed online? You don't respond to your customers like that. And he didn't even respond directly for being called out, he went sideways and called him a "whiner."
  13. They should be locking threads. That's without a doubt. But this forum is clearly not cared for. Properly merging stuff would be nice. Linking would be nice. The guideline to be a moderator here is probably something like "do as much as you can until it becomes slightly inconvenient."
  14. Live bug assistance

    That's true. The professional thing to do would be to send Brigadius a PM instead of addressing it here. I wish I wasn't such an obsessed fan. I'd rather not see shit like this.
  15. Live bug assistance

    I think there's no point in investing any substantial time in this forum. It's dead.
  16. F13 App Beta testing!

    There is nothing masterful about Apple except for their thievery.
  17. Instead of having 2 counselors die/escape for Tommy to show up, make it 4. Tommy comes in way too early and is capable of way too much trouble. If he came in at 4, Jason would at least have more time to pick off some of the right people, as to help his chances if a kill happens to happen, as well as not having to worry about a quick death or a super-counselor on the scene, with his awesome everything. This won't stop Jason from being killed, but I can see it reducing the likelihood. If the counselors are organized and communicative, Tommy plus 3 can get the job done. AND I think it would be perfect if the repair QTE was added to the sweater, along with Pamela's audio cue for Jason. It's a lot easier to catch and kill a Deborah than a Vanessa, but it takes forever for Vanessa to fix shit. Also, in the movie, she did a whole prep after she put the sweater on anyway. They can add a similar animation during the QTE. Maybe they can delay the audio cue if it ends up making it impossible to pull off even at Deborah's repair level. This way you would also need more manpower to secure the sweater. Going alone would be too risky. Combine these two things and the game will be back to the ratio they originally intended for Jason kills to happen. What was it? 1 in 70?
  18. Glad my free time isn't wasted.

    Mics on PC are very buggy. If you're in a party and use push to talk, it won't work in the party-lobby unless you go into the Settings menu. You don't have to change any settings, all u have to do is change menus. If you don't use push to talk, your mic indicator lights but some or all of the party won't hear you. To fix it you go into the audio settings, and toggle push to talk on and off. Sometimes that doesn't work. It also happens in game. Everyone will see your mic light up but won't hear anything.
  19. Haven't you bored of those trolls?

    Trolls are worse than glitches and bugs in my book. They completely ruin the game with either their voice or them quitting on you after you work ur ass off to catch them. A lot of people think they're funny or they watched too many YouTubers and don't know how to play without doing running commentary. Without proper boundaries set by a development team you'll have to suffer through people with "anonymity-balls".
  20. Clothing Glitch (PATCHED)

    You can still apply the glitched clothing (on PC) as long as you have an old customization file with the glitched clothing saved in it. I have 2 PCs and the new one had all the customizations defaulted. So I grabbed my file from my main computer and put it in the new rig and the glitched clothes were there.
  21. Cheaters, or Paranoia?

    The car push sounds like incomplete programming. Perfect morphs should be impossible because the morph is based on predetermined spots on a grid system. You can get lucky because I morph on top of people a fair amount, so it could be coincidence or misinterpretation of it being shift and not morph. Rapid cooldown and multiple statics seem like it could be as much of a glitch as a hack. I've had friends do the multiple static thing as Jason and they say they're not doing anything special for it to happen. This game is too sick to tell the difference between its diseases. Not even Dr. House could figure this shit out.
  22. Cheaters, or Paranoia?

    Someone used an unreachable exploit spot on me as Jason recently. When I realized all the normal means of getting to them weren't going to work, I quit. I've gone through this shit enough. One of my first Jason rounds back in June when I first started playing, was me knifing an exploiting Tommy to death. It's retarded. I refuse to figure out a way around an exploit. I have zero-tolerance for this shit. I'm not waiting around to find out if it's a glitch or a hack. It doesn't matter...they're gonna use it anyway.
  23. This would be great. I think about it all the time. It would be very helpful and useful, but that's not what this game is about. It's unfortunate, but I seriously doubt they'll ever do anything like this. They're getting by by the skin of their teeth. If this were an apartment building, we'd all be complaining about not having hot water and consistent electricity, all the while the dev team would be in the basement working on the foundation so the building doesn't completely collapse.
  24. Cheaters, or Paranoia?

    You can record up to 20 mins on ShadowPlay and also, if you use OBS to record, you can switch the video codec to Nvdia's NVENC H.264 and be able to recorded at the highest quality with almost no impact to the computer. Nvidia is a great company. They really deliver. Check out their moonlanding video too. Very impressive. Anyway, with hacks, I can't tell the difference anymore. Last night I cleared the whole lobby and was left with Tommy. My knife game was on point and my shift-grabs were on point, so he sprayed himself and I ate 2 pocket knives. All good. He makes it to the fixed but punched out 4 seater, stands by the driver's side door and I hear the fizz of the firecrackers, but there was no popping sound. I look back and he starts throwing these invisible firecrackers one after the other. I see them come out of his hand, but they never hit the floor. So I quit. As I quit I realized that this person might not have been hacking. I was Tommy the other day and had unlimited pocket knives in one game and infinite stamina in another. Multiplayer is straight up garbage. Between the hacking, exploit-glitches, the dickhead personalities on the mics and the dickheads that quit before/during the kills, as Jason it's not worth the time and energy.