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  1. It would be cool, and be in continuity with the map and movies, if u spawn as Young Tommy on the Jarvis map. I guess the problems with that would be creating all new animations for Jason kills and strikes, seeing as Young Tommy would be much shorter than all other counselors. And maybe there's too much of a moral problem with Jason killing a little kid. Barring those 2 issues it would make things feel a little more complete contextually and add another level of variety and fun. And maybe it might be a little silly running around as a little kid, but no more silly than bikinis and dance moves.
  2. Somewhere on the forums here it was said that it happens if u go from a private match to a public match. It's a glitch. I'm not 100% on the details but it's something along those lines.
  3. Ha I called it. Here's a pro tip, similar to this but not an exploit: In the big house on Higgins, if you can't find a counselor in the usual spots, check the right corner of the upstairs bathroom. If a counselor is there, you won't be able to see them behind the shelf unless you walk all the way in. Also, try not to leave your sense on, just toggle it on and off quick. The perk to avoid sense is based of percentage of times Jason uses it. So if it's 25%, 1 in 4 times Jason uses sense, that person won't show up, but the other 3 times they will.
  4. Also radios don't make a house glow red. At least on the PC it doesn't.
  5. I didn't watch the video yet but there is a glitch spot at that house, where if you stand outside next to the chimney, the house will glow red
  6. Has anyone tried reinstalling the game?
  7. Have any of you glitched your counselor's clothing? Seeing that it's the clothingprofile, maybe that's the reason?
  8. Parts 9, X and FvJ were New Line Cinema. We got 9 already. What's different about the other two? Does Cunningham have the rights to the characters and story but the movie companies only have distribution rights?
  9. For the Jason 4 kill where he chops you in the side of the head, pushes you down and then cuts your head off....most of the time Jason would smack the counselor in the head with the side of the blade instead of chopping. And as Jason, I don't think I ever saw the entire animation because either the camera messes up and zooms in too much, or the counselor just disappears into the ground. I also had a lot of counselors sink into the ground and completely disappear after killing them with any Jason on the Jarvis map. I know water makes dirt loose, but this is ridiculous In the Jarvis house, the reflection of the flash light on the white walls is blindingly too bright. Someone earlier mentioned Vanessa's hair glowing, but I've been seeing that since the start of me playing, especially with Tommy Jarvis' opening cut scene. It happens to Mitch bad too. It makes him look 15 years older than he's supposed to be because his beard turns grey. So the glitch is that you got 7/7? Does that normally not happen?
  10. On PC First off, I love the update. Love the rain. Jason 4 is fun to play as. The thunder and lightning are awesome!! Great job on the sound design. The new textures are nice. But I can see what ZooMalfunction is saying...there might be something a little too slick about it. It borders slightly on cartoonish, but I kinda like that, so... Jarvis map so far: One of the roofs in a cabin (which I didn't notate, sorry) leaked rain. It would only show from certain angles. If I walked up to it, it would disappear. If I stepped back and turned a little, I could see it. A tree cuts through the ceiling of a different cabin. In general: When close to a wall while inside a cabin, if you were to rotate your POV to where you're looking away from the wall that you are next to, you can hear the rain as if you were outside. The sound of the rain cuts in abruptly when leaving a house or cabin. Sounds too unnatural. The rain might be a little too loud. I had trouble hearing people talk a lot of the times. Setting the map selection to Random only gave us the Jarvis map, no matter who was host. Could be coincidence.
  11. I'm a little confused on what people consider "tryhard". I'm pretty sure a lot of times it's said out of frustration for being killed. But a lot of times it seems to be said because the Jason player doesn't play side games or he kills everyone or anything along those lines. It seems fairly subjective, so I'd like to know what you guys consider a "tryhard" Jason player to be. I would say... Putting more than 2 traps at a time on any objective. (I'm looking at you, Part 2!) Slashing the last survivor to death in fear that they have a pocket knife. (I've seen people do that with no cops called, no vehicles available and with the counselor injured.) Slashing everyone to death. (I'm kinda on the fence with this one and I never slash, unless it's through a window. It's frustrating but there's something cool about the brutality of it, especially with Part 3) Doing no environmental kills. (Depends on the circumstances) Using quick grab kills only. (Depends on the circumstances) Using the same grab kill. (Single handed choke especially. Again, I'm on the fence. I can watch the eye gouge all day.) Tunneling. (Only if it causes you to stop checking your map or ignore sound cues.) Always having to kill everybody. (This is low priority but every so often it's cool to let someone survive for an achievement or if they're good at talking their way out of it)
  12. On PC, the microphones will stop working when you switch from lobby to main menu, or any variation. Any change normally fixes it, i.e. going from the count down screen to the game, or going from party lobby to game lobby. A lot of times you'll see the person's speaker light up with no sound. I keep my mic live and dont use push to talk so when it happens to me, I go into the in-game audio settings and turn on push to talk, apply & confirm, and then turn it off again and it fixes it. It doesn't seem to fix it for people who do use push to talk. They usually go out in a party lobby and the only thing that fixes it is going to the next lobby. Before the patch it would happen to me a lot and to a very small number of people. Now it seems to happen to anybody.
  13. It depends on how I feel or if I'm not doing too well or if the team keeps me on my toes. Otherwise I try to get environmentals as much as I can. U can suck complete dick in this game and still get 8/8, I do it all the time. And it's cool that some people like a quick numbers game, it's just not that entertaining to watch or fun to be a part of. So hopefully the single player challenges will get that out of the good Jason's systems so we can have some creepy scary Jason shit. The main selling point of this game for me is still the Jason/Friday the 13th experience, and there's nothing better then a well paced, cinematic round. I'm certainly guilty of spamming kills. I love the eye gouge and would do it all the time but it's great fun to fold someone to death in a chair, impale them on the fence, crush their skull into a wall. I dont know. My shift has been sucking lately...maybe I should be focusing on that instead of these forums
  14. Lock quitters in the game the same way that Tommy Jarvis just stands there, without a player, when someone leaves before they spawn as him. U still get the number for killing Tommy. If players quit and they're within a certain proximity of Jason, the counselor should stay in the game for th kill, and the same goes for Jason quitting, except the proximity for Jason should involve the sweater