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  1. I see several problems with this idea. First, Jason doesn't start off with Sense, so people complaining about this either forgot that fact or they just don't like hearing Jason's music when they happened to spawn near an important objective. Secondly, Sense gets bagged on a lot, but it's a crucial tool that Jason must use to find counselors; locating them by noise doesn't give you that pinpoint accuracy. You say it'll help Jason deal with the do-nothings...I'm guessing the ones who hide in a closet. Jason making no noise near wouldn't realistically make most of them want to flee. If anything, it would just be more confirmation to keep being a do-nothing since they won't hear Jason's music, and therefore wouldn't cause them to panic. Third, Stalk has a fairly long cooldown even for the Jason's who possess it as a strength. You wouldn't really be able to get your mileage out of it compared to Sense that refreshes quickly. And if Stalk's cooldown was drastically reduced to make up for this, it would remove the tension of hearing Jason's music. He didn't always stalk his prey; sometimes he simply didn't care his prey knew of his existence. Anyone remember Part VII Jason's branch trimmer scene when he hunted down the crazy doctor? Fourth, it would encourage Jason players to stand outside a single cabin for minutes, hoping to get that once-in-a-while Stalk grab out of nowhere, all of which ironically promotes Jason to do something that many of us hate counselors doing: being do-nothings. Imagine how many Jasosn would set a goal from the get-go to get at least one jump scare in the game; other counselors would take advantage of this by fixing objectives as well as escaping. It's like the relentless Jasons who hunt down one person, and only that person specifically, until Jason murders said person; meanwhile the other counselors have long since escaped by police. Simply put, we don't want Jason players to set themselves mini-goals, becoming proud of themselves when they accomplish that while six other counselors escaped. It does nothing more than give ego inflations to those kinds of players. Fifth, it would encourage many new players to just spam pick A.J. as well as Deborah since they both make very little noise. Furthermore, without Sense Jason stands little chance of finding experienced ones who know how to manage stamina/fear; it's bad enough some of them will still hide underneath a bed for 20 mins even with Sense. If Stalk as well as Sense are swapped by order you'd almost never find these counselors running out in the woods, and since the developers have promised they're going to make camps away from the main cabins more "interesting," it could mean counselors becoming too difficult to capture before they're heavily armed with firearms/baseball bats/items like pocket knives. The fact is this: Swapping Sense as well as Stalk around wouldn't be an improvement, it would simply cause the meta to change heavily. It would make it too difficult for new players to find the counselors. It would encourage Jason to stand outside objective houses with Stalk early on making it easier for players to get things done. And it would make stealth/repair counselors too powerful early on. Simply put, this change wouldn't make things better at all, and Gun Media/IllFonic have more important things to work on right now.
  2. *Watches this on his TV. Whelp, looks like this gonna lead to a crossover.
  3. This would cripple Jenny's usefulness. I'm planning on writing an article on her soon (I wanted to wait until I could sort through all the changes that happened so far), but one of her major uses is being able to stun Jason repeatedly with the baseball bat; it has a nigh-guaranteed change to stun so long as you don't hit Jason during his stun invulnerability frame rates. She's terrible at repairs, she isn't fast, and while her luck does slightly reduce the amount of noise she makes it ultimately doesn't stop her from making noise while she jogs. Her ability to fight Jason off while utilziing her high luck is one of her biggests assets. If her baseball bats stuns now last a pathetic four seconds, that's not enough time for her to even get a decent head start due to her low speed (she matches Eric for speed, and we all know how slow he is). There would essentially be no reason to pick Jenny anymore because she would no longer do anything remotely useful since her ability to fight Jason is crippled. As it is now, strength has its uses. It's not great, but Buggzy/Adam were designed for Kill Jason comps. Furthermore, Adam has decent repair while Buzzgy has excellent speed/stamina, and both of them make a lot of noise that can draw Jason's attention away from others. The fact they possess a situationally useful stat doesn't change their roles one bit, and they're both solid picks under the right circumstances.
  4. I don't really agree with this idea. For starters, the perks of this game are pretty minor at this point. I won't say they weren't incredibly strong in the past, but they have taken substantial nerfs to the point where they don't have a major influence on the game. Or, at the very least, Jason has the tools to crush any counselor with impunity if they think their perks are going to save them somehow. Rolling whites is annoying, but the game does reward several rare/uncommon on a frequent basis, and epics are supposed to be extremely difficult to get your hands on. Rarity is supposed to be what makes the rolls fun; they don't happen often, after all. Furthermore you can only get perks using CP, and thankfully Gun Media/IllFonic both do not believe in P2W. I like perks the way they are. For the meta crunchers there are plenty of good picks like Thick Skinned for instance. Several perks give items no matter how crappy the quality of the perk is (e.g. Prepardness). Some are great for teamwork purposes or for being a loner. As for people who want to run themes for fun/immersion, they have all sorts of perks to help them achieve this goal. At the end of the day, it'll come down primarily to your skill as a counselor to survive the night, not what perks you use. If you can just buy your power using CP, then it kills the purpose of the rolls. I would especially be against this idea if you can buy epic perks with it. At the same exact time, how do you price the tiers of perks? How do you set them in a way that doesn't make it so counselors can just buy the best perks from the get-go, even if they're not epic tier? It creates a whole new can of worms; I don't think it's worth the trouble.
  5. Megan Garris is honestly my favorite Final Girl in the series; I hope she ends up being one of the counselors later on. But otherwise we do already have a "Chris Higgins" in the form of a look-alike, so it's not the most pressing matter IMO.
  6. I wasn't alive duiring the NES era, but I don't think Retro Jason should be excluded just because people might've not liked the game it was based on a long time ago. Whether people like it or not Jason was very much around during those times, so creating a Jason that serves as a nod to his older days is something that several members of the fanbase would appreciate. Personally I'm looking forward to easter eggs that'll come when he arrives, and I can't help but wonder if one day the developers will create a map based on the original NES game or something of that nature. The developers did say this game would be made specifically for the fans. And considering how many people were alive during those times, I like how Gun Media/IllFonic is welding both past as well as present together into the game.
  7. It has a 19% attack speed buff. My attack damage is lowered by 3%, but since I main Jenny I almost consider that more of a buff than a nerf to her. At the end of the day it still doesn't make my swings noticeably faster than Jason's attacks/grabs, but I can't help but wonder if it perhaps did save my life more than a few times when I attacked Jason around corners as well as while he was breaking th door down.
  8. The safety glowsticks would be a pretty cool attachment for immersion purposes. Probably wouldn't affect lighting too much, but it'd be nice to have for realism in-game since these are commonly used products for outdoor safety purposes. I even carry a few in my vehicle just in case.
  9. I don't understand the statement. Aren't the attacks on combat stance supposed to already be faster than normal attacks? And we have to keep in mind there are some weapons that are slower to use than others (the axe as well as the baseball bat; they take roughly 2-ish seconds to swing). Furthermore, combat stance makes you walk slower but gives you the ability to dodge Jason's attacks. If you get really good at it, you can dodge all of Jason's attacks/grabs. IMHO combat stance is already pretty good as is, I just wish that counselors would automatically target Jason when they use it.
  10. I dunno about you guys, but last night I had a blast. No trolls, and there were plenty of new players running around not really knowing what to do. It made the game feel like an authentic Friday the 13th movie that was filled to the brim with dumbass teenagers, whereas there's always that couple who is more composed trying to help the others but failing to do so most of the time. I was bankrollin' the XP/CP, but then it got late, and I realized I have to entertain family today since it's my birthday, so no Friday the 13th for me today...sigh...
  11. If they do release a Part 9 map, they might as well just make the Duke himself the hero of that map. Give him 10s across the board, start off him off with a shot gun that has only one shell (because he's fully aware that guns aren't going to do very much against a supernatural undead murderer), etc. I hated that movie with a passion, but the Duke was cool.
  12. The Jarvis Map is currently the most difficult one. Houses are spread apart more which exposes counselors to considerable amounts of fear before you reach another cabin. Furthermore, due to the house placements it's much trickier to track down the objective parts you need to fix something. And there's a considerable amount of water surrounding the map; even Part 7 Jason is threatening here. I like my maps challenging, and so far the Jarvis Map takes the cake.
  13. Eh, I've come to realize how rusty I am. I can talk the talk, observe metas all I like, yet I still end up dying in over half of my games.... On the plus side, the EXP is flowing rather quickly. I could possibly hit at least 44 this weekend, but that all depends on how long my family stays over to celebrate my birthday. Either way, looking forward to next few days.
  14. First off, welcome to the forums Fish Taco. You should create an introduction thread in the introduction forums, but otherwise enjoy your time here. Secondly, I'm not sold on the idea of this being for the main games like quickplays; it could make the matches longer if no one knows where they're going. a new gamemode, I would be thrilled to see something like this implemented for difficulty. It could even combine more "hard mode" features like getting scared easier, you don't start off with a flashlight so you have to find one in a drawer or on a table/counter, etc.
  15. I haven't had any issues so far this evening, but I do remember someone else creating thread earlier about this. Seems like some people might not get the bonus, but it could possibly be solved by just resetting the game.