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    Playing Friday the 13th... duh! That's why I'm on the Friday the 13th forums. Also a big Marvel and Star Wars fan.

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  1. That, plus the perk to start with a med pack.
  2. Finally had a match with a Savini Jason. Don't have it, never saw anyone with it... until now. Like the model. Congrats to anyone who has it, looks like a blast to play as... going by my death, lol.
  3. Instead of bolting, stopping to assist counselors as Jason attacks them, only for Jason to turn his wrath on me... and the other counselors bolt. I'm done helping others, lol.
  4. Xbox One - CyberJawa1986
  5. Appreciate the Welcome. Thanks.
  6. Thanks! I appreciate the welcome!
  7. I'm CyberJawa. Preordered the game back in December. Dowloaded as soon as it was available back in May(?) and played through June. July - August was on a bit of a hiatus but I'm back, I couldn't stay away. Just as fun, and can't wait for more. I'm CyberJawa1986 on Xbox. You can guess my favorite character from my avatar.