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  1. 1000 XP=100CP x2 2000 XP=200CP
  2. I've played about 30 times and in all of them he gave me the double XP, but not in this last one, and neither did my friend who was playing in my session
  3. I just played one game and after another (5 minutes ago), didn't give me the double XP.
  4. I'm in level 70, I'll give very hard to reach 101, if necessary I'll play 16 hours a day lol.
  5. Did they activate the double XP?
  6. If you are good with shift and grip, as in my case (use part 6) it is impossible for anyone to escape from you, I would have liked part 4 to have + Destruction + Change + Morpheus and - Grip - Life Points - Water.
  7. Tina.
  8. You're delusional, everyone kills as they please, but it's boring, I use rapid killings only when necessary (so as not to waste time) if I don't use others.
  9. Swift Attacker, Medic, Heavy Hitter
  10. If I found out about that, but it's time put it back on.