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  1. My game is working like a charm again. The Jarvis Map is so freaking amazing! I had to lock myself in Tommy's room just to check all the masks and all the great work you guys did. Well done, Devs!
  2. Where's the notes about optimization that you guys promised for THIS patch?
  3. Oh, I really like half up, half down! It's usually how I use my hair in real life hahaha And yes! We are really passionate about this. Hopefully Gun can do something to help us.
  4. Trying to convince Chad to go to the cabin with her But then...
  5. When Jason tries to "crash the party" Getting ready for a fight When Tiffany shows up with a shotgun during some private match LOL Okay, bring the Mean Girl!
  6. You know the things aren't good when you are playing as Tiffany and do all the repair stuff with some Deborah just running in circles and doing nothing.
  7. I'll buy it. I'll buy every damn pack about clothes, emotes or any other useless-but-cool shit lol
  8. The Mean Girl looking at Jason:
  9. The optimization part just made my night. And I'm totally buying the emote pack Bring it on!
  10. I'm waiting for a blondie counselor. I don't care if she's mean or not lol Trish Jarvis or Tina from part 7 with some Halloween patch would be 10/10
  11. The stoner guy escaping with the police... lol epic! Wait a second... Is Mitch dancing?