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  1. hit detection is not the best in this game so yes jason player should be allowed to use same kill as many times as he wants
  2. the first day the jarvis map was released @malloymk gave me a good scare i go out a cabin window Lightning strikes boom and theres jason for the grab
  3. why was the window animation added there was nothing wrong with the way you broke windows when the game first came out so why mess with something that did not need to be fixed devs please remove the stupid window animation and make how it used to be
  4. after the September update j7's been fine for me i don't think anything needs to change with him if you're going to use him make a game plan and stick to it with best of your abilities
  5. dam this fucking sucks
  6. is it just ps4 or are steam and xbox players having trouble too
  7. Yeah that's the best part about his kills
  8. thats complete bullshit i had less then 5 in my wallet when i bought spring break pack
  9. i would love if tina was in the game
  10. im fine with them being the same speed but i wish the animation for running looked different for each running jason
  11. no grab does not need to be nerfed the crybaby rage quitters need to get better at the game or not play the game at all
  12. my personal opinion anyone that thinks being a counselor is more fun than being jason needs their head examined
  13. ok ya got me there but pretty much the rest of them it was raining so im pretty sure rain comes with it but don't hold me to it because i could be wrong
  14. i think the rain and map go together from all the teasers of the map its never not raining on it
  15. grab and luck yes stun time is great just the way it is