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  1. Throwing knife strength should be an ability. Would really take the piss out of the cocky Vanessas, Buggzys, Tiffanys and Chads.
  2. When you hear the *deet deet deet deet* run, or you'll get slashed. The bass thunders on the theme music though.
  3. I'm surprised there aren't a bunch of threads about Jason 4 looking off. To me, he's the one that looks the most notably off, especially when walking towards the counselors in the intro. Considering how he looked in the movie and how good of a job they did with part 3 and the others. He's my favorite from the movies and I still use him though.
  4. It's close enough. It even has the bullet hole.
  5. No longer being naive, in quick play matches now, I'm mostly out for myself unless I see other people getting stuff done. No one working on anything and no one's near me when I get the car or boat started? Tough titty, I'm out of here. Probably gonna be spectating longer with douchebag time wasters left alive or getting hosts quitting, but whatever.
  6. Deborah, because I like repair to be a sure thing. Is Night Owl a good perk to use on her? I have an epic with 60% darkness fear reduction.
  7. His eyes weren't blacked out in the movie. That's part 7 and 8. It zooms in on his eye in the James Bond intro.
  8. Takes less shots to remove his mask doesn't it?
  9. The top one you can kind of do, that one where Jason slams the person on their head.
  10. No, or that would be the ultimate troll tool. Kicking out people for whatever reason.
  11. Yeah, they definitely need the middle finger emote. So you can show those part-hoarding do-nothing trolls how you think they're #1.
  12. Crouching in corners. I'm noticing a lot of people doing that while spectating. Crouching until they hear Jason's music or he breaks down the door. But a lot of times they have pocket knives, because if they wait until Jason discovers them, he's already on top of them and it's too late to run.
  13. One time I found the gas and battery at that lone house in the northwest area, but the cops had been called a minute before and of course the car was waaayyy across the map. I said fuck that, I'll take my chances with the police. I find the propeller way more on this map than I ever did on the other ones, too.
  14. Sometimes this is a subtle way of Jason teaming, messing up on the skill checks so Jason comes and selectively kills who he wants and lets others go.
  15. People who kill teamers are my favorite people who play this game, because Jason teamers are the worst people that play this game. Holding the gas at the boat and not installing it after I installed the propeller because you're waiting for Jason to come kill me and Jason lets the guy get away on the boat because the guy is the host, or many other scenarios like that. F them.