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  1. Imagine if in the movies one of the people getting killed was like “um! Excuse me! Can you like NOT punch my head off? How boring!” People can play Jason however they want as long as they aren’t cheating.
  2. I used to main as Tiffany or Debora, but a few weeks ago I played as Vanessa just because I liked her red and white bathing suit and I haven't gone back to the others! My survival rate as Vanessa is through the roof. I'm able to repair at a passable rate (Vanessa has 2 repair and Tiffany only has 1, but that 1 point makes a world of difference), and also evade Jason masterfully. As Vanessa, I've been able to run out the clock multiple times, but also repair the boat or cars and drive off or fix the phone and call the police.
  3. Lol sweetie who’s forcing you to use them?
  4. I’ve been playing this game for a few months now and consider myself pretty good and well-versed and even I didn’t know that Luck has an affect on car start-times! Also, welcome Aron @[IllFonic]Courier! One suggestion I have, and I’m sure many would second, is to strive to be a bit more transparent. For example, with the latest update, it took me two days of pestering the dev team to get a solid answer on whether we’d be getting only 1 new counselor or if there would be more with the latest patch (the roadmap implied more than one (it said “new counselors,” plural). Also, we didn’t get any insights into what the physical disc exclusive clothing pack DLC would feature (I honestly assume its because the team knew it wasn’t good/something to brag about - I mean, one new outfit per counselor, really?!), nor were we warned that it wasn’t even actual DLC but was instead tied to the disc. I will say that it seems like the team is already making a concerted effort to be more communicative and transparent, you being here is a testament to that. I look forward to more clarity in the future.
  5. I know that in the Jarvis house in Tommy’s room, the curtains on one of his windows like waves in the wind... unless I imagined that. Would be cool if that happened to all the curtains.
  6. ? I was playing with someone using the disc today on digital.
  7. So is it possible to get the DLC off the disc and onto the digital for PS4?
  8. Except Chad’s speedos
  9. The Jarvis map is nice and a fun addition, and definitely the most challenging (items spawning is super unpredictable, massive terrain, the 2 seater/boat combo that happens, etc.), but I’m not in love with it!
  10. So I have looked for it many times today and not found it and I have walked around Hollow Grove at least 10 times and am struggling to find my way into it, it’s all rocky, un-walkable terrain for me?!
  11. Ugh! This NEEDS to happen!
  12. The best part about the dance Emotes is that, as long as you don’t move, they’ll keep dancing infinitely. I left Tiffany on dance for a few minutes when I had to go AFK mid-match and came back and she was still going!
  13. Just bought ‘em. Going to dance around the map for a bit. I hope the team keeps it coming with this cheap DLC!
  14. Hmm... only one new outfit per counselor, nothing for Mitch, AND they're contained to the disc? I'm disappointed. I'm thinking about just returning my disc when it arrives, totally not worth $40 (considering I already own the game). Thank you for posting though @Ghostboy20!
  15. Can one of you please post screenshots of the new clothing pack! I'm begging!
  16. That annoys me honestly, I feel like the new counselors should all be fitted with the Spring Break outfits... It's really weird that Mitch doesn't even seem to have additional unlockable clothes like all of the other counselors do?
  17. Maybe they’ll add a motorcycle as a new escape vehicle, exclusively for Higgins! (one can dream!)
  18. For anyone wondering, Wes confirmed on Twitter that they’re not working on a small version of the Jarvis map because they’re focusing on “build’n stuff”. I’m intrigued. I think they overall buffed composure because I was playing as Debora earlier and was able to break out A LOT easier than usual. I also played a match where I saw a Tommy break away from a grab 5 times in a row. I’m pretty happy with this buff though because it gives counselors some semblance of a chance.
  19. The design on the Jarvis House map is SO crisp too. Like the walls in just the regular cabins look so much more detailed. I anticipate they’ll go back and refine the design of the older maps as well to match this level. The Jarvis House map is massive too! I played 4 matches in it tonight and still haven’t explored the whole thing.
  20. @GunMedia_Ben MAKE THIS HAPPEN PLEASE! Two birds, one stone: Mean Girl archetype and a blonde female counselor.
  21. One issue I had on the new Jarvis map was when I was calling Tommy Jarvis on the radio, the dial that shows how much time I have left til the call is complete didn’t show.