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  1. Because the normal way is that jason should be able to destroy the eviroment things so people can't cheat
  2. Yeah but you supposed to escape doing things no running around 10 min in a big table , thats a fucking error that the game had, in the new patch if jason can destroy things you will we wasted so you better learn how to escape properly
  3. So you are that kind of people who ruin the game doing that shit of the tables and windows, in the new patch jason should be able to destroy tables and grab when someone is at the window
  4. I play this game to be jason as many times i can, but thats true the new patches are so frustating and kind of ruined the jason's fun
  5. Thats correct she is fucking strong in the movie Great ideas i will love to have mrs voorhees in the game
  6. Same shit as alwaysss every time i been jason and kill the host , the motherfucker ruin my game i can't never end a good round
  7. The only thing i would change is the random shit between jason and counselors
  8. I knew that i started that topic a fews days ago but when ? Yestarday played like 5 hours and everytime i was jason something happend is so fuckin frustrating
  9. Thats true i don' t understand whyyyyy they can fix the fucking problem , we should be able to choose between a counselor or jason like dead by daylight and erased that random shit that is so stupid and is ruin my favorite horror game of my favorite franchise
  10. Savini dlc come o guys for all the game problems we should have somethimg especial
  11. Is not the host ,is the fucking game servers or something you have to fix for ps4, te host quitting game is another big problem , yestarday too a was playing as jasonn and soon i kill thr fucking host, the coward decides to leave, fuckinggg people
  12. Fuck Yesterday i wait two hours to play as jason and every fuckingtime i'm jason the fucking "conection to host lost" this is fucking bullshit andonis not about the conection is the fucking game , not even one game i could finish,such a bullshit
  13. Weed and beer
  14. I thought they were going to fix retro jason, as a unique jason but still the same purple parte 3 jason
  15. My purpose is to be jason as many times i can
  16. Still tHe same shit , i have wait like 2 fucking hours to be jason , and if i had played two rounds to bw jason tge fuxking game crushed Fuckkkk
  17. A better server
  18. What a fuck in this day so special the game is not working what a disaster
  19. Me to only in the morning,right now is imposible to found a session what a bullshit
  20. Come on man watch the.movie , i had no problems with jason IV it is fucking awsome Pd i'm still waiting for the savini
  21. Great job guy!!!! I just played as jason IV for the fisrt time and was fucking awsome 7/7 kills
  22. Just relax and don't be too serious