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  1. I just have a strong sneaking feeling that they're planning to release some big updates just before or right around the time they release the physical disc -- as that will really open up the amount of players. Thoughts?
  2. I see what you did there.
  3. I have seen several games where half the players know what they're doing and half just . . . don't. In these games, the good ones work together to call the cops or get the 4-seater started and escape. Then they watch as the ones who aren't so good get systematically hunted down one by one. If there are just a few players left, and one person calls Tommy Jarvis -- as it stands, it's randomly selected amongst the dead and escaped who will return as Jarvis. And many times, I see the great players have to watch as one of the lousy players who got killed off early is selected to be Jarvis. It's a shame, because I've seen MANY matches where a great player can use Jarvis to his full advantage and really be a thorn in Jason's side for his kill count. It just seems fair that if you were good enough to escape (or among them), then you and your fellow escapees get first crack at being Jarvis. If there are no escapees, then he is randomly picked amongst the dead. Shouldn't this be more of a reward for a job well done? I for one would love for a great player to come back as Jarvis to help me out -- rather than an inept 9-year-old who died in the first minute of gameplay. I think offering Jarvis first to escapees would help with that. -- Skunk
  4. Apologies to all. I didn't realize that watching hundreds of hours of gameplay and being excited about the game and wanting to discuss it with other players and make suggestions didn't matter as much as it would if I were a Level 1 player. Thanks for putting me in my place. I was hoping any and all suggestions would be met logically and taken into consideration. I have seen from the emotional and angry responses that many are taking suggestions personally. I will no longer contribute and will keep my mouth shut until my game arrives so that everything I say won't be completely dismissed. You win. See you in October.
  5. Of course it is. When you're born, everyone has a chance to be successful in life. Yet your chances go up if you go to college. Is that unfair? Anyone can do it. There are simply rewards for putting the harder work in. That's the way life is. No one goes to an intern and says, "Okay, it's your turn to be CEO today." CEOs are CEOs because those hired for the job are the people who worked for it. But STILL. In this situation, you can STILL BE TOMMY simply by dying! It simply seeks to reward those who put forth the time and effort. Why is that a bad thing at all?? Total transparency: I have NEVER played this game. I have pre-ordered the physical disc, but spend a great deal of time watching gameplay on YouTube in the meantime until I finally get to play on 10/13. In this situation, will I be Tommy immediately? NO! The people who have put in the time and the work should be until I have earned it. I want the day I finally get to play Tommy to be a huge thing and a great accomplishment. Not just a "Okay, you died. Your turn. Good luck." That's lame. So, by your argument -- if it were unfair, I should be one of the ones arguing against this. But I'm not -- because I can see what it can and should become.
  6. The only thing that would be "taken away" would be a participation trophy. Should people not have incentives to do better? Should there not be rewards? Even small ones?? Never once did I say "only escapees should get Tommy." I suggested that escapees get priority in recognition of their accomplishment. That is not taking away others' opportunities. It is creating incentive to do well in the game. This idea is not greatly different from what is already in place. If two people die, one comes back as Jarvis. The only exception is if one person is able to escape BEFORE Tommy is called or before two people have died. Doesn't an accomplishment like that deserve something?? It certainly doesn't happen every game. Where is the detriment in that reward? I'm unsure where the bitterness stems from in the suggestion. How is this a bad thing at all? Just like always, everyone has an equal chance to become Tommy. Your chances just go up if you escape. That's BAD?!
  7. I think you're confused here. At what point did I ever say that I suggest we take Tommy away from the new players?
  8. Of course I did. Just as I have done now. Everyone here does it. If we addressed every sentence, these things would go on forever, so we quote the sections for which we have a rebuttal. It's to condense and get through the debate more quickly. But yes, your logical points are indeed acknowledged. And as far as "complaining/whining" goes, you did have a point. I hope you also saw that I edited my original post a bit to be less emotional and more logical. However, I -- along with everyone else here -- will continue to debate points with both Devs and Admins in order to reach an understanding. My primary point was it was inappropriate to tell someone not to do so.
  9. I totally disagree. This whole board is here to hear our opinions, even if it differs from the game developers'. It is to give us a voice. To tell us we're not allowed to troll or harass is totally valid. But to tell us we're not allowed to engage in a debate because a Dev or Admin has spoken, that just defeats the purpose entirely, doesn't it? Debates are meant to show others different aspects of ideas not previously considered. I certainly didn't "complain," but yes -- of course I tried to reinforce my point. If this forum is meant to be a "Devs and Admins opinions are final, and there will be no further engaging once they have spoken" atmosphere, then I won't be posting much longer. If these posts and debates are productive and can help to make the product more cohesive and solid, then the forums have done their job. Saying, "I agree with the dev, so don't post about it anymore" doesn't help anyone. I can see you disagree with me, but that doesn't make your point any more valid than mine. I made strong, logical points and asked questions to better understand. Please don't discourage others from doing so.
  10. @GunMedia_Ben -- why? The escapee (most likely) put forth maximum effort to achieve the escape. Yes, there are some who just unfortunately die early, but that's not the case the majority of the time. As a hypothetical: if a guy is working his tail off to escape while another guy is just running in circles and not taking the game seriously, why should that guy deserve to return as Tommy exactly as much as the guy doing his best? Remember, I'm not suggesting Tommy be taken away from those who simply died. I'm suggesting those who took the time to escape be rewarded by being given first consideration. Those who were killed quickly DO have a chance to get back in, so long as at least two players have been killed and no one has yet escaped. Tommy is a BADASS. He should be earned. Not simply awarded by chance. Let escapees have the first crack at him, give him a Sense ability to find counselors, and give him more XP for each counselor saved at the end of each match. That way, you're rewarding those for their hard work. You're letting THEM become the hero. When you just give it randomly to anyone who fails OR succeeds, it just completely diminishes the character.
  11. Ben - please take a look at this thread regarding Tommy. I think there are some valid points GUN should take into consideration with improving the character's playability:
  12. I love all of this -- especially gaining more XP the more counselors that survive under your watch. Totally get your points about Jason-helpers and AFK players. Not much you could do about that, so your idea of Jarvis players receiving additional XP for survivors should provide the incentive to at least TRY to go after the surviving counselors and save them. However, to your point about the "hiding and just won't come out" folks -- since both Jason AND Tommy are looking for counselors, why not give Tommy Jarvis the ability to SENSE them, just like Jason has? That way, Jarvis could track them down and talk them into coming with him, offering them protection. If they refused, he just leaves them to their fate. That should totally be a thing.
  13. I also think it would help if Jason could find bigger and better weapons. A Jason who grows in power and killing speed would increase the playing fear.
  14. This may have been approached earlier, but here goes: I'd love to see a few more "scare moments" added to the game. Things like Jason having the ability to pose or move bodies -- like put them in a closet, hide them in a bed -- which, when approached by a player, would trigger an animation that shows the person "discovering" the mutilated body -- complete with gore and accompanying stinger music by Mr. Manfredini. A freak-out could ensue, which might trigger a SCREAM from the counselor (and an ├╝ber-cool "Chad face" from the counselor!), notifying Jason of their location. It would also be nice for JASON to be able to hide in closets and beds -- so the player doesn't know if they're stumbling upon a live player, a dead player, or Mr. Funtime himself. Yes, that gives even more power to Mr. Voorhees, but these are things that happened in the films. These scare moments are what really defined the storylines of the series -- and for them to be almost absent from the game (save for a quick musical stinger, a "jump" by the player, and a "Holy $#!%! Is that a DEAD BODY?!") is fairly depressing. We need these moments. Will the animation reveal an active player, a mutilated victim, or JASON?? That will add a real level of terror to this game! Thoughts? - Skunk
  15. My friend, that would only make two things happen: Everyone scrambling from the start to find the radio to be the first to call Tommy, then try to get themselves killed. Everyone scrambling from the start to be the first one to die. In both of those scenarios, you're rewarding those who TRY TO INSTANTLY DIE. In mine -- those who escape get selected to be Jarvis first -- you're rewarding those who put the effort forward to PLAY THE GAME WELL. I honestly think it's a no-brainer. (Oops. I probably should have added this to the one above, bvut I can't figure out how to delete my last post!)
  16. But that's the beauty of it -- it ISN'T! It would only be negated if every game they played, two people escaped before they do. And even if that does happen to noobs right off the bat, that would give them an incredible goal to strive for -- to be able to escape and finally be eligible to become TOMMY JARVIS! Right now, frankly, it's just too damn easy. "Oh, you died? Hey, good on ya! You might be Tommy!" I really think Jarvis should be held in higher regard than that. He's a badass, AND the only one who can put Jason down. I definitely think he should be a reward for those who earned it. It just really sucks to see great players ignored by random selection.
  17. I have to respectfully disagree with that. I've observed many a game where a bangup player makes a record-time escape and wants to come back as Jarvis to help save everyone else. But there's another poozer who ran into Jason in the first 90 seconds and tried to attack him with a pipe wrench and got ventilated. Everyone is praying the hero will come back and save them as Jarvis. . . . and who do they get? The poozer. THAT is not great gameplay. THAT is not for the best. Sorry, I don't follow.
  18. So, when this is over -- if they haven't released single player by then -- will you do another of these to Friday, October 13th?
  19. That could easily be added. But it might not happen often, as -- of course -- you have to be alive to call Tommy, and there will likely already be killed/escaped players by that point. A negative to that idea is that counselors who find the radio could immediately call Tommy, then track down Jason to kill themselves just so they can respawn as the stronger, shotgun-toting Tommy. And that kind of sucks.
  20. Of course. Waiting on someone to escape when there are already dead people not playing is silly. The main system of assigning Jarvis would still stand -- assuming he's called early in the game before there are two deaths. If there are two killed after he is called, one of them is selected. HOWEVER, if one is killed and one escapes, the escapee is AUTOMATICALLY assigned Jarvis. If there are multiple escapees and one dead, only the escapees would be considered for Jarvis when he is called. Eh, I don't dig that idea so much. If they do that, that means the lower level players -- even those who are naturally good players even early on -- will never get a chance to play as Jarvis. I don't think it should be a reward for doing well in ALL games, I think it should be a reward for doing well in the one you're currently playing. That way, everyone actually gets a chance, but the players who really work at it get a much better chance.
  21. Hey guys!! I like ya both! I won't report either of ya! Whaddaya say we crack open a cold one together and talk some more horror survival gaming, hah??! First one's on me!
  22. There are many ways you can look at this. Let's look at one: You're an awesome player. (Perhaps you really are, but this is for academic purposes) You're almost always one of the last ones killed or one of the first to create an escape route. You immediately call Tommy Jarvis. But one by one, as Jason snags other players (who don't have knives), they drop out of the game and Jason is left to strangle thin air. After awhile, it's just you and Jason. When will Jarvis show up? Never. Everyone has left and gone onto another game. So there's no one left to play him. In fact, that happens more often than not. If something goes wrong with the "perfect game" for these people -- or hell, even if they get bored for a fraction of a second -- they're gone. And that sucks. The entire purpose of this game is to instill a feeling of being trapped and helpless. Where is that feeling when you can simply teleport out of the game and into another one if your little plan didn't go perfectly? It's just too much power. And the entire Friday the 13th franchise has always been all about people being helplessly held hostage and power being forcibly taken away from them. You opt to play a game? You're stuck there until the game ends, unless you want a penalty. That's exactly what this game is lacking.
  23. You, sir, are HARSH. But I totally dig it. Take the power from the trolls, watch them turn into regular players. That's what I say. So, we should totally have someone formally write this up and present it to Gertz or someone.
  24. Excellent point. I think the system could easily be able to tell whether someone leaves willingly or unnaturally. In essence, if they wanted to rage-quit without penalty, they'd have to shut off their whole system mid-game -- which, while a pain in the butt to do so, it IS possible someone might do it and try to jump back in after a reboot. Perhaps we recommend a mandatory 5 minute waiting period to join another game in that event? Possibly. That's workable. The nice thing is, if we put our heads together here and come up with some majority-agreeable verbiage to present to the gamemakers, we'll likely have their ears AND consideration.
  25. *I* think you should go back to talking about MY idea. It's nifty . . .