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  1. @Fooobar mentioned something about this earlier, and I loved it. Let's add levels of both engagement and excitement to those whom have been killed and are now spectating by allowing us to bet our CP points on the outcome! You could keep it from being abused (by, say, a group who agrees who's going to win every time just to get CP) by making a betting limit. It's just something to keep players engaged, giving them a vested interest in the current round while giving them something fun to do while waiting for their next round. Please list below how genius this idea is. . . . or how stupid. . . . but preferably the former.
  2. No, I mean like -- if you're playing with a buddy (or buddies) and one is Jason, you can use Party Chat (after you're dead and have placed the bet) to go after Chad -- and "here's where he is:" Or, in private matches, you can team kill him. Obviously, this is troll-thinking. But better to iron out the kinks now than after launch.
  3. That is an interesting idea, but in some situations, you'd basically be placing a bounty on Chad's head -- especially if you're using Party Chat or Discord.
  4. I think his point is that it could hurt public gameplay if ALL players in a group (save for one or two) are playing just for CP. Let me paint this scenario for you: The game starts. You're Jason. You grab you knives and morph to the phone box and trap it. Then you morph to the next objective -- the car. As you arrive, almost ALL of the counselors rush up to you and start dancing their butts off. Of course, you grab each of them one-by-one and kill them. When the first one dies, he IMMEDIATELY bets ALL his CP on "Lose." Then, you dispatch counselor after counselor. The game is over. You killed 8/8 in 90 seconds. Everyone who died gets a TON of CP, and you just played a totally unfun game. Then it happens again in the next round. And again. And again. You leave the party and join another, and it happens again. In fact, counselors start blocking your exit to keep you there so Jason can kill you and they can get their CP. NOW -- if there were to be NO LIMITS on how much CP you could bet, this COULD become a real problem very quickly. But if you could only bet about 200 CP, that's not worth it to play like that -- as you could earn much more by playing a game and escaping. That's how it COULD hurt -- if you're not careful when creating it.
  5. Are you being a poop?? "Nicely thought out," indeed! I DID mention something about curtailing cheaters, thankyaverramuch. But kudos on jumping straight to the insult, Mr. Poopy Pants. I mentioned this too, Portnoy. Hence my suggestion for a betting limit. Something small to keep it interesting but infeasible to greatly increase CP. You should be able to make more CP by playing a new round than you could betting the limit. That encourages others to stick around for the potential extra boost while simultaneously preventing abuse and cheating. Something tells me you just read my first sentence and immediately posted salt. I think my idea *was* quite nicely thought out, Mr. Kilmer.
  6. OR . . . *you*, my spicy little friend, can tell me this after the update actually addresses issues most players are concerned about. Then, I wish a ham sandwich. Spicy mustard, 'cause I'll go halvsies with you on it -- and I know how you like your zing! Actually, that's @Tattooey's thing. And you now owe him $50 for the trademarked mention.
  7. Thank you, good sir. I was quite humbled by the way the strategies and tactics worked. Jason -- nerfed or not -- is STILL quite OP, and if he's utilized correctly, a great Jason should be able to handle a great group of counselors. Even though I'd *hardly* refer to myself as a "great Jason" by any stretch. NOW, had these guys focused on escaping -- I very much doubt my kill count would have been nearly as high. But -- they gambled, and they lost.
  8. Those of you who know me know I'm usually limited to gameplay on weekends and holidays -- because I'm a working schmuck who commutes over two hours to work each day, and after meals, cleanup, kids to bed, and chores -- when I have to choose between F13 and sleep, guess which usually wins?? That not withstanding, I got to play a bit on Saturday. At the time, there were no friends to be had, so it was "QuickPlay or No Play" for me. So I jumped into a full room. "Hey everyone!" *silence* "Nobody else has a mic?" *silence* "Oooo-kayy, I'll shut up now before you all mute me." Game play begins. My first time playing as Deborah. Looking forward to fixing all kinds of neat $#!&. Immediately find a knife, a walkie, and the FUSE! Neat! "Hey guys! Got the fuse! Anyone seen the fusebox?" *silence* Ugh. So I run to the next cabin. Med spray. Cool! THEN -- everything instantly goes into slow motion and turns an amber hue. They're killing Jason!! What??!! But it's been less than TWO MINUTES!! Game ends. Trophies and XP awarded. Me: "Well, you guys were either incredibly coordinated, or incredibly lucky!" *silence* Game starts again. Ol' Deb beats her nerdy little tushy to the nearest cabin. AGAIN, I find the fuse almost immediately. 2-3 houses later, THERE'S the fuse box! And it's trapped, but quite poorly. I start fixing it without triggering the trap, get it done in 0.5 seconds -- embarrassing the crap out of the entire Kensington family line. I race inside and call the po-po. Timer starts. WOW! I got the cops called within the first 90 seconds of gameplay! None of the other objectives are started, so I meander to a good midway point between the two exits and wait. One minute left to go. THEN -- Slow motion and amber again. Jason dies. AGAIN. And as previously, within the first five minutes of the game. Okay, this is getting weird. It happens THREE MORE TIMES in subsequent games. EVERY Jason dies. New players are coming in, and at the end of each round, each player who played Jason comes over the mic and either congratulates the silent room or yells obscenities at them before leaving. Finally -- it's me. In all my retro 8-bit purple-and-blue glory. And I know what's coming. I grab knives, trap the fuse box, then go to trap both cars. ONE dude is standing at the first car, not doing much of anything. He takes a wimpy swipe at me, but I grab him and dispatch him quickly. Then I return to business. AS SOON as I drop the last trap: *CYMBAL CRASH!!* "They're here, Jason! Don't let them take Mommy!!" The game . . . is afoot! Rather than dropping right in on a coordinated ambush, I drop on Stalk and port about 50 feet away from the shack. I'm behind the shack, and they're all in front. So I run up to the back wall, then squeeze in around it. And there's Jarvis, machete in hand, with his back to me. Jarvis spawns with a knife now. So I drop my purple axe upon him with a satisfying crunch and a loud "NOOOOOOOO!" He whirls around and smacks me ONCE with the machete. INSTANTLY, my mask flies off. "WHAT??!!", thought I. I take another swipe at him. He limps away to spray. Then I get attacked by the others to stall for him, but I'm on Jarvis like flies on my mother-in-law's Hungarian goulash. As soon as he sprays: "Jason? Mother is talking to you. Put the knife down." I'm hitting my Resist button like crazy, and the dude with the stunner bat is approaching. I snap out of it just in time to run forward and miss his bat swing. Again I swipe Jarvis twice with the axe, and he's limping again. Another counselor runs up to him -- presumably to spray him, but I ran between them to block and swiped Jarvis again. "errrrppphhh" *dies* Someone: *every expletive you've ever heard* The other counselors instantly scatter -- their plans dashed against the walls of broken dreams. The normal hunt resumes. I get one or two rather quickly. I get another in my phone box trap. Then, it's down to just me and the room host -- who's playing Vanessa. Finally find her in a cabin standing near a window behind the couch, DANCING. I circle around the couch, and she starts playing "All Around the Mulberry Bush" with the couch. I try knives. She dodges all. I try relentless pursuit. She evades. I try stopping and waiting. She frickin' DANCES. I even try walking out of the cabin and around the corner, turning on Stalk, then Morphing over to her -- but she slipped my grab and got around the couch again. More mulberry bush. This goes on for a LONG time. Time MUST be almost expired by now. Finally, I get as CLOSE to the couch as I can and do a hard grab with her on the other side, AND I GRAB HER!! Host: "Bull $#!%!! Bull $#!%!! BULL $#!%!!" I must tell you, I've never heard a more satisfying crunch as I did with her head. "You killed 8/8." Return to lobby. "LOADING . . . " "You were kicked. Host has left the game." Salty, salty, salty. Now mind you, I was MORE than happy to collect all that yummy XP for the repeated Jason kills. However, I wasn't going to be one of those guys they just came in and trolled. Purple Retro Jason took a big, hairy dump in their punch bowl and force-fed it to them. Then. I received a friend request from the host. Heh heh heh. So. How'd you spend YOUR weekend?
  9. Ohh, now waaaaaaaaaitaminit. Starting to understand, now. Yeah, I can understand his disdain if there's an EXPLOIT that allows you to stand in a certain area of the fuse box which makes both you ungrabbable AND the box undestroyable. That's just trolling the game. But it definitely sounds like that was not your intent or desire. So no, you're definitely not in the wrong. If someone does that to me, I'm using EVERY knife on them.
  10. Wait. "Body blocking the phone"?? What does that even mean? You just standing in front of the fuse box with a weapon to safeguard it? If so, then I'm an incessant "body blocker". We worked hard to get this phone working, and I'll be tossed if I'm going to fix it and then run off so Jason can clobber it if he likes. Defending your escape route is part of the game! Or is it something else . . . ?
  11. There was much heat to be had. ALL counselors were at the shack in an organized group, just waiting for their prey. Luckily, no one seemed to be well-armed or have knives or firecrackers -- simply because their formula for killing Jason focused on expediency, rather than strategizing for contingencies. (i.e., if Jason attacks Jarvis first without a grab, the others fend him off with melee or firecrackers until he, the stick man, and the sweater girl can get positioned.) But again, those items would take time to find. So, I used their impatience against them.
  12. Bridge destroyed, sir. All hands lost. Total annihilation reported.
  13. Red Dead Redemption featured one, and it was invaluable. There was always some schmuck trying to help the other team, so we could vote to kick him, and he'd be gone.
  14. That's about what he did, but I wasn't even stunned. My mask just few off! Perhaps it was because I was at full health?
  15. It seems like it should be easy enough, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to delete a post. Mind you, I've not yet needed to -- but all it takes is one weekend and several beers to discover you posted something you wish you hadn't. In anticipation of that event, I'd love to know how to dump my less-than-preferred posts for the ongoing future. Thanks, kids! - Skunk
  16. I think anyone can do it, but some are just very well practiced, I guess. NEVER have I seen it done with one swipe.
  17. Here you are. Now that I look at it, my normally ruggedly masculine body appears a bit feminine here.
  18. GrapeApe had nothing but a good time. ( . . . see what I did there?)
  19. Quite a compliment. Perhaps my quest for adminship is within my grasp!!
  20. The greatest satisfaction came from the fact that I'm only Level 20. Remember, I rarely get to play!! But I do have a great deal of free time at work (hence me writing this now), so I spend a healthy amount of time watching gameplay videos on Twitch and YouTube. I always watch new F13 posts by Swiftor and Ohmwrecker, and I learn strategies from them. And I haven't even mastered Morph yet! But it felt pretty darn good to go through 5-6 Jason slaughters and then to take them ALL down -- even the dancing troll at the end. That was a yummy piece of pie.
  21. ??? You callin' out the' wrong bloke, mate. I never said she can't hide in the woods!! In fact, I think it's a swell idea.
  22. I am getting this tattooed on my chest.
  23. Right, but WHY can't we delete our own?? Isn't that just . . . WEIRD??
  24. Yeah . . . I get all that, but -- why can't we just kill a post? Wouldn't that be better than deleting everything and replacing it with "Yadda yadda yadda, yackity-schmackity"?