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  1. You know, I AM accepting belated birthday gifts . . . https://movieweb.com/friday-13th-camp-overnight-camping-experience-jason/
  2. Cute, but let's please not create new topics to tell a Chad-centric joke. Here are lots of Chad-centric topics for your joke-posting pleasure: http://forum.f13game.com/search/?&q=chad&search_in=titles&sortby=newest
  3. This is hurting my brain. It looks like you're talking to yourself.
  4. Jason X and Grendel mapp

    I prefer "Skunk," but quite happy to help.
  5. You and @stoney have the exact same avatar. Weird.
  6. I would love to see a kill where Jason slices a counselor completely in half. Either vertically or horizontally.
  7. Same here. I only recently learned that triggered traps look infinitesimally different to untriggered traps. In fact, the difference is SO small that I usually miss the trap-tanker when I finally figure out which one it was and morph over to them. A GREATLY NEEDED change is to make triggered traps look significantly different than untriggered traps on the map. Make Jason Great Again!!!
  8. My biography

    I'm a writer, too. Just published my first novella a few years ago, and am currently working on my first screenplay.
  9. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Your good works are highly appreciated.
  10. Religious Study Group

    You have my support, but I doubt I'll check it frequently. I have learned that most faith-based threads in forums like these quickly become areas for ridicule and trolls. I can handle trolling in a video game, but when it comes to others trolling one's faith -- that's hard for me to take.
  11. My biography

    Marvelous. I can only imagine what people think *I* look like . . .
  12. Because you misspelled her last name. It's spelled "Shepard," and is commonly misspelled. A Topic search for just "Tina" gave me 22 different threads, any of which you could have posted this in. Please help to keep the forum tidy.
  13. My biography

    I have about that many, give or take, from my collecting as a kid. How did you get the valuation? Is it official, or is it your "ballpark figure"?
  14. Pinehurst Small

    Interesting. I always actually kind of preferred the smaller maps, as it seemed a bit easier to evade Jason by keeping an eye on the map or communicating heavily with the walkie. Also, repairs seemed less daunting, as you don't have to traverse the entire map. (Seems I've been finding the propeller on the opposite side of the map of the boat quite frequently these days.) But interesting to hear that take on it.
  15. You're suggesting setting a very dangerous precedent. If they were to make the option to toggle between "Old Grab" and "New Grab" on your Jason settings, try to imagine the uproar that would come from the community about previous aspects of the game which have been changed over time, and people miss? "I want the old window smash function option!" "I want the old counselor traits option!" "I want the multiple pocket knives and sprays option!" . . . ad nauseam! Allowing for one change to made as an option rather than simply replacing it would set a basis for doing so permanently. Imagine how BIG the game would become if changes and updates were replaced with options? They're not going to keep "old grab vs. new grab," especially if the majority feels as though the new grab is superior. The only chance you have is IF the vast majority of players DO NOT like the new grab. In that case, they may choose to revert back to the original. But I can't ever seeing them offering "old vs. new" as an option.
  16. Pinehurst Small

    Interesting. Why? As both a counselor AND as Jason?
  17. Indeed. I've been involved in radio for over 20 years (NO, I'm not old, dammit!!) and a "stinger," also known as a "shock stinger," is a sound effect intended to instill a moment of gravitas, or to reinforce the importance of the moment. An example of one of history's most famous shock stingers is actually called, "Oh, The Humanity!" (but colloquially called "Dun-Dun-DUUUUN!"), and I'm certain you've heard it before. Here it is:
  18. Every month, there's something new to love about this game. Bravo. Is this an April drop or something sooner?
  19. Frustrated with the car bug and jason grab

    It's not a bug. It's a latency issue. Much on it here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/16040-stop-whining-about-jasons-grab
  20. I think they're repeatedly deleting your threads you repeatedly make, trying to get you to stick to the one active one. Thus causing your error. Try posting on this one. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/14087-tired-of-the-glitch-that-takes-away-jasons-ability-to-melee-or-grab
  21. This doesn't apply to F13. Here's what he specifically said: The concern is their children players. Minecraft is a game aimed at younger players. F13 definitely is NOT. He also said in the same article: So yes, they're against cross-platform in games aimed toward children, which is very likely the most responsible thing to do. But this does not apply to games rated M.
  22. I did a search for this, and there are very few topics on this specific subject, and those mentions I did find were quite old. First and foremost, this is NOT -- I repeat, NOT -- a suggestion that the devs should stop what they're doing and get right to work on cross-platform play. Of course, they're working on what's most important right now. This is asking the question: is cross-platform play an inevitability? I made a poll to see if I'm one of the only schmucks out there who really wants this, or if the wish is universal. What do you think? Can it happen? Will it happen? Should it happen? Do beans belong in chili? Please answer here. Except about the chili thing. - Skunk
  23. They've said otherwise. https://gamerant.com/sony-xbox-one-ps4-cross-platform-play/
  24. @malloymk, there's a short video clip of it above.
  25. So you really think the latency difference is so great that it would be game-breaking?