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    My slow spiral into alcoholism

    THIS is your answer, my friend. Call one of your pastors. Tell them it's an emergency, then go talk to him/her (face-to-face, not on the phone) about this. They will not judge. They have resources to help. They care about you and will stick by your side to put this behind you. Make this a priority. I also come from a long line of addicts of some sort. It's next to impossible to do it on your own, but SO much easier when a family of faith is there to help you through it. Keep us posted. Good luck, brother. - Skunk
  2. Happy birthday, brother.
  3. My goodness, you certainly excel at dismissing anything and everything that might apply to others but doesn't apply directly to you. Living in that world puts you at the top, but it's quite lonely there.
  4. I'm not sure I understand your line of questioning. Those of us excited about this new game mode were anxious to discover what it was and how it would be played. Are you saying one must first know the full details of something before being allowed to be saddened that it will never happen?
  5. I don't think you're his type.
  6. Why not do the film series? Friday the 13th: Part 1 could be the events of the first film. You're Pamela and have to silently stalk your victims in each game. Part 2 would be Baghead Jason going through the events of Part 2. Each version could have a multiplayer mode, more specific and less generic than this game. Then continue down the line of films. I think it would have a huge following and would make lots of money for Gun down the road. . . . IF the conversation of sequel games take place, that is. 😥
  7. When this lawsuit is wrapped up, are you opposed to having a conversation with the rights holder about it?
  8. @wes - I love ya, brother, but can't you give us some kind of glimmer of hope here? Let's look at this academically: Suppose the lawsuit wraps up (miraculously) in September. Cunningham and Miller reach a mutually acceptable agreement, and they begin working on F13 productions again. If Sean Cunningham reapproaches you with more ideas for the game, you're still 100% out? Suppose he has a great idea for a F13 sequel game? Impossible? "Unlikely" is fine. At this point, many of us are hoping for SOMETHING, like Lloyd Christmas in Dumb and Dumber . . . A infinitesimally small chance for SOMETHING in the future is better than death, devastation, post-mortem, flatlined rigor mortis. NOT that you want to give ANYONE the wrong impression, of course. But do you really, truly, honestly feel that this and ANY future F13 games are completely impossible? Supporting even a faint glimmer of hope is fine. Otherwise, I will promptly extinguish all sparks accordingly. Always a fan, - Skunk
  9. Honestly, lots of people care. I was one of those very excited for Paranoia mode, and anxiously awaited its release. I was always confident the bugs would eventually be addressed but continued to enjoy the game as it certainly was never unplayable. Please remember -- just because *you* might individually not care about something does not make that thing universally insignificant. It just makes you appear less sensitive toward others.
  10. Cokeyskunk

    The End

    Bears, I have three questions which I hope you will stick around long enough to answer: If the lawsuit wraps up more quickly than anticipated, will you come back to the forum? If the game begins getting new content again, will you try playing with us again? . . . did you just thank Darrin Howard . . . ? On a final note, there are a few folks here who keep me coming back. Please know you were always one of them. This forum will be a little less complete without you, and I hope you at least pop back in every once in a while to say hello. You will be missed, friend. - Skunk
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    We're Still Here

    Wait, what . . . ?
  12. Cokeyskunk

    Is the Game over now?

    This is so ridiculous. If YOU (yes, YOU) had MAJORLY helped to create this franchise, and the guy you worked with constantly laughed you off when you asked for him to be fair about it and include you in SOME of the profits -- and an attorney advised you that you DID have a legal ground for gaining the portion of ownership you created -- and thereby, the shared profits . . . . . . you're telling me you WOULDN'T sue him for them?? Because you don't want to irritate game players?? Please. We're not talking a few thousand, here. We're talking a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR FRANCHISE. I don't blame the guy. Not one bit. And I think any one of us would have done the same in his place.
  13. This article was irresponsibly written, as Victor Miller IS claiming rights to the characters he created, namely Jason and Pamela Voorhees. To suggest he had no legal ground of asking for an injunction against all further development of their characters and the franchise to they belong is ridiculous. But again, I think he's just using the "all-stop" as leverage to force a settlement. Hey, it may work. Either that, or Cunningham will just permanently shelve the franchise and keep fighting. That would suck.
  14. Cokeyskunk

    Mythos - A Friday the 13th Fan Film

    Three points I want to make: This looks awesome. You can see the love slathered all over this project. Your title is perfect as it focuses in HARD on the very mythos of the STORY. You, my friend, got it. Just like @damnenchiladas with his beautiful film, you made the story king-- followed closely by strong characters and impressive cinematography. I applaud your efforts here. I saw the credits. Nice to see you cast Wonder Woman in your film. 😉 Can't wait to see the whole feature. - Skunk
  15. I think the issue is -- anything creative (i.e., beyond fixes and patches) is considered "intellectual property" the moment it enters the game, since it's a licensed property. So yes, even adding original stuff instantly makes it part of the F13 game franchise-- thereby further complicating an ongoing legal suit.
  16. The one thing no one is saying is that this is not a permanent thing. Yes, future development has to be postponed until the lawsuit is resolved, but that IS finite. It could be weeks or months, or yes, a year or two. Again, neither Cunningham nor Miller want to see this franchise shrivel up and die. They both want the lawsuit to end amicably so that money can be made again and the franchise can continue. I, for one, can and will wait. I'm confident we'll see Uber Jason, Grendel and more. We just have to be patient and let it happen in its own good time.
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    What is the actual use of Emotes?

    If you ask me, it's to taunt Jason either when they're playing "All Around the Mulberry Bush" with a sofa/car, or after they stun Jason. It's those folks who generally leave the game as soon as Jason finally grabs them to "get the last laugh." They're a cancer to the community.
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    Any time I am offered whole ("Vitamin D") Milk, I always put it on ice. Don't have to with my traditional 2%. The more fat within milk, apparently the less cold it gets. That being said, I avoid skim milk like the plague. To me, it tastes like instant powdered milk or milk-flavored water. Plaaah. No thanks. Blaxploitation is a combination of the words "black" and "exploitation." Basically, an "exploitation" film was focusing on aspects of how the actors were born: i.e., race, gender, etc. Um. The thing about popcorn is-- if it gets wet at all, it starts to disintegrate into a basic starch. So unless he found a way to spritz ketchup and syrup on it, I can imagine this would have simply rendered the popcorn into a bag of mush. . . . NOT TO MENTION the very basic fact that the ketchup/syrup combo sounds utterly revolting. Ick.
  21. Cokeyskunk

    The match ended early. Why?

    This sounds to me like the "last person" you were sneaking up on left the game, which immediately ended it.
  22. Cokeyskunk

    The match ended early. Why?

    Has a cause been identified? Is it possible the roaming AJ was a glitched escaped "ghost"? (Sometimes you can get close to the exit which triggers the "Escaped" mode but not the animation, and you're left as sort of a phantom in there. You can still perform tasks and be killed by Jason (which can count toward his kill count,) but you're still "Escaped.")
  23. Cokeyskunk

    What's your opinion on Veganism?

    Excellent point. Irritation almost always stems from an individual's perceived attitude. Every condition can be met by being either courteous, or by being demanding and snotty. Unfortunately, my acquaintances have run into far more demanding/snotty/showboating vegans than the courteous ones who take time to acknowledge the bother.