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  1. Pleased that we have something a bit more concrete on the single player front, though dates would have been nice. Any word on the physical release though? Seems to have gone a bit quiet on that front and I can find the thing for pre-order on Amazon anymore ...
  2. Great that she's coming back as Halloween: Resurrection was absolute dogsh*t. However, slight shame that H20 is going to cut out of the continuity as the story set-up for that film was actually pretty good.
  3. Course is finished and uploaded! Will try and post some pics. Got the locations from the first three films around the course.
  4. I'm playing my first F13 marathon on 13th October. Gonna do all the films except the unbearable shite that is Freddy vs Jason. It is a shame the quality dips off as the films go on but I'm finishing with the remake which I thought was really good.
  5. That's genius!!
  6. Crystal Lake is in the middle and all the holes go round the shore, the 1st and the 18th being by the campsite from Friday the 13th. On the opposite side by the 9th I've got the counsellor houses and area from Part 2. Those are the only official locations I've got in there so far. I need to rewatch the other films to get some inspiration for other iconic things to add in ... I'm thinking the Higgins Haven house and barn, but I might be a bit limited by the buildings that the game allows you to place.
  7. I always thought Urban Legends (1998) didn't get enough love, good film and decent cast. The Final Girls (2015) is a hidden classic, kinda horror comedy and a massive tribute to Friday the 13th ... check it out if you haven't seen it. From back in the day The House On Sorority Row (1983) I always enjoyed. Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2005) is also a great watch and something different. Few others have already been mentioned ... Terror Train, My Bloody Valentine. There's some absolute dross out there as well though and I've lost count of the amount of DVDs I've picked up thinking it'll be an undiscovered slasher classic only to find its anything but!
  8. Thanks ... its my PS4 handle to and usually takes a gamer of a certain age to pick up on it! LoL It would be impossible to pick a fave final girl, but Amy Steel is right up there. Presume you're building your Ginny figure yourself? I'm getting there with gathering the parts needed. Got the body, Fri 13th Part 2 stand, jeans, and the head is on the way from China (they do some great 1/6 scale heads at a good price). Fortunately my missus is quite a whizz with the sewing so she's making the denim shirt from scratch.
  9. That's promising! ... was planning a Friday the 13th movie marathon that day but I might have to revise my plans if its definitely out that day.
  10. Thanks mate! The course designer in the game is incredibly in depth so you can go in to lots of detail. The trickiest part was finding source material for the layout of the camp in the first and second films ... its not easy to work out what is where and how it fits together, especially for the first film.
  11. Anyone else in to collecting their horror figures or making customs? My main collection is the 18" scale figures, which includes a custom made Scream/Ghostface. I'm looking to expand my 12" figure collection also with a custom Alice (Friday the 13th) and Ginny (Friday the 13th Part 2).
  12. Just in case there are any other Golf Club 2 gamers on the forum, I'm in the middle of making a Camp Crystal Lake golf course based on the locations from the film ... its taking a while but it should be uploaded in the next week or so. Great game by the way if there are any other golf gamers out there.