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  1. Lack of variety mostly. The game needs more depth. I'd like to see more game modes, more weapons, more ways to escape, etc.
  2. I can't see myself ever reaching max rank in this game, just not enough reasons to keep playing. I might break rank 50 someday.
  3. also, Reggie the Reckless would be a nice addition to the game
  4. I think he is important in the franchise because he owned the goalie mask that Jason eventually came to possess.
  5. Uncharted 4. Just finished Until Dawn which was great. My next game to play is Alien Isolation.
  6. Anyone know if Virtual Cabin 2.0 will be coming to consoles? I sure hope it is.
  7. I think the game needs some characters from the movies, like Pamela Vorhees, Crazy Ralph, Shelly from part 3, and many more. Will this ever be a reality and who would you like to see in the game from the movies? Twins from part 4?? Alice from part 1? I think if they incorporated real characters it would enhance the experience of the game.
  8. On the road map, the single player is placed long after the large snowflake, meaning single player will drop sometime next summer.
  9. Since the game doesn't track player stats (not to my knowledge), most of us are left to guess our stats. I'm guessing I have a .70 Live/ Die ratio. I die a lot more than I live, but I guess the game wouldn't be that fun living all the time. What's your ratio? Are do you think you are above or below the community wide average?
  10. Thanks! Thought I was hearing things, lol.
  11. Has anyone noticed that when playing a match you can here a swiping noise as if some other player or Jason is trying to hit you with an object? I hear these noises occasionally. At first I would think someone was behind me trying to hit me with a bat or something, but when I turn around nobody is there. Strange.
  12. I can't find a match to play during the day. I always get put into an empty lobby as the host, over and over again. My only chance of getting into a game is when I play at night. Is this normal?