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  1. Just bought the emote party pack 1 on psn store, how do I use it in game?
  2. Anyone know how you can push people out of the way with the new update?
  3. seems to be working better so far
  4. they should of waited another yr to release this broken piece of crap, months after launch and nothing has changed
  5. I know it's labor day, so the should get there asses laboring and fix the game, lol
  6. Sure would be nice to play this game, sever issues agin, F*ck man, get it together
  7. I am a backer as well, seems like we would be moving forward one step instead of taking 2 backwards from launch day
  8. wishing this game would actually let me play, lol, and you?
  9. come on, whats going on with this game, can't find a match for shit today, and then we i do it unknown errors everyone
  10. Whatz Up