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  1. What's the point of picking up jasons mask when u knock it off? does it have any benefits?
  2. it would be badass if they let us customize the current outfits color wise
  3. this shit drives me insane!!!!!
  4. yo ma man, to me it sounds like the hard drive in your systems getting ready to fail.... the screen freezes and u hear a drilling sound.... that drilling sound is ur hard drive disk.... well at least thats what i think it is...i could be wrong but.... thats what it sounds like to me...
  5. does chad still start the car in like .5 secs lol...
  6. this has happened to me several times as well!!! it sucks cuz i get all exited that i finally spawned as jason then this bull happenes.... tbh i just quit the match but having to wait for another jason spawn is what really gets to me...
  7. last i remembered thick skin was broken.... and starting the car was buffed.... what perks do u run? r they working for u?
  8. fuck this post man!!! lets play!!!
  9. nice list!!! how accurate is this tho?
  10. Anyone got any idea on which perks are working and which are not?
  11. alright i havent clicked on the thread link but thx anyways ma man!! the thing is i didnt wanna test anything so im hoping when i click on that lik all my questions will be answered lol what platform u on? lets game!!!
  12. ive been killed once.... :(( BUT I HAVE AN EXCUSE!!!lol i quit the game for about 2 weeks... the game got updated.... i was like " ooo, lets see whats up"... spawned as jason first match.... morphed to the fuse... got hit by adam twice and my mask fell off... i was like "DAMN.... just 2 hits... i got this.." i tried combat stancing doors but that was nerfed... blocked all attacks but couldnt counter or even get out of combat stance until a few seconds passed.... either way my mask was removed within the first 3 mins i wanted to re learn jason but ended up getting killed... i could have quit right there or morphed to the water but hnah... fuk that... they got me... idc...
  13. i picked vanessa cus shes my jason killer!!! if i had to pick a male its between adam and bugz for the same reason... jason killers favorite jason... damn thats hard!! i like them all tbh... if i anted to play as a try hard id go with part 8... enough traps with the door knock down power... i love all the jason exclusive kills tho
  14. yea jason goes to hell was the worst film imo... the remake if far better as far as jason goes...in fact... the remake jason is my favorite....prob like a 6 ft 250lb tank!! if u havent seen the remake check it out just for the jason parts.... dudes a monster in that movie!!! but yea... part 9 (movie verse) is the most uninteresting...
  15. i run jason on random and rarely have a problem with his speed... i mean yea... a jason that runs could KINDA keep up when tailing a counselor but even if i spawn as a non running jason i dont feel nerfed at all... imo what hurts jason is the amount of traps he starts off with... i usually play this game drunk and if i spawn as a 3 trap jason ill just morph to where i think someone might have spawned at then chase them... most of the tie they curse me out on mic then quit
  16. all of them!!!! i cant wait!!! but if i had to choose 1.... damn thats hard... i like them all... i guess part 3/ purple
  17. as a counselor, Vanessa, the sweater sequence sometimes dosent activate... not sure if this has been reported already but just thought id throw this in here... other than that.... love the game!!! waiting for more jason kills and maps!!!
  18. i prob got it if all i need to do is pick it up... yea we had a jason kill set up and some guy on mic kept bitching at me cuz i didnt have jasons mask in my inventory. i was tommy, i had to get on mic to calm his ass down lol i was like " u dont need the mask for the jason kill, u just need to take it off!!" but nope, he was still pissed saying we were gonna fuq up the kill cuz i/tommy didnt have the mask in my inventory. lately ive been having the sweater not activate at all when im the female .... thats prob the only thing im hating lately
  19. jenny in that swimsuit!! damn jenny why u hiding all that cake!!!
  20. how do u'll like using stalk? one way i use it is but turning it on while im trailing someone... they'll think i use shift and run right to me... the other way i use it is to turn it on along with sense before i morph....
  21. awww is that all lol thx, i never knew that
  22. aww mayn you'll be fine.... imo being a counselor is just as fun
  23. this games fun az fuq!! the only thing that kills it for me is host quiters/connection errors... but yea... i love the hunt as jason!! and surviving, or trying too, as counselors. yea there some bullshit moments but meh... whatever idc... i still enjoy the game. needs more jason kills!!!!
  24. lol damn i make it sound like every time i get in the drivers seat i run ppl over lol.... well thats def not me ... however ive been in matches where the driver turns out to be a parasite!! all i was trying to say is lighten up...
  25. lol well... yea... pretty much.. ok lately my jason matches run between 4/7(8) or perfect 7/7(8/8). im sure ur jason matches are about the same... ive been lvl 101 for months now before u bring up in-game lvl like it makes a difference. maybe setting my jason spawn to randon might make a slight differecne but... meh whatever... i dont think so.. and ok so the topic is also "tommy is op"... i disagree.... spawning as tommy now serves its purpose.. if tommy is that much of a problem for u then try morphing to a power box u think his tower is connected to... point is, its a game... u win some u loose some... just have fun... run over ppl when u drive... fuk it.. no one cares.... relax a lil... play a different game or avoid gaming altogether for awhile if its annoying u to this point...