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  1. Ok, first of all, I absolutely LOVE purple jason (part 3)!!!! Seeing as how the developers are still REALLY active with updates Is there any way EVERY Jason could get a purple skin? The dance emotes.... Will we ever get a twerk or pop, lock and drop it dance? Will Savini Jason ever be available for purchase? Could a moderator please forward this request to the devs!
  2. i usually walk into the water or try getting hit... if that dosnt fix it i just rage quit
  3. lmaoo that last one!! i was like... did i really say that... i am drinking so let me think real quick haha
  4. they did right!!! i remember that!!! u think that'll be the "new jason" we get next on the road map? technically they dont have to remove the current retro jason to work on the new retro jason.. next update would force him right in
  5. ahh i see, fair enough... i dont blame ppl for wanting this limited skin tho... this is a very good idea!!!! but im already used to part 3 jasons play style. tbh an original purple jason would be awesome?
  6. Will they never rework Jenny?

    my gir just killed savini with a jenny!!! jenny is awesome!!
  7. ive always counted rage quitters as kills so this dosnt effect me much
  8. ur just saying that cuz u already have him lolz
  9. no lvl unlock is best imo. cant wait to use part 3 with pig copper
  10. jason was prob chasing u and use his shift but predicted where u were running too and beat u to ur destination...
  11. Help needed

    my guess is that ur missing an environmental kill
  12. Worst game ever

    come on, thats really not that big a deal right? jason gets glitches too.... like holding on to a counselor until he goes into the water... or when his abilities get stuck and he cant swing....
  13. yes i agree, this game imo has never been the same since the jason combat stance nerf but tbh i still enyoy playing this. when i decide to play this i keep quitting matches until i start as jason... sorry ben
  14. Worst game ever

    def not the worst game out there... ur just mad that ur getting killed fast or something
  15. Help needed

    nah mayn, ur missing a kill... simple as that.... my daughter was playing this and got the achievement when she repeatedly head slam her victims head against the wall.... i never saw that kill until that day...
  16. very true, isare my ps4 account with whoever wants to play when they visit... tbh i dont play this game the way i used to since they nerfed jasons combat stance about 4 months ago... now this is a pay drunk game for me but my girl plays this shit like its the absolute best game ever!!! she was like " escaping is boring now..." then i told her to try kiing jason and now she kills jason several times a day now... in fact, some of u " jason needs a buff" players might have been some of her victims lmaoooo
  17. damn i had no probs as jason .... i hate to sound like a lil turd but maybe u should get better as a jason player... i rarely, almost never, play as a counselor cuz to me being the mouse is boring... id rather be jason. my girl however is a monster with both jason and counselor....
  18. My wife was in a match with a jason helper. she ends up killing jason.
  19. anyone with a machete tbh
  20. What's the point of picking up jasons mask when u knock it off? does it have any benefits?
  21. it would be badass if they let us customize the current outfits color wise
  22. this shit drives me insane!!!!!
  23. 100% standstill

    yo ma man, to me it sounds like the hard drive in your systems getting ready to fail.... the screen freezes and u hear a drilling sound.... that drilling sound is ur hard drive disk.... well at least thats what i think it is...i could be wrong but.... thats what it sounds like to me...
  24. does chad still start the car in like .5 secs lol...