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  1. Idk but i still haven't played as jason online... not sure if rng is just this bad or what 2 days no jason but from what ive notice as playing jason offline is his grab hit box is "spear-like" as apposed to the "sweeping axe" of the past. doing a few matches against bots is enough to help anyone adjust they're jason kill-style as needed imo. Ive been having some other issues where the morph dot isn't visible or when I'm killing a counselor they're shaking like a mofo during the whole thing, or as a counselor the med spray has no effect even when the spray animation plays all the way thru uninterrupted.
  2. i could post my run of mission 10 wih all skull/objectives done minus the break the lights if u want... not sure if u wanna be spoiled or not.
  3. got everything done!! when are we getting more!! lmao
  4. ive put a bear trap outside a tent, restroom and as a counselor out side a bed and closet.... :(( im sorry :((
  5. i agree!! i used to play the fuck out this game!! combat stance got nerfed/fixed (however u wanna look at it) and i kinda fell off a lil... still played it and enjoyed it but... not much chaged after that. i got bored then finally stopped playing... my girl, however, still plays this every day!! with the new update my love for this game is reinvigorated!!! it was never lost but the gae got stale and i moved on... but now its on!!! purple jason with pigsplitter/machete ftw baby!!! hahahah i just need to brush up... everything feels new as fuck!!
  6. ahh i see, dont spoil it for me lol this is too fun lol
  7. this is the one im on right now... morph to the restroom then wait for aj for the mirror kill.. or follow buggsly for the stab kill. currently im following deb so i coud see what she does
  8. my girl did this the same way but when i walk into the side door to boil ajs head she screems and runs away.... im thinking its cuz im not using a jason with stalk plus...? no?
  9. oh u know what i remember that now!!! damn not sure what id do now, just gonna have to play it by ear and improvise i guess. Im way too rusty i hope i dont get killed as jason lmaoo
  10. body block? sorry i haven t playe the game in months, currently im going thru all the single player challenges before theyre spoiled all over you tube lol i tried playing online last night but was never jason unfortunately and even if i was i was gonna just mess around. i find myself still mixing up my buttons :(( but tonight its on!!!! lol
  11. solid update!! i love this game again!! the grab is no big deal... just something to get used too again ❤️
  12. Ok, first of all, I absolutely LOVE purple jason (part 3)!!!! Seeing as how the developers are still REALLY active with updates Is there any way EVERY Jason could get a purple skin? The dance emotes.... Will we ever get a twerk or pop, lock and drop it dance? Will Savini Jason ever be available for purchase? Could a moderator please forward this request to the devs!
  13. i usually walk into the water or try getting hit... if that dosnt fix it i just rage quit
  14. lmaoo that last one!! i was like... did i really say that... i am drinking so let me think real quick haha
  15. they did right!!! i remember that!!! u think that'll be the "new jason" we get next on the road map? technically they dont have to remove the current retro jason to work on the new retro jason.. next update would force him right in
  16. ahh i see, fair enough... i dont blame ppl for wanting this limited skin tho... this is a very good idea!!!! but im already used to part 3 jasons play style. tbh an original purple jason would be awesome? ur right... i just wish i could play as that dood at least once to see what he's like!!! lol
  17. Apollyon

    Will they never rework Jenny?

    my gir just killed savini with a jenny!!! jenny is awesome!!
  18. ive always counted rage quitters as kills so this dosnt effect me much
  19. ur just saying that cuz u already have him lolz
  20. no lvl unlock is best imo. cant wait to use part 3 with pig copper
  21. jason was prob chasing u and use his shift but predicted where u were running too and beat u to ur destination...
  22. Apollyon

    Help needed

    my guess is that ur missing an environmental kill
  23. Apollyon

    Worst game ever

    come on, thats really not that big a deal right? jason gets glitches too.... like holding on to a counselor until he goes into the water... or when his abilities get stuck and he cant swing....