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  1. Leave the matches on random Host should be able to toggle team killing off/on
  2. Definitely the reboot!! Dudes is an agile tank in this film! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvIs-dycgv0
  3. Damn I never knew that?!!! Good to know, Thanks!! You'll sure it works for fuse, battery, keys, ect...??
  4. Alright i was running from jason in higgins haven and decided to hide in the corner of the 2nd floor restroom. I get a message on the top right corner that im gonna get kicked for being idle too long? what gives? jason couldnt find me, he was breaking doors and cabinets in the house... ive spectated ppl afk and nothin happens Has anyone else ever gotten this?
  5. no way!! its fine the way it is
  6. i have a total of 8 so far. i dont really care much for them since i already heard all tapes on youtube
  7. nah this has nothing to do with trolls... well, at least i dont see it that way... yet lol i just think the car should have a limited amount of stops/crashes ...
  8. i think the car needs its own life bar.... crash so many times it wont turn on anymore... jason smashes it so many times it wont move....
  9. all this shit is true.. jason has no ballz now....u play on xbox? i play on ps4 so weve had this prob since the hotfix patch...
  10. $hit just last night i got my ass handed to me as jason... 1/8 i was pissed like a muffuka!!! most ppl in the room had mics and i overheard 1 asking "how did u disarm 2 traps at the same time?" is that even possible? i dont mind getting beat but damn!!!! that was a 1/8 lol it as an ugly match.... the match before i survived till the end, started the car but didnt wanna drive so i let the last remaining player drive then he drives to the exit, waits for jason to take me out the back seat then drives off.... fuq these pieces of shit players!!! i should have ran over his dumb ass instead of waiting and picking him up.... FUQ.... HIM!!!
  11. my stalk+shift+window slash is broken.... that and when i use that technique and it "misses" i need to wait for the counselor to get off his/her ass befor i could break the window...
  12. replies : 1. i dont need exp thanks to my wife... she loves this game regardless of what nonsense is going on.. when the patches hit she was like " da fuq?!?! whys this $hit updating?!?!" yes lvl 101 thx to her 2. yea u know what.. thats not the first time thats happened to me... i was pretty salty that time >.> 3. i feel like TK has its place in quick play... at times lol .... the fact that its ridiculously abused by trolls makes it an issue tho ...
  13. i see what ur getting at... u think ill and gun could/should make a game based off of IT... id say let them learn and grow and im sure they could pull it off!! the thing is tho.. i see gun/ill as the masters of the cat and mouse genre... i dont see how an IT game would make much sense as one of these type of games... i heard theyre making a fps so who knows
  14. yea pretty much lol... in the case i wish i could team kill I put both battery and gas in the yellow car then some dude comes up with mic saying hes gonna wait for his friend cuz he dosnt wanna start the car with out him... fuq both them dudes lol how would u feel if u did that and some mic fuq told u that? u know u would have shot his face off!! lolol oh fuq..did i forget to mention he also said he had the keys? they shoud have done that circle jerk bull$hit in a private match
  15. ohhhhh yea!!! why not make different versions of the game... pc should obviously be the less held back while console version be what they will be... just like its always been..
  16. i see what ur getting too... first ppl cry about TK... then it gets patched ... jasons too op...he gets nerfed ... whats next.. an 'I win every game perk" for counselors..
  17. i play only in quickplay and some ppl are annoying as a constipated $hit.... that and jason ball lickers are kill worthy ppl... u say "just go into private and bal bla nya nya nnjnqeroneournveorvjoernvjoo" which is fine.. but i dont wanna play against the same ppl all the time... tbh i dont mic play so it dosent matter who i play with im still down to help them out but ive run into plenty of mic players that favorite their best friends over anyone else... why dont these best friends go into a private lobby and do everything themselves next time.
  18. u know what... i was happy az fuq when they patched TK in public matches but lately ive been running into some bitch az players!!! just wish i could kill a muffuka sometimes!! i put battery and gas in the 2 seater and some mic fuq's like "i got the keys but im gonna wait for my best friend forever..." i swear i would have killed the fuq out of that dude for his keys and picked up anyone else that would have made it to the car while i was driving to the exit... i really wish ppl didnt abuse TK as much but oh well... whats done is done...
  19. people leaving with escape items and mic users
  20. i cant stand ppl that circle jerk each other over mic.
  21. Damn! where these badass counselors at!!! majority of the time i get rage quitters when im jason last night i was playing against a pretty weak jason... felt bad for the dude so i let him kill me as i waited by the cops exit. I was the dudes only kill...
  22. killing jason cuz i just play quick matches, so none of this "buddies on mic" bull bull...
  23. lolzzz yea pretty much what i hear over mic lolz random 8 yr old playing -"jason, wanna be friends?" me -"yea mayn no problem," then gives them the death hug
  24. lately ive been having trouble slashing counselors at all!! it could be lag or something but yea.. ive had ppl cry no matter which way i choose to kill them. fuq them they usually rage quit anyway
  25. this happens to me when i play jason!! I dont mind it much cuz i still count it as a perfect 8/8 but it takes out the fun of the hunt!!!