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  1. Yes but will the kill animation finish?
  2. Small maps only benefit counselors and it's hard to find the road when you in the car, don't like them.
  3. It don't say anything about in the rules what we have been talking about, does not even mention exploits, just hacking programs.
  4. Is this a bug or intentional?
  5. Why would it be? I mean you're not using a glitch ore exploit, seems just like a strategy to me.
  6. Yes but those pics are not from my video, except this one of course, how could you be spectating when you were not there?
  7. Who's video are you talking about?
  8. Yes I agree, a chose your role option needs to be added.
  9. Damn I knew she was doing something shady, thanks for telling me, now I know what to look out for and yeah I saw that part in the video 15:27-28, I was like WTF she was just here and then poof.
  10. Then why did I hear a flare gun go off near the house, like she was actually in the house?