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    Reading ancient stuff, love all that. I also write as a hobby, not very well mind you. And of course all things horror, not nonsense like a Serbian film.... ughhh, waste of film.
  1. Mine does that too. Wish I had an explanation for you, but know you're not alone. PS4 as well.
  2. Happy Friday the 13th campers!
  3. One more day till The 13th, and this year we are fortunate enough to have it before Halloween. How many of you will be having marathons starting at one through X then Freddy vs Jason and the remake?
  4. My daughter and I will be on almost all weekend, starting tomorrow at four we can accept any players who play by the rules of the community. Any trolls in the game and We'll have to "reset the lobby" WE DON'T ALLOW TROLLS TO RUIN THIS GAME! We'll be on with boxingrogue, vaderspupil, and pioneer67fkd virtually all weekend, mostly they host. Ps4 Crystal Lake employment agency. We welcome all who play with honor. Happy Friday the 13th tomorrow!
  5. The second story window in the party house that Trish crashed through like a nothing left to lose badass! I think even Jason was impressed.
  6. My daughter and I will be on all day. Ps4/redrum138 sign us up!
  7. Redrum138 on ps4. Three Pamela tapes 101 yesterday
  8. Or the ever so popular "What's your best Jason Voice?" Rolled my eyes so hard I gave myself a headache...
  9. Go on psn, search "Spring" $1.99, enjoy your swimwear! Just got mine moments ago.
  10. Jason, trap shack, trap phone. Kill! Councilors, 360 degree scan. Move to nearest house to discover fuse box, cue music. Die horribly. Return as Tommy, miss Jason with gun about 60% of the time, run for life and weapon hopefully pulling Jason to me to free up others still working on escaping. Die horribly... Lol, have a cup of coffee and spectate.
  11. D pad up, map. D pad down, emote. D pad left, drop held item. D pad right, drop inventory highlighted item. Game on!
  12. I double trap the phone if the lobby is full of experienced players, or all fixers. Otherwise just one, as well as one at the shack and the rest for cars and the boat. And sackhead for the win, no doubt!
  13. No doubt, I'll be on about 8 tonight. Catch up with you later.
  14. All outta likes, Lol. Good one!
  15. Here's an idea for devs. Would it be possible to run a stat tracker on all accounts that would track foul play? Mainly betrayal such as hit and run with the car, number of times reported for griefing, racism, sexism, or any offense worthy of a ban? Example. Billy doesn't like Tommy, he watches him fix the car and rushes over to snatch the ride for himself. Billy runs Tommy over, killing him. He then proceeds to franticly honk the horn while saying "hurry up and get in the car!" On mic as his fellow councilors run for the car. He kills four more this way for a total of five councilors betrayed. Say the bar is set at five car kills in a one week span will cause all of Billy's councilors to glow red for everyone in game, like Jason's senses. As well as Billy can no longer start a car, or the boat. Just an idea.