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  1. Just found another tape and once again it didn’t let me keep it. This shit is getting old 3 out of the last 4 tapes I didn’t get to keep.
  2. You're lucky some people have been playing since launch and haven't found any.
  3. With the patch for the duplicate tapes. Will it be possible for people who have found duplicates that they will be exchanged for tapes they don't have? I have found 8 tapes but only have credit for 6 due to two of them being duplicates I guess.
  4. After not getting credit for two tapes earlier this week, I found another one yesterday and it gave me credit for that one. Should have 8, but only have 6 due to two not showing up.
  5. I emailed the bug fix people and have heard nothing back from them yet. I could care less if I find another tape because chances are I can't keep it. Whats weird is my cousin has found two tapes two days in a row and he got to keep his.
  6. Same thing happened to me yesterday. I have 5 tapes, which should be 7. I found two tapes in back to back matches and didn't get to keep either. My cousin found one yesterday and got to keep his. I emailed support/bug fixes and haven't heard anything back yet. I read on here it is a glitch and needs to be reported. Supposedly there will be a patch along with the dlc coming out. I'm hoping the lost tapes are stored on our account somewhere and will pull into our inventory with the new patch, but doubtful.
  7. Same thing happened to me yesterday. I found 2 tapes in back to back matches and didn't get to keep either. I'm so pissed!!!!!
  8. Just found two tapes in a row both on packanack small and it didn’t give them to me m soooooooo pisssssedddd they are so rare and when you find one it doesn’t show up/ let you have it I call bullshit
  9. found my 5th tape last night (Sunday). Just me and one other person playing in the lobby. We were practicing driving the car. Found on packanack small. Im a level 43. Playing as AJ. Was in the last drawer of the last cabin I checked.
  10. I have found all four of my tapes playing as AJ. Two of them were in a private match with just me and one other person goofing off. I have found three in private matches and one in a public match. I think its just luck of the draw myself. I found all four before I was a level 40. 3 out of the four were found on a Sunday. 2 on Higgins small, one of crystal lake small, and one on Packanack large.
  11. I have heard of this happening. I don't know for sure but I would say that this would happen if you found a duplicate. For instance, if you have 19 of the 20 and you need tape 11 what are the chances of you actually finding 11 without finding duplicates.
  12. found my 4th tape this past sunday around 3pm. Was in a match with just me and one other guy so he could practice jason. found at packanack. Im a level 35
  13. I agree the scoreboard needs to be on the up d-pad. I have no interest in the emotes and I think the way you get to the scoreboard now should be the way you get to the emotes. Please fix this!!!!!
  14. Only complaint I have so far (only played two games after the patch) is showing who is still alive. I hate having to push two buttons to pull that screen up. I see no point in the emotes and they should show by pushing two buttons and they need to put it back to where when you push up on the d-pad for the kill screen.