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  1. I'd rather deal with slashers than boring ass jason quick kill spammers. If you're a seasoned player and you spam decap/asphyx I got no respect for you guys, i'm sorry. If you spam quick kills, you're a scrub.
  2. Private matches are decent with a good group but they can get boring too. The randomness of quickplay is what adds a certain charm to the game...the rage quitting problem should have been fixed like 3 patches ago. It's an ongoing problem that the Devs should have taken seriously and it has really made the game suffer. People quitting cause they aren't jason, quitting because the got killed 1st, 2nd, or even caught....Jason shouldn't be robbed of these kills especially when he got the counselor fair and square. The devs really dropped the ball on this issue. They got some issues right but I really believe this rage quitting crap should have been a top priority to preserve the integrity of the game.
  3. Devs unbanning TROLLS... I've seen the same trolls teaming with Jason, griefing players, doing what trolls do best. I wish they could be publicly shamed...but banning them was some justice I suppose. Lifting that ban for a few exceptions is fine, but most of these idiots don't even deserve to be gaming because all they do is create a toxic community. Trolls don't care about fair gameplay, their only purpose is to cause grief. Devs need to be strict and not a bunch of wet sponges on justice against trolls.
  4. ahhahah well at least he's talking to you! I love guys who do this though, because I know one of two things...they will quit if they aren't jason or they will be try-hards that I can easily put on tilt. good times at any camp!
  5. So true...very annoying and a slap in the face to players trying to have a fair game.
  6. yep game seems to be working now for me too. hopefully they extend the double exp a day.
  7. I have not tried that yet. I wanted to but I figured i'd just wait for the official statement from the devs since i'm going to bed soon anyways.
  8. Good point, I was thinking the same thing at first but multiple people on my friends list don't have the DLC or the glitched clothing and are running into the same error.
  9. such a bummer because now we miss out on the double exp. sucks ass. smh
  10. Anyone getting this error message...was playing a game and it crashed with this error message. I have 3 friends who I was playing with that got this message too and can't even start the game. windows error msg pops up saying ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SummerCamp.exe - Fatal Application Exit Untrusted system file (D:\misc\pics\steam\steamapps\common\F13Game\Engine\Binaries\Thirdparty\Physx\APEX-1.3\Win64\VS2015\apex_clothingprofile_64.dll)
  11. Wouldn't mind seeing Tiffany or Jenny in some nice winter leggings!
  12. Where the hot new female counselors at man!?
  13. LMAO!! You are the best GHOST! LOL!
  14. Not delusional, just a professional Jason player who doesn't need to quick kill to get the job done. I'm playing in the major leagues when most of these quick killers are still playing t-ball and still sucking. Facts.
  15. true, my main issue is just the spamming of the same quick kills for every circumstance. I don't mind if someone decaps me or quick chokes me as long as it's not spammed everytime. I actually thank Jason players if they give me a cool death because that's how rare it happens these days. Eye gouge and the jaw rip are fast kills but still awesome and i'd take those any day over the other two common quick kills.