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  1. I am not sure what I said for the "Tone it down" comment. @Kodiak I was telling he truth, and you know it. I don't sugar coat things ... if that's what you need me to do I guess I can try. I am normally pretty blunt.
  2. No, I don't want them to release exact dates. If they did, and they was a day late or anything like that these snowflakes would start crying and bitching talking trash about the development team. If you want proof you can look at this thread for a reminder, people making countdown threads posting negative comments etc. The thread owner had some good intentions when he made it I think. But as you can see the thread got out of hand and just turned into a place to flame and talk trash about the people making the game. Talking about the developers like they are trash, yea that will motivate them for sure! Want more proof? Below is another recent thread where the players cried like a bunch of babies when @GunMedia_Ben posted a update. To ensure the developers was properly motivated they flamed the hell out of them. Those players flaming the developers reminded me of this Don't get me wrong guys, I get disappointed when a delay happens. But I also treat people with respect. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  3. Yes they are! In my opinion, it's the only way to play and enjoy the game currently. With that said, if you are a mature player and on the PS4 look me up. We have a very active community that actually does stuff together. My playstation ID is the same as the forums, pro5pt0. Either way, good to see you are enjoying yourself and having fun. HAPPY ADVENTURES!
  4. Good idea for a thread @JohnnyKapow A few off the top of my head are: Megan Garris, Annie Phillips, and Jack Marand After this thread runs its course, gather all the data and make a poll based on the data you gathered. I am sure the developers look at things like that when looking for new ideas for the game. Good luck!
  5. So they are biased because their opinion don't fall in line with yours? The comments they made "great game, little flaws" could be the result in their findings from doing the review in the first place. Thanks for the post ghostie_youtube! Reply back once you are done with a link to your review. We would like to hear your detailed opinion!
  6. Sorry for your misfortune OP! I have only been on the boards a month or so, but I am shocked I have not saw a thread on this before. Like others I have no doubt, this has happened to me several times as well People need to remember ... Do the right thing friends! Even kids know better!
  7. I was level 80 before I found one. So I think you are doing pretty good OP
  8. I am so sick of these snowflakes bitching about Jason. Hey snowflakes this is F13, go watch the movies. Counselors are suppose to die in F13. Yes there should be a chance of escape, but it shouldn't be balanced to the point it kills the fear factor of the game. Because when Jason is after you, you know there is a high chance for death. P.S. fix the damn windows/doors/combat stance issue and the game will be fine.
  9. I agree with your entire post 110%. I just quoted what I found to stick out more to me. The curious part of me would like to know those statistics. How often does counselor's escape vs. getting killed by Jason. With that said, this game is NOT about balance. So the people that want balance may need to go play dead by daylight or just play F13 and leave their bitching at the door. Because we do not want balance. I want to get that tingle feeling back when Jason is around me. Currently, it's "oh Jason is here, no big deal I will just run him around while you guys repair the car" etc. I am sure you guys catch my drift. In closing I will add my spawn preference is a counselor, A.J. To be exact. So if I feel this way as a counselor, I am sure Jason players feel even worse. So come on dev's save our game before it's to late, you're my only hope!
  10. Do you guys think its better to use a running Jason on the small maps? I ask because I have not played Jason much recently, I am kinda burned out playing him. But I have put some thought into it, and I would think the morph buff and run speed would make a bigger impact with everything closer together.. Which running Jason do you prefer on small maps, Part 2 or 3? Also, can you comment on why you chose that Jason.
  11. Yea I like Gertz, hell I like all of them. But yes Gertz seems to stick out as a genuine guy that truly cares. I tagged him and Ben, not to call them out. But so they see that post and maybe be a little more transparent in the future. Right now none of us know what's going on with these issues. I would like to know whats going on, as I am sure you and everyone else would as well.
  12. Maybe that's what I need to do. Change my Jason to part 7, that way when I only get a few I can say "hey man what do you expect I am playing a crap Jason" haha
  13. After reading your post, it made me think "Hey that has happened to me" especially "Even the group we formed has basically stopped playing since then." I have noticed that A LOT in the past few weeks. I have a solid community, and several of those have stopped logging on, or playing other games since the last couple of patches. I hate to say it, but I think some of the points you have made are true Aldermach. I KNOW they are keeping up with the online player count, so they know people are not logging in as much as they used to. I know this because I GM a server myself with 3-4K daily players, and I keep up with forum activity, player logins etc. This shows you interest in the game, and if people are not interested, they are not playing. I think they are hoping the physical release will save them. But let me tell you something @Gertz @GunMedia_Ben if we are still having these same problems when new people try it out, you think they are going to stick around? No they won't! Maybe at that point since you guys already got their 40-50 dollars you wont care? I really like this game and a little more transparency wouldn't hurt. Let the people know what's going on, that's all we ask for, transparency. Sorry for ranting, but we do care about this game. I wouldn't be ranting if I didn't. Thank you for hearing me out!
  14. Well maybe I am thinking of the patch before that patch.Maybe 1.09, 1.08 for sure was a good build Either way, they need to just go back to the build/version (1.08 maybe 1.09 I think) that had team killing, then patch that build/version to remove team killing *ONLY* then make that version 1.11 and everyone would be happy. Because the game worked fine then. Yes there was a few small bugs, but nothing like it is now, where it affects gameplay.
  15. That is great! lol Better than what I have saw in the past; Tommy getting spawn killed