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  1. I might as well have found zero in 3 days. And quit whining that you’ve found zero in 4 months
  2. Yep. Not the first time I’ve found 2 duplicates in one day either. Right now I’ve had 4 consecutive duplicates in 3 days. They need to fix this bullshit
  3. I found 2 more fucking duplicates yesterday. Out of 18 tapes I’ve found it still shows only 9.
  4. Damn, that really fucking sucks. I have found 7 duplicates so far and was hoping they would end up counting after a new patch. Hopefully the new patch is coming soon.
  5. Found my seventh duplicate today Should be at 16, still stuck at 9. come on patch!
  6. Damn, found my 4th duplicate today. Should be at 12 but still at 8. I can’t wait until the duplicate issue is patched out. And I will be extremely happy if when that happens we are credited the duplicates somehow Not as optimistic on that because I don’t know if it’s even possible but would be so awesome. Edit: Ugh, just found my 5th duplicate. Should be at 13 but still at 8...
  7. Thank you very much. It sounds like they are actually duplicates but that is not intended and will be fixed (hopefully next patch). Bonus that that there is a possibility of having the duplicates switched over to tapes we still need
  8. Can you clear the air as to whether there are duplicates or if not keeping a tape that you find is just a glitch?
  9. It supposedly shouldn't matter if the match finished normally or not. When you don't get to keep the tape it is just a glitch
  10. It would be awesome if the tapes that have been found and didn't count were restored with the patch! I doubt it though. I would settle for them just fixing it so every tape found counts from now on.
  11. The moderator on this site says there are no duplicates. I just found my 8th tape today and it only shows that I have 5. This glitch of not keeping tapes that are found is a real pain in the ass
  12. One of the moderators said there are no duplicates. So it's likely just one of the many glitches in the game.
  13. Thank you, I see that now. I really hope this glitch is fixed on this weekend's update. The tapes are so rare as it is, it's extremely frustrating to find one and not get to keep it.