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  1. I don't go 8/8 all the time, but I do it pretty frequently when I'm Jason.. Am I just not supposed to try as Jason?? I don't understand your point. A lot of people try their hardest when they are Jason because you only get to be Jason like once every 10 games and they want to do well and because when you only kill 2-4 people then everybody talks shit about how you suck and you are trash. So apparently it's a lose-lose situation and I'd rather have 8 kills. It's the same type of thing where if I come up on a group of 4-5 at a car and start using my weapon everyone starts screaming I'm a slasher, but if I were to try to grab people then I get a string of stuns and if I successfully grab and kill people with a quick kill because I don't want them to start the car then I'm lame. There is just no correct way to play Jason apparently. It's basically if I don't let them escape I'm a try hard or if I use my weapon on 5 people to discourage them from the objective and get them to scatter rather than try to stun me then I'm a slasher. LOL
  2. Although your idea is pretty great because Random rolls are just dumb and you get perks that you never use, @DEATH is right. You'll still run into a ceiling when you max everything out. I'm not the most amazing person at this game, but I am to a point to where the perks are just negligible. I could go with a completely empty perk set and have the same odds of survival. Majority of survival is skill based and nothing to do with perks. The downside is that they can never really give the perks any substantial use because then the forum would flood with complaints that Jason is under-powered. I love this game and I just try to personally challenge myself by not jumping in a car that is fixed if the other one is there or I can call the cops or don't escape by cops if there is still a car. Basically I just try to take the hardest possible way out.
  3. I believe that this is just a bug and was unintended as how would you think someone would drive the car in Jasons shack. Also, the car was not parked sideways it was most likely driven directly into the shack forward and once the driver door was past the entrance they got out. This is the only logical thing because as Jason you can grab the driver out of the driver seat from the Passenger side. Just and FYI. To do this is exploiting the game and not strategy. Strategy would imply there is some way that Jason could counter that move and change his strategy and still have a chance. Leaving Jason with no way to possibly win while still staying inbound(haven't escaped, still in Jasons killing range) is exploiting a bug in the game. That simply.
  4. Well, Idk but the dude said he was going to make himself Jason and then boom he was Jason unless that is just the most unreal coincidence ever.
  5. I like a lot of this but I do not like the ability for the host to kick people. I don't think that 1 person should have control of anything in a quick play lobby, host or not. I was in a quick play lobby just last night and in a party with 3 others, so 4. We make up half the lobby and we all told the host that we wanted map on to not be selected on a small-map or at least put on random but he put it on a small map and made himself Jason. In quick play lobbies the map should be voted on. Either random or 2 others and it always switches. This should be done prior to the match as well as kicking vulgar, useless, annoying players. Nobody should be allowed to make themselves Jason in quick play. Vote to Kick shouldn't be the only thing. It should be vote on map and vote to kick. It wouldn't be abused either. The only way it could be abused is if the majority of the lobby is friends and honestly if the majority of the lobby is friends and you're the odd one out that they don't like you probably don't want to stay in that lobby anyway. They'd go out of their way to troll you
  6. I believe there might already be this "delay" but that is just the time it takes for him to pick you up. I agree it needs an extra 0.5-1 sec delay after he reaches the top of lifting you. It's just ridiculous that he grabs me and I'm instantaneously dead, my friend a bat length away can't even help me.
  7. The best things to do is communicate. Have someone step in the trap at the car with a med spray and then run away, when he morphs there step in the one at the fuse box and then call the cops because he has no morph (calling the cops will require 2 as he will most likely morph as soon as he gets it back and someone will need a flare or firecrackers for the stun). Then when he switches back to phone house the person at the car can attempt to install any parts they had. The best way to beat part 2 is eat traps and communicate. I've found that playing quick play is the absolute worst. I just switched to PC from Xbox and on Xbox I used LFG and people would kick you from their private match if you didn't have a mic so everyone communicated. I'm honestly just baffled at the amount of people that play on PC and don't have mics.. Like come one. And i hate people that play this game without a mic because then why on earth would they have walkies that allow you to communicate with someone across the map?
  8. Jasons kills activate so fast now that you can't save anyone picked up unless you were standing shoulder to shoulder. Which I get it Jason is an ultimate killing machine, but the fact that I don't have 2 seconds to take 5 steps to free my friend is a bit crazy. The only way you free someone is if Jason is trying to walk to a context kill or can't spin them in the right direction to have enough space but most people just equip the choke, head punch and eye gouge where you don't need space. I'm cool with Jason being able to kill everyone, it just wouldn't hurt if it took like a second longer for his kills to light up. it'd still make grabbing players by themselves an easy kill or perhaps even in a group of 2 if they don't work well together. Taking a second longer would just benefit people who work in groups and yes even though Jason is an ultimate killer he shouldn't wreck a group of 3 or 4 with grabs.. he should have to slash and injure and be strategic. Not just grab, head punch and repeat. That's just my opinion. Idc about the range, I'm more just about the time beforee he can use his kills and not a whole lot longer, just 1 second.
  9. I think a lot of this idea would be cool. Adding something other than cabins and houses in a map would be a fresh change. There would have to be a lot of kinks worked out on how escapes work and everything but that is what the discussion is for and I like the map idea. What I don't like is your idea of the train escape coming in the first and last 5 minutes. I think instead there should be some sort of electrical box you'd have to fix to power the rails and then idk, a fuse or something to fix the conductor control station?? Then the cops can come to the entrance or somewhere down the rails on either side. There would have to be a third way to escape as well. Some kinks to be worked out for sure, but a different map style would be pretty interesting to play
  10. That'd be pretty cool, but a whole Freddy game or a Freddy Jason dynamic match like the movie would be cool, but only if they do it right.
  11. I'm indifferent on the whole mean girl thing, it might be cool. I know if people could create their own characters with the 35pt system that it would be all the same build and personally I'd go with this: Copmosure: 1 Luck: 1 Repair: 9 Speed: 9 Stamina: 9 Stealth: 1 Strength: 5 ...All I need is repair and the ability to run away and a little fight for a tricky situation. I don't even need the other stats but 1 pt just because you have to
  12. I agree with who ever said get Pamela first. Make all the Jason and other killlers under the current license that you can. After that though if they could ever possible get other licenses and add other major killers that'd be interesting down the line to keep this game going for a long time. The way they would have to do Freddy and Jason though couldn't be as simple as adding a Freddy killer to the game. That'd be pretty lame to me. It would have to hold true to the Freddy Movies in that he can only hurt you in your dreams(besides from when he got pulled out of the dream). So basically the games would have to have two options maybe: 1. Make the games longer and increase the in game speed to simulate a whole day and at some point if your character doesn't find an energy drink, coffee, pills, etc. to stay awake then they would have to risk falling asleep to get some rest or die from exhaustion. I haven't thought through everything entirely but basically you can fall asleep and go into Freddy's world and then he has a chance to try to kill you and you have to do something at like Medium difficulty to escape(wake up) and when you do you're fully restored. You and a buddy could time your sleeps to take on Freddy together or one protect the other from Jason while the other sleeps. Or maybe when in sleep mode Jason can't see you laying in the bed or something. Idk it would have to be something like that for me to enjoy it. 2. Add Freddy in as a killer and give him attributes and special Freddy kills. To me this would just feel really poor because it wouldn't bring anything from that series.
  13. That's happened to me before but there is no way you're that high of a level and still don't have good perks. That and anytime there is a perk that is actually good and useful it usually gets nerfed the way Thick-Skinned did the way the Heavy Hitter has and the way Grease Monkey just did. Perks don't really even help that much. I have a 38% Heavy Hitter and when I smoke Jason while I'm in combat stance he is only stunned for around 4 seconds. It used to be way longer. It used to be around 8 seconds or more but they have drastically decreased it. Honestly Perks aren't even that important anymore because they keep nerffing them. You're better off just getting good and not relying on perks. The Jason not able to see you in a house perk has like never worked for me(even on sneaky players) neither has the reduce fear perk. Both of those I have epic ones. My reduce fear is at I think 48% and yet I still get almost a completely black screen if Jason knocks out power and smashed a window near me. The most useful are probably double med, start with map, Used to be Heavy Hitter but now Jason stun time is reduced, Essentially my point is XP and CP are worthless because the perks themselves aren't that important don't really give you that much of an edge.. Like get out of a trap 10% faster? Who needs that? Or barricade a door quicker? Not that necessary.. Swim faster? Jason will always be faster so that's not helpful..Swim more silently? Still not 100% silent so Jason will still see your noise circle. Sprint more quitely? Again Jason will still see your noise and you still trip..not that Important. I have an Epic Stamina perk and it's 10%..That is sort of helpful.. I could go on and on and on about the perks. Majority of them are almost completely worthless and as I said any time one is actually useful they end up making it less useful. Edit: I just looked at the list of all the perks and if you go through it you will realize most aren't very useful. An additional actual useful one is Tinker. I have also asked the devs before what is the best possible Epic I can get of each perk and they refuse to tell you. They say Jason won't allow them to say anything. So essentially they try to get you to keep rolling perks even though most of them aren't helpful Sorry for the rant..
  14. You can still kill people in private match and honestly why does anyone care about xp?? what do you even need it for? I'm not sure if you realize but you don't need xp. Just play enough games without killing people to get enough cp to roll perks to get some that are good enough because you don't need Epic. Then just kill everyone you want because xp and cp mean nothing. You're playing Private Match so you should just be happy you have the possibility to earn XP/CP. Most games down allow leveling up in Private Match because people can boost. I suggest just being grateful and I also suggest looking at all the other topics that suggest having a "hardcore/realism" mode in the quick play selection such as COD does. Those that want it can play it and those that don't want it don't have to play it and it wouldn't be private match. They can probably implement such a thing once there are Dedicated servers. Seriously though somebody please tell me the point of XP/CP after like the first month of playing.. Like you get some decent perks you like and you unlock the kills then you don't need it anymore.
  15. It is a good idea but idk if they will ever do that. Considering majority of Jason's have few traps I'd personally suggest never putting a trap on the gas. Trap the battery and if they already got the battery in that car then still save the trap as a replacement for the fuse box or use it strategically once you stop the car.