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  1. It definitely gets stuck above the fire. I've seen it before and just tested it to confirm.
  2. You did a great job getting what you gave us, I could never ask you to do it again.
  3. "Get ready"

    No, I totally understand where you're coming from. I did the same thing. I'm simply saying try to be courteous about it. You don't always have to do those things while 7 people are waiting on you. Especially if it's going to take a few minutes. I understand doing it, I just also understand why people are bothered by it. You have plenty of time to do these things outside of a lobby.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised. They've been known to make changes that they didn't list in the notes. They also just played with his overall speed, which could have had some impact on it.
  5. I agree, but if they fixed those issues then all you can blame a failed kill on is skills. If it's a bug, I totally understand wanting another attempt. But if the player fucked it up, that's on them. This is one of those suggestions that I'm on the fence about...
  6. Well according to @Alkavian's results, the difference is about 1.75 kph. Isn't that close enough? I certainly wouldn't say he is wrong...
  7. "Get ready"

    On xbox you can look at "recent players" and rejoin their lobby from there. Not sure about ps4/pc, but I would assume there's a similar way to do it. It's just common courtesy. If you really need to take a few minutes, back out. There's absolutely no reason you should be holding up 7 other people.
  8. Like I said, WAY beyond me... I appreciate you trying to dumb it down for me though lol So using your method, what do YOU come up with for those values (range/speed)?
  9. Xbox One lobby empty

    This happens from time to time. Either keep trying, or go to a private match. I had this same issue for a few days before it finally just started working again. I don't think restarting the game or system helped, but it's worth trying.
  10. This is all so beyond me that I can't really comment on it. I believe that you did this to the best of your ability, and certainly never intended to misinform anyone. You specified your margin of error and that seems pretty tight to me. I don't think the 1 second (or likely less) is enough of a difference to claim you're wrong, and I'd definitely take your word over anyone else on the matter.
  11. What the fuck did I start...
  12. Not another counselor, but maybe allow a second attempt if you failed. I've seen people fuck it up too often. One time I accidentally used it when Jason was still outside because I went to crouch and my thumb slipped... Even then I don't think I'm ok with it.
  13. "What do you call a Chad with 6 med sprays?" A pointless thread that should be locked soon enough.
  14. "Get ready"

    No I understand. My point is you're not forced to be in a lobby to do it, you can change things up in between lobbies, or before you start. Just try to be courteous about it. Changing up Jason kills really quick is one thing, but deciding to change clothes is not really necessary. Rolling a couple perks is fine, but rolling 10 and deciding to change the perks on all your counselors can be done later. No reason to hold up 7 other people. At least you're letting them know. They shouldn't be dicks about it and I'm not justifying what was said to you. I'm just saying try to be courteous to the other 7 people you're playing with. If it's going to take a few minutes, just back out. If it's quick, then fuck them they can wait lol
  15. I pulled this from another thread, but I feel it is also relevant here: What's up with Roy's shift? This is taken from here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/10596-the-playbook-techniques-and-strategies/?page=9
  16. "Get ready"

    You can also do that before you join a lobby...
  17. I agree, that list needs some work. But that's what we have... I think they modified it when they unbanned people last year.
  18. @RampageRhino @Alkavian did actual math on this. Looks like you're right though. I think that's close enough that we can call it the same. Part 6: (+ shift) Shift: 56.25m (~185ft) effective range / 33.75kph (~21mph) velocity / 6 second duration / 20 second recharge Part 8: (normal shift) Shift: 53.25m (~175ft) effective range / 32kph (~20mph) velocity / 6 second duration / 30 second recharge Part 4: (-shift) Shift: 30m (98.4ft) effective range / 21.6kph (13.4mph) velocity / 5 second duration / 40 second recharge Part 5 gets interesting though. He also has normal shift, but his results are: Shift: 40.5m (~133ft) effective range / 29.16kph (~18mph) velocity / 5 second duration / 40 second recharge http://forum.f13game.com/topic/10596-the-playbook-techniques-and-strategies/?page=9 He did most, if not all, Jasons and went above and beyond creating this thread. It's definitely worth a read.
  19. Alright, I'll try that later. Edit: didn't work... Edit 2: next match as Jenny I just went through the door and the first drawer had a tape...
  20. According to the Code of Conduct, helping Jason is not a bannable offense. I know damn well it used to be on the list, but at some point they updated it and removed that. I'm guessing it was too difficult for them to prove it. http://f13game.com/code-of-conduct/
  21. They are, but so what? Even if it really is just a reskin of an existing counselor, I'd be happy to have it. As you said, they are already pretty close. So what harm would come from adding more counselors with similar stats?
  22. Counselor Choice

    Start making sense! It's the same post, just missing Shelly.
  23. Not sure how you did that, but you misquoted me.
  24. Counselor Choice

    Yes, it is. It's missing Shelly, but I'm sure the OP can add him in. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/12924-poll-least-favorite-counselor/?tab=comments#comment-170941
  25. I tried it once last night with Mitch. First cabin I found a map, second had nothing, third had the fuse. I put the fuse in and made the call, hopped into a cabin to wait and my game crashed. When my game crashes, I take it as a sign that I should be doing something else. I'll try again later today though. Are you opening the window then jumping in? Or just hopping through the closed window? How could fear make a difference if it's at the start of the game? Nobody should have any fear at that point...