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  1. @Turtle LMFAO that is pretty damn close!
  2. Initially it said something like "someone said they had savini on all 3 platforms and they don't be aware of whatever his name was". Didn't say anything about a scam. Just be aware that this person was lying. @WashingtonJones @aj_moler @Davidt @Trident77 @FreakyFrank1 @NthnButAGoodTime
  3. Meh. At least he got to use it. You know he enjoys playing dress up. Just let him have it lol
  4. Damn he changed the OP and no one quoted it... Now we all just look stupid lol
  5. Wait, you were trying to buy Savini?
  6. That's pretty much how it went. Again, no weapon to use, but it was still pretty damn funny.
  7. Mythbusters tested the punching out of a bag myth once. Apparently it's a lot harder than people think. The giant paper bag they used was actually pretty comical.
  8. How dare you @bewareofbears! That's BAD sportsmanship!
  9. THIS is something to post about, not someone lying about having Savini. I have also been having this issue for the last week or so. Just puts me in a lobby by myself every time and no one ever joins. I know I'm not the MOST fun to play with, but come on!
  10. @NthnButAGoodTime told me he has 3 different colored apples but I came to find out he only had a yellow and 2 reds... That sonofabitch lied to me! Don't trust a word he says!
  11. Isn't leaving early a bannable offense already? I doubt they follow through, but I thought I read that...
  12. Good! I've had to correct people a few times on that lol
  13. I'm out at 2, but you got that right! As for recoloring, I'm not opposed. I DO like that it blends in with the pots/pans color-wise, but I understand a lot of people have trouble spotting it. It doesn't help that it can apparently spawn on a bed and is unreachable...
  14. Right, but we can just assume that he DOES kill them but since it was after the time ran out you don't get the xp. I don't understand why people think they "won" when they don't even get xp for it... You just didn't "lose"...
  15. Chad is the ONE male in the game that I COULD imagine saying it. I think he might even be able to trick Jason. If we're going to let any male use it, it should be Chad.
  16. @MASKOAA That's because people turn their gamma WAY up so they can see everything. @zarakye Maybe you should try turning yours down.
  17. If you say you're not playing the game anymore then why bother? If you care about the game and continue to try and make it better, then you still plan on playing the game.
  18. Quick play stopped working for me last week so I haven't really bothered trying in a few days... I'll probably try again tonight/this weekend but I'm not very hopeful. Edit: I like how 20 people voted "hell no!" and yet they still bother to jump on the forums to talk about the game they no longer play.
  19. You always get me laughing @NthnButAGoodTime
  20. @JuggaloIRCNet So THAT's why I've never found the propeller on that map!
  21. @Jargamund I agree that some people get pretty damn annoying, but you're kind of cheating the system by muting Jason. That entirely removes his ability to hear YOU talking as well. In situations where the player is annoying as fuck, I can agree with the mute. But keep in mind it's kind of unfair to them as well and try not to do it unless it's necessary.
  22. @Archgamer You do realize you don't get any xp for surviving the night right? It's not really a "win" to survive, it's more of a draw. Plus you're saying that after 20 minutes Jason just kills them but doesn't get xp for it. So essentially you want it the way it is, but with a cut scene showing the remaining counselors being killed.
  23. @Theiceman105 What about my suggestions here? Do you think that would be less likely to be abused?