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  1. LOL, Honestly I think this is as much as you can recreate one of the films with the game mechanics. Only two left one dies calling for help, help arrives and kill Jason. Epic!!!!
  2. I have the ending of your film right here.
  3. Yeah, I think It happens in Both Higgins, Jason Sense don't doesn't pick up counselors outside cabins after certain period.
  4. The Duke!!!! Bring The Duke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. + Sense is Bigger Radius Longer time with skill and Lower Cool Down
  6. Higgins is the darkest IMO I never break the lights there specially with the Sense Bug, also there are some nasty hiding spots In Higgins that being dark makes it harder for Jason, there are literally black spots that with the correct clothing Jason cannot see you standing right next to you. I crouched behind a Closet in Crystal Lake one time and Jason came in and out of the cabin like 10 times and it was a small cabin, it was Hillarious he ended up rage quitting.
  7. Yeah, I got my 8th today. 7 of them the last few weeks.
  8. Clearly you're salty and you have no idea what you are talking about. The Packanack Lodge Chimey Glitch is a GLITCH, If you read my comments you would have read the caps part where it says NO GLITCHES but of course you had to me here a try to be tough throwing your toxic post.Happy Hunting...
  9. I've stated this in multiple posts. The best solution is to put a quit cooldown. Perfect example is "The DIvision" If you quit, close app, shut down router, cut power, whatever... And you are in a PVP Area A.K.A. The Dark zone, you will stay in the game regardless for 30 seconds and whatever happens to you in those 30 seconds accounts for your XP. I think a system like that would take care of this. I don't mind people leaving AFTER they die. I know It can be boring to sit and spectate for 18 minutes but that doesn't give you the right to cheat Jason out of his XP... I'm pretty sure they don't quit right before the car is about to cross the exit line... I was playing last night with @NthnButAGoodTimeand guess what...?? My first victim was the host so he rage quit, cheat my out of my XP and F4ck3d the match for everyone else... @Gertz@GunMedia_Ben @NthnButAGoodTime
  10. Add more Camp Cameras perhaps...
  11. Also awareness it's important. If you morph next to a cabin and you see pings coming from that cabin and your sense can't glow the house in red and you see no more Pings then most likely they got into a hiding spot so check which counselors are alive and if you see some low composure character you can do a walk by and they with reveal their location and holding your breath is even worse as you can only hold your breath for like 5 second which I think is stupid. Holding your breath is the worst thing you can do while hiding.
  12. Hiding reduces your FEAR, Jason CANT SENSE you if you're in a hiding spot unless he has RAGE
  13. Unfortunately Luck will have no impact on how effective you will fight Jason, it's timing, ping and SKILL. I only take swings at Jason if I have a pocket knife or if he grabs a counselor or trying to break a door. There are guys where it's amazing how they beat down Jason Props to them. One of them almost made me Rage quit as he was beating me for 7 or 8 minutes until I finally caught him. Luck will affect weapon durability but I don't think it has anything to do with Stunning Jason. I think each weapon type was a different stun chance on Jason.
  14. Same here, Last night Jason was trying to find me and some was was clearly telling him as he was turning back and forth and every time he would stop to "read the message" and then go a bit further then a bit further until he eventually found me... It was so obvious and I was so pissed...
  15. Hi community, I wanted to open up the discussion about Spectator as recently I've felt cheated by people who reveals my strategy to Jason. Some times it has been so obvious so I was wondering what would you guys think of an Option so I can't be spectated nor Spectate anyone for that matter? Usually people are impatient and when they die early in the game or escape early in the game they want the match to be over as quick as possible and start texting Jason to Rat out counselors. Thoughts?