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  1. I know how it feels. If you read my most recent discussion you'll see had to deal with something similar. Also two things about this one story. One: Talk about hypocrites, they think it's fine to glitch the game but when you do it as retaliation they get mad. Two: And i hate to ask this because i don't like abusing glitches but how did you get to the area as Jason.
  2. I just noticed how many typos i made on the topic. Whops.
  3. they luckily didn't have mics and i did so i gave them a piece of my mind, and i just let everyone else in the match escape and let clock run out.
  4. Because i just had a match with three of them hide on that big rock near the top of the normal Higgins haven map on PS4.
  5. I'm not a noob or newbie, but considering how many players don't have part 4 Jason, when i get to be Jason i just screw around and let them escape so they can get the most amount of points.
  6. cinemasins did as well and while i don't know how they feel about this movie, just because they sin a movie doesn't mean they hate it
  7. This is just a suggestion, but since other games that run on the unreal 4 engine have been confirmed for the switch, do you think it's possible a switch version could happen in the future.
  8. Sorry for randomly showing up Laphin, but i wanted to say hi and I'm a fan of your streams even though I'm not subscribed,but again fan of your work and sorry for randomly showing up.
  9. Hi I'm just a socially awkward person who doesn't talk much and you'll probably forget in the next five minuets. I play this game on the PS4 with the username shibatku, I try to remain calm but if i sound pissed it's less to do with the game and more to do with stress from work. Anyway now that my introduction is done, you can move on with your life and I'll move on with mine.
  10. Speaking of that, one thing i hope for but doubt will happen is unique spawn lines for Tommy on this map. Something like 'Too bad i couldn't return under better circumstances.'
  11. the devs have already confirmed a sandbox mode is coming in the second shack notes. " Sandbox Mode for Exploration We’ve heard this one from the start and agree that there’s something that can potentially be done here. The trick would be to allow players to explore each map without a timer, without objectives and so forth. We believe we can get a P2P private match that allows for players to just hang out without having to worry about a timer ending. How complicated we get with this in terms of allowing people to do what is very much in the air at this time, but we are looking into something that we believe would benefit the Role-Playing and Machinima communities."
  12. it all comes down to personal preference and play style. part 6 is my best jason mostly due to his throwing knifes. you just have to be more sparing with morph
  13. I like the sound of all these kills and i have an environmental one i thought but it only works if the car is started. (so a little hard to pull off) Jason slams the counselor's head on the hood hard enough to pop up the hood and then forces the counselor's face onto the engine, cooking there faces and then slams the hood down once.