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    If You Had A Signature Guitar

    I figured this would be a neat thread for any musicians out there. If you had your own signature guitar or bass, what would the specs, design, and graphic be? Mine graphic wise would be an inverted take on the "Dean Firecrackle". Instead of being the red and black design, it would be a black and red, with the prominence of the colors being switched. There would also be a variant version where the red would be replaced with a parade blue color. It would have one pick up, a Seymour Duncan humbucker. It would have two nobs, one of which would be for tone, and one of which would be for volume. There would be no toggle switch as it would only have the one pick up variation, and the fret board would have 96 across the 10th, 11th, and 12th frets (year I was born). The head stock would also have my last name "Perkins" under the Dean monicker, and the tuning knobs would be on the opposite side of the guitar (backwards) because asthetically, I always thought that would look cool. My other signature guitar idea would be similar to Kirk Hammett's old horror movie graphic guitars, except it would pull from 80s movies. One would be a guitar with the poster for They Live on it with all the same specs and same fret graphics. The other one would be a Season of the Witch guitar
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    Season of the Witch, Return of Michael Myers, and a few of the Jackass movies. I liked the Halloween movies even more than I did before, but the Jackass movies weren't funny to me like they were when I was growing up. Needless to say, I think that kind of humor is something I have unapologetically outgrown. I still love Viva La Bam and the CKY videos but Jackass is a step to far for me. Way too much nasty stuff. It gets to the point that it's almost like softcore gay porn at times, and to me it's just not funny and rather uncomfortable to watch even by yourself. I honestly think I'd rather get walked in on watching porn than Jackass. It's easier to explain than saying you're watching guys doing a long jump in their underwear after inserting enemas to see how far they can squirt diarrhea.
  3. Here's my fat butt rocking my Season of the Witch tee. To see what the full shirt looks like, follow the link below the picture https://www.fright-rags.com/products/halloween-iii-season-of-the-witch-v2?variant=46038122121
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    Anyone here familiar with Fright Rags?

    just skimming through Terror Threads, I like these shirts: Halloween "He's Gonna Get You" Shirt Halloween "The Shape" Shirt Halloween "Joke's Over" Shirt. Wish this wasn't sold out, it's my 2nd favorite on the whole site Sleepaway Camp "You Won't Be Coming Home" Shirt Halloween "There's No Such Thing" Shirt Terror Thread Shirt, reminds me of a metal band tee from Hot Topic Death House "Lock Down" Shirt, never saw it but the shirt is cool Jason Shirt, looks like a combination of Parts 9, X, FVJ, and 3 Texas Chainsaw Massacre "Survivor" Shirt." I would actually dish out the 27 bucks for this, it's my fav
  5. Someone posted this on another forum I get on (although not horror specific) and I figured it would be fun to play with on here. I'll start out! You don't have to full blown review, if you're not in a detail oriented mood, you can just "insert movie title here" and put "insert rating on scale of one to ten". I've been having a bit of a horror marathon the past few days. The Evil Dead was available for free with ads on Vudu the other day, so I finally watched it. I enjoyed it so much that I bought Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, which then somehow lead to me buying the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake (which I had also never seen) and Jason X (which I had only ever seen twice and wanted to give a third chance). The Evil Dead- 9.5/10 Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn- 8.5/10 Army of Darkness- 7.5/10 Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003 version)- 6.5/10 Jason X- 6/10 I'll comment briefly on this one. I normally would give Jason X a two or a four, but upon a third viewing, I have a lot more tolerance for it. It promised a cheesy Friday movie in space, and that's exactly what it is, and for that, it gets bumped up quite a bit. It also has plenty of cool kills, and the way Jason works in space is actually practical. While far fetched, going the Uber Jason route fits the space theme well.
  6. deathbat96777

    Anyone here familiar with Fright Rags?

    I got a They Live sticker, an Alien trading card, and an extreme sour candy with my shirt. I'm very careful with how I wear said shirt because I have bad luck with cool shirts in general. I've ripped many a holes in band shirts, most of which I have no idea how they got there. I had an Avenged Sevenfold shirt I ended up having to make into an uneven tank top (I suck at cutting lol) because it had a random hole all the way through the neck. I've looked on rotten cotton and wasn't too impressed but I'll check out the other one.
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    What Song are you Listening to Right Now ?

    Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden
  8. deathbat96777

    New Documentary - Jason Goes To Hell

    This is the last Friday on planet Earth we need a documentary on. Nobody cares about behind the scenes secrets of this movie. This is the first Friday I watched and it's also the reason I almost never watched another afterwords.
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    Dead by Daylight Discussion Topic

    That's why I suggested him, he's also unique in that he's not as universally known by casual or non horror fans. It would be great publicity for the character in my opinion
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    Dead by Daylight Discussion Topic

    The only thing I don't like about this game is the graphic style. Feel like it could've been a lot better
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    Goodbye everybody...

    Gun Media be like
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    Dead by Daylight Discussion Topic

    What about adding Ghostface and Pumpkinhead to the game? I think they would be good additions
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    Moshoholics Anonymous

    I've been on a big Death kick lately. Highlights include "Evil Dead", "Symbolic", "Crystal Mountain", "Lack of Comprehension", "Flesh and the Power It Holds", "Pull the Plug", "Spiritual Healing", and "Forgotten Past"
  14. deathbat96777

    My Retirement from This Game

    As I'm sure some of you have probably noticed, my attitude towards Gun Media has slowly but surely grown more and more sour as time has went on. Up until recently, I was very supportive even after all the letdowns, but no more. Because of how glitchy and broken this game is, and because of the fact it takes me four hours tops just to get a few games in because of how often I get kicked, I'm officially divorcing myself from this game, as I have uninstalled it as of three days ago. I'm still going to be a part of this community, however. I want to stay in touch with you guys and potentially play against you on other games if so desired, but my relationship with the game itself is done. I will no longer post in general discussion or suggestions and from now on am going to dwell solely in the off topic and all things horror sections. Thanks, Dylan
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    My Retirement from This Game

    Would adding XP points for Jason when someone leaves count as adding new content? Even if you got a measly thirteen points for every player that leaves, it would still be something
  16. deathbat96777

    Friday the 13th: The Long Winter

    I had an idea the other day for a fan film taking place in winter. If you guys would like to see me make this a real thing, give this post a like or message me, maybe we can all collab and work on a script together and eventually meet up in person and get a whole crew going. It will take place in a universe where parts 4-X never happened, and takes place immediately following Part III. It takes place 13 years later on Friday the 13th and follows the story of Chris Higgins trying to recover from her encounter with Jason. Jason's body turned up missing from the morgue and he hasn't been seen since, and Chris has been prepping ever since knowing Jason will return. On Friday the 13th, Chris escapes from a mental institution and goes back out to Higgins Haven during the winter time to have a final showdown with Jason.
  17. deathbat96777

    Friday the 13th: The Long Winter

    Jason could still die, go to Hell and come back in any other continuity. He could've went to Hell after Part IV or after Part VI, if only spiritually. Maybe Savini Jason is the form Jason takes when he's down there and Savini Jason is from an alternate reality where he escapes it.
  18. I love the Resident Evil series and I enjoy playing as Jason and Leatherface on Mortal Kombat XL. DBD is fun too imo, a lot of people hate it but I enjoy playing as the killer. Playing as a survivor sucks though, I hate it.
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    Horror Royale (game idea)

    Horror Royale would be similar to Terror Dome, but an official release. My idea would be for it to have five distinct game modes that would all feature horror characters from various franchises. Hero Battle- Just like in the Battlefront games, Hero battle would work the same here and would pit horror protagonists against horror villains. Heroes- Tommy Jarvis- shot gun Tina Shepherd- telekenesis Ashley Williams- chainsaw arm and shot gun Sam Loomis- revolver Laurie Strode- axe Sydney Campbell- kitchen knife Nancy Thompson- dream powers Andy Barclay (adult version from Cult of Chucky)- kitchen knife Ellen Ripley- flamethrower Dutch - machine gun Villains- Jason Voorhees (default skin is Part 7)- machete (default skin, FVJ), axe (reboot version), futuristic machete (Uber Jason) Pamela Voorhees (default skin is Part 1)- machete Michael Myers (default skin is H1)- kitchen knife (all skins except Curse of Michael Myers), machete (Curse of Michael Myers) Ghostface (default skin is Scream 1)- bowie knife Harry Warden- pick axe The Creeper- bare hands, flying abilities, fangs Alien- acidic blood, biting, spear tail Predator (default skin is Predator 1)- laser cannon, arm projectiles, electrified nets, etc. Chucky (default skin is Child's Play 2)- kitchen knife Freddy Krueger (default skin is ANOES 1)- finger knives, hallucination and dream abilities Unlockable Hero Skins: Tommy Jarvis- A New Beginning Sam Loomis- Curse of Michael Myers (older Loomis), Malcolm McDowell version (reboot Loomis) Laurie Strode- H2 (hospital gown), H20 (older Laurie), Scout Taylor Compton version (reboot Laurie) Sydney Campbell- Scream 4 (older version) Nancy Thompson- Dream Warriors, New Nightmare Ellen Ripley- Aliens, Alien 3, Resurrection Unlockable Villain Skins: Jason Voorhees- Jason Goes to Hell, FVJ, Uber Jason, reboot version Pamela Voorhees- Part 3 (zombie version) Michael Myers- Curse of Michael Myers, H20, Rob Zombie version 1 (from RZH1), Rob Zombie version 2 (hobo Myers) Ghostface- Unmasked (Billy Loomis), Unmasked (Roman) Alien- Queen, Predalien Predator- Predator 2, AVP, AVP Requiem, Predators (super predator) Chucky- Bride of Chucky Freddy Krueger- Freddy's Dead, New Nightmare, FVJ, reboot version Stalker Mode (this game's version of Ewok hunt) You and six other players venture into the woods at night armed with only flashlights and pistols and have to evade one of three killers: Predator, The Creeper, or Jason Voorhees. Team Deathmatch (Evil Dead version) In this version of team death match, you play as a squadron of peasants and take on hordes of deadites, set in 17th century Army of Darkness universe. One player who dies will randomly be selected to come back as Ashley Williams. Team Deathmatch (Alien version) In this version of team death match, you play as a squadron of space explorers and take on hordes of xenomorphs. One player who dies will randomly be selected to come back as either a Predator or as Ellen Ripley. Rated: M for Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, and Strong Language Size: 48 GB Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC Menu layout: Multiplayer (clicking on this goes to the menu of options below): Hero Battle Stalker Mode Team Deathmatch (Evil Dead version) Team Deathmatch (Alien version) Customization: allows you to edit character appearance, weapons, stats, etc. Progress: allows you to track progress, pretty self explanatory Horde mode: this would be a game mode that can be as follows Solo- see how long you can survive against hordes of the evil dead (Call of Duty Zombies but with deadites)! Team- same thing but with four people including yourself
  20. deathbat96777

    Horror Royale (game idea)

    https://www.gamespot.com/articles/mortal-kombat-boss-likes-idea-of-a-horror-movie-fi/1100-6441089/ This is from years back, but it's definitely exciting to see their enthusiasm for a project like this! This would definitely be the company to do it
  21. deathbat96777

    Post Your Mask Collection

    I'm gonna sell the Jason hood and the Don Post make and get one of the H2 masks from Trick R' Treat Studios and the Prop Shop Revolver mask from RZH2
  22. A lot of people think it's one of the worst designs as it strays very far from the original Shatner version as saw in the first two flicks, but to me, it's actually the most realistic rendition of any of the sequel masks. My reasoning for this is the sheer fact that Michael walking into a Halloween store and pulling a cheap knock off of his old mask off a shelf and expecting it to look like a screen accurate copy of his mask from his original killing spree is absurd. It looks like a mask you would buy for twenty dollars at a Halloween express, which is exactly the type of scenario we see in H4. Realistically, Haddonfield isn't going to make a screen accurate remake of an infamous killer's mask that gave the town a bad name and sell it in stores. It would just be distasteful. Michael going into a shop and finding another cheap white mask that looks like a knock off is actually realistic to me. If Michael went into a local shop and found a mask that looks like a $350 Night Owl Studios replica of his mask in the first movie, it would almost be too realistic to believe to me. His mask looking off fits the context of where he stole it from. Anyone else agree or does my opinion make sense?
  23. deathbat96777

    Favorite Freddy One Liner

    Favorite movie: the original Favorite one liner: "How's this for a wet dream?" from the 4th one (I think?)