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  1. I know there's already a thread just like this, but it was from ages ago. I got bored and decided to make this cover. It's not the greatest, but it's to give you an idea of what it could maybe be someday. The artwork is by a guy named Christopher Lovell, I found it on Pinterest. Potential Michael Myers for the game and their weapons. Unlike Friday the 13th, this game would have switchable weapons for some of the Michaels. H1- Kitchen Knife H2- Scalpel/Kitchen Knife H4- Kitchen Knife/Metal Pipe H5- Scythe/Pitchfork H6- Axe/Machete H7- Kitchen Knife/Corkscrew H8- Kitchen Knife RZH1 (young Michael Myers)- aluminum bat/tree branch RZH1 (adult Michael Myers)- Kitchen Knife/2x4 (he uses one at the end of the movie to knock Laurie out of the ceiling) RZH2- Hunting Knife DLCs/alternative skins: H2 Michael would have a blood tears skin, and Rob Zombie's H1 Michael would have an alternative attire from whenever he was in Smith's Grove, which would consist of the orange paper mache mask he wears when he escapes. Rob Zombie's H2 Michael would also have a skin where the chunk of the mask is missing and he's wearing a raised hoodie. H4 would also have an alternative skin from whenever he kills the mechanic with the pipe and has the gown and gauze on. I always thought that was a cool look.
  2. If they ever make a sequel to this game, what would you guys like to see and how would you want it to be different? For me personally, I would rather they wait and put the game out when it's entirely finished so that we don't get it in spontaneous, random updates, and I would like for all the bugs to be fixed beforehand, even if it takes them a whole extra year to do so. I would also like for them to try to work with New Line Cinema so they could use the Jasons we can't have in this game, so maybe instead of having the first nine or so Jasons, this game would have all the newer Jasons instead because of the different licensing rights, so in this new game, we would get the Jason from the versus film, with a toggable skin that has the claw marks and battle damage, two different Jasons from the remake with one having the cornsack and then the hockey mask one, and as silly as it sounds, I think the Jason from Mortal Kombat would be cool to have, but with a different face design. Also make it where single player is actually story mode, and it's a game where you play as Pamela and start the fires, poison the water, kill the counselors in 57, then you do a series of missions where you basically replay the first movie as a game.
  3. I'm bringing it up with the assumption that it would be a long time away. I'm not hoping for a new one any time soon either. They would have to get their stuff together before they tackle a sequel. I'm just hoping they will have their master crafted by then. They have a long ways to go.
  4. Why would you want an animated sequel over a live action one?
  5. how about "all of the above" ?
  6. I like the one where he hands you a Snickers and tells you that you get cranky when you're hungry. sheesh! But in all seriousness, my favorite kills are body slam, head punch, can opener, double tap, axe throw, and the jarvis
  7. Nah, bath salts. You're a really bad guesser, Washington Jones.
  8. there's always that one guy that talks insanely loud and you have to mute him, and you never have any idea what the heck he is doing or saying on the other end. There's always loud rap music, a baby crying, sounds like he's hitting a bong. You hear him drop his bowl of soup or something. He bangs his big toe on the table. Sounds like his momma in the background tripping and knocking all the pans off the wall. You get the point
  9. Let's not forget my two other dream kills for this game: the doubletap kill, but the axe is replaced with sausage links or maybe a baguette Jason runs over the counselor with a lawn mower
  10. I like the one where the Santa DLC Jason mounts a giant candy cane in the ground and then body slams the counselor through it. Oh wait, that's not in the game yet.
  11. I think the next Jason will be pre-uber Jason and the next map will be the Part V map.
  12. If you have to chase someone around a couch, car, or play that game where they go in and out of a window fifty times for any longer than five minutes, a glowing perk should appear, and when you walk through it, it gives you the mini gun from Call of Duty zombies and you get to mow down the counselor for thirteen seconds . Please put this in the game.
  13. My prediction is that virtual cabin will come out on Cyber Monday, and that the game will also be discounted for that day only like it was on Halloween. That is my hope, anyway. Then we'll get single player bots on Christmas.
  14. I love this game. I hate the connection issues, but I'm willing to look past it. I love playing as Jason. I've grown tired of playing as a counselor. Playing as Jason is exciting and I can't wait for single player bots. I look forward to earning more trophies. I want to get the one for escaping in the boat as a passenger 13 times. That would be the easiest to obtain. The only other ones I have left are PHD in murder, play as Jason 500 times, 1,000 times. Also need the 1,000 times one for being a counselor. Then there's the triple six kill streak and the 1313 kill streak. That is all.
  15. One that comes to mind is the barn on Higgins Haven. If you made it where you could get up into the loft, one environment kill you could do on Jason would be his "death" from the end of Part 3. There would be a shovel that spawns in the top of the loft. In order for this kill to work, you have to stun Jason in a fashion that knocks him down on his back. What would add a challenge to this kill is that it's systematic. You have to use the shovel or it won't trigger the sequence of the rest of the kill process, and you have to use a counselor with good luck and strength or else the shovel will break after several hits, rendering the kill process useless. As soon as Jason is knocked on to his back, there will be a rope dangling from the hay pully. As quickly as possible, hit the x button whenever you near it, and this will allow you to tie it around Jason's neck and push him off before he spams x to get up. After Jason gets hung, he stays stunned and another counselor would have to be waiting down at the bottom with an axe, and hitting a button triggers an animation where you hit Jason in the face. The animation continues with Jason reaching out for the counselor, and then falling backwards. This wouldn't require Tommy, but would require team work and also perfect timing. Another challenge would be that if you don't tap x fast enough to grab the noose and Jason gets unstunned, he can hit the x as well and trigger an environment kill where he hangs you himself. You would also as Jason be able to do a kill where you grab the counselor and throw them off the top of the loft, same as the window kill except no window.
  16. I looked up PSN's list of digital games they were going to have on sale on Black Friday and after skimming through the 50+ games to choose from, I saw nothing of interest, so I went ahead and bought Resident Evil Remastered as well as the PS4 port of Resident Evil 0 rather than save my money to buy games I wouldn't even play. Needless to say, countless hours are going to be spent beating these games. I just love the storyline and love learning more about it through playing the games.
  17. Map specific kills. For instance, if they ever get the Voorhees house from Jason Goes to Hell, make it where whenever you call the police, they kill Jason like at the beginning of the movie by blowing him up. In this instance, instead of counselors having a timer to escape, Jason has a timer to escape his impending doom and has to try and kill everyone within five minutes to end the game and survive.
  18. Well, I would hope that they learn from their mistakes by the time Friday the 13th is brought to full completion.
  19. I made a thread about them making a Halloween game, you should check it out
  20. I like to think that Part 9 is a stand alone movie. Not only does it ignore the canon of the first eight, but it's also never touched on again in future sequels. Jason X is kind of ambiguous, I think since it's set so far into the future, it could take place in whatever timeline you wanted it to. I think Freddy vs Jason is the same way, you could argue that Freddy got Jason out of Hell after he was destroyed by toxic waste in Part 8, or you could argue that the same Jason pulled into the ground by demons was the one resurrected by Freddy.
  21. jasons appearance

    I think it's just an aesthetic thing. It looks cool
  22. Maybe it, along with Paranoia, will have it's own separate section of trophies. Like in Resident Evil 5, for example, there's the trophies for the main game, then separate sections for the bonus game modes found on the PS4 version. Same thing with the DLC for Lego Avengers, you get trophies for each individual DLC and it's in a separate folder.
  23. Single player apparently will be missions and not story mode. Bummer for sure. They should make a story mode where it picks up where the Paramount films left off. Like an animated Part 9 that retcons JGTH, FVJ, JX, etc. I'd play the heck outta that
  24. Only kickstarter people are supposed to have Savini Jason, so unless it's a different deal where it's available to all players, then I'm gonna have to pass on a custom Jason. If they were to make one, I would love to see an interpretation of what Jason looks like inbetween Part 8 and Part 9, maybe a Jason that connects those two movies. A Jason that has his mask melted to his face from the toxic waste attack at the end of Part 8 would be cool. Maybe Jason put his mask back on after he got washed out in the sewer and him turning into a little boy was just a vision, and the toxic waste melted his mask into his face, making him into Part 9 Jason, which would also explain the further head deformities.