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  1. The window animation should trigger when their body passes through it anyway. At least, I think. Is that what you're getting at?
  2. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    There's no reason to add back team killing. It serves no real purpose. The only way it would ever be even slightly justified is if someone is teaming with Jason, but even then, you've always lost a thousand points even back when it was a thing, so why do it? If people really make you that mad, either be an idiot and lose a thousand points by hitting them with a car, or just switch to a different lobby with your friends.
  3. Religious Study Group

    I would recommend every Christian to read these two books: and every agnostic and/or skeptic to read these two books: and a personal recommendation of my own for life issues:
  4. Religious Study Group

    As i'm sure a lot of you are well aware, I'm a Christian and I like to read the Bible and discuss theology and religion in general. Would you guys be interested in making this thread into an open discussion about spirituality, religion, etc? I feel like it would lead to some really good, healthy discussion and I think it would be a lot of fun to see where you guys are at with it and what you believe.
  5. Who is your favorite Jason?

    C.J Graham and Derek Mears
  6. What about just the guitar as an alternate weapon for Part 8 Jason?
  7. At this point, I don't get why Jason can't just do this:
  8. Best Cartoonnetwork Cartoon?

    The original Teen Titans cartoon, the Clone Wars cartoon done in the Samauri Jack animation style, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, and Kids Next Door were mainly what I watched on Cartoon Network
  9. The Oldest Person on the forum

    I'm on the younger side, 21. Born on July 24th, 1996. Fun fact: Jason X came out on my 5th birthday
  10. Creative Kills

    Jason throws a counselor through a window and then repeatedly stomps their head into the glass until it embeds into their face. A variation of this would be Jason smashed their head through a window and then holds them down until he shoves a piece of the window through their neck.
  11. How a Halloween game would work (POLL)

    What would you guys think about Tyler Mane doing the mo-cap for Michael Myers?
  12. Whats your Horror Movie Trope?

    I'm the nerd and the rocker guy put together. Just try to imagine LaChappa cosplaying as Adam XD
  13. A Much Needed Break

    Hang on, I'll have my Amazon drone bring you some headphones XD
  14. A Much Needed Break

    I'm taking a break from things like Facebook, message boards, and so on and so forth to focus on improving my mental health. It's getting to the point that I suffer from severe depression and almost committed suicide this weekend, so I would really appreciate it if you guys would keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Now is a dark time in my life and a lot of that is directly my fault because of the way I manipulate, take advantage of, and treat people in general. I can be a nice guy, but I can also be the worst butthole you will ever meet, and while you guys haven't seen that side of me, please know that it is there, and I apologize in advance if it ever comes out and you have to deal with it. I love this community, I love this game and this website, and I wish you guys the best of luck going forward. I will still be playing video games, so if you want to keep in touch with me that way, I am perfectly fine with that. My PSN gamer tag is the same as my username on here. I'm interested in starting a Christian accountability group over Playstation if any of you guys are ever interested in getting on there and voice chatting with me. After today, I won't be posting on here, on Facebook, Twitter, etc again until the next update comes out, so expect to hear from me near the end of April. Much love, Dylan
  15. "Pickle surprise" is the only video I've managed to creep my friend Matt out with, and that guy has literally shown me everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING weird that can be found on the internet.
  16. A Much Needed Break

    They're like two minutes each I think
  17. Has anybody else found a hot girl from playing this game?

    I've tried dating people I found online, through games, forums, etc only twice before and it backfired on me severely, so no, I haven't found any "hot girls" playing this game and I don't plan on it. The first time I tried to date someone I met online, a friend of mine had a very prophetic dream that I arranged to meet them in person and they turned out to be a fat, middle aged guy, and my response was apparently to jump head first off a bridge. My second shot at online dating was with a girl I actually met once in real life and she broke up with me by accusing me of cheating on her with a girl I've never met in person and she also claimed she cut herself because of me. Long story short: I don't want to find "hot girls" on this game because they're probably (as Bruce Willis said in the movie Surrogates) a fat guy with their d*** hanging out
  18. A Much Needed Break

    I play guitar and bass. That's pretty much it and that's all I care about playing, so it's a fair trade haha. I have recordings of me writing riffs and stuff but none that are high quality. I will put some youtube links below of me doing some covers of riffs. A lot of them are in the wrong tuning or maybe I make a few tiny mistakes here and there. You may not notice, but it was enough to bug me. I also included one of me playing a lead riff at the bottom. Not the greatest.
  19. A Much Needed Break

    I think what you are saying is confirmation from God even if you don't realize His hand is involved in it. You're the upteenth person that has told me to focus more on school, on myself, and to just let it go and realize these people won't be important in a few years. I think God has been trying to show me that for some time now. As far as to answer the question of what music I am into, mainly rock, metal, and hip hop. As far as what I actually play and write, it's all metal. I'm influenced by Ghost, Immortal, Children of Bodom, Death, Asking Alexandria, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Theocracy, Skillet, Thousand Foot Krutch, Korn, Kiss, Pink Floyd, Jake E. Lee, Randy Rhodes, and Deron Miller of World Under Blood/Foreign Objects mainly. I like to think my playing style sounds like a mixture of those things.
  20. Kenny's dad was a childhood friend of Steve Christy and was on his way up to Jersey to help set the camp up whenever the events of the first film happened. Mr. Riedell's arrival was delayed by unforeseen circumstances (explosive diarrhea, followed by a completely unrelated affair where he got side tracked and had a love child) until right after the events of The Final Chapter. At this point, Mr. Riedell managed to buy the property, with the persuasion being that he was a family friend. While being owner, he wasn't directly involved with the camp festivities outside of an administrative and/or business stand point until his son took interest in working there. Inspired to do more than just play behind the scenes, Kenny's dad decided to pay the camp a visit and be more hands on in arranging how the summer goes, doing things like designing themes for the week, games, updating the camp food menu, etc. We don't see him in the game because he was actually Jason's first victim off screen before he kills Rob in front of the fire. There ya go
  21. A Much Needed Break

    I mainly drink tea, coffee, and diet soda. As far as what I eat, I eat considerably healthy compared to what I used to. Whenever I eat in my college cafeteria, I make a habit of getting only vegetables if I go back for seconds, and I no longer eat after 8. I've actually lost five pounds in the past two weeks. As far as sugar intake, it's very little compared to what it used to be. It's got to where if I eat sweets, it tastes too strong and I can't eat as much of it because my mind isn't desensitized to it. I usually exercise three times a week but I haven't the past few weeks because I have been so busy. I do take medicine, it's for anxiety, and I do drink on rare occasions, usually around a pint on Saturdays once a month.
  22. Chad and LaChappa are brothers. LaChappa is an awkward tag along that Chad only brings because his parents made him for the summer and it was the only way to get LaChappa off of the Atari. Chad and LaChappa live in an expensive pent house on the same property as Crystal Lake. Jenny grew up coming to Crystal Lake and had an encounter with Jason similar to that of Chris. Kenny's dad is the owner of the camp. Tiffany is Kenny's girlfriend but is in an open relationship, unbeknownst to Kenny Deborah Kim is an awkward girl looking for a summer job and is a close friend of Lachappa's, but she's friend zoned him. Vanessa is a former high school track star and is also the female staff director. Bugzy is a former high school football star but has decided to spend the summer working at camp because his little brother is going to be there as a camper (@Armaniđź‘‘, this is where you could tie in a character based off Reggie that isn't Reggie. He could be Bugzy's little bro. Make him like 15 or something) Mitch heard about their being weed hid somewhere at Crystal Lake (reference to the remake without actually being direct enough for a copyright suit) Adam and A.J are dating and came there together because Adam needs money to fix his Harley and A.J is going to help lead a dance specialty Vanessa is Chad and LaChappa's stuck up half sister that bosses them around.