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  1. Walking up to Jason and attempting to hit him only to be immediately grabbed and killed.
  2. If Halloween: The Game is ever a thing, I will need to go to rehab over it. I will play it incessantly.
  3. What happens if you're in party chat and aren't doing anything wrong, then you have people killing you for no reason? This game will never be perfect, nor will any game be perfect. People will always cheat the game just like they cheat in real life, that's just how some people are, but you can't let it ruin the whole thing for you. Just find people worth playing with. Or just play private matches.
  4. I just assume every girl that plays this game looks like the fat hitchhiker from the Final Chapter, so I don't flirt with them. I'm just kidding, but seriously? Trying to hook up over a video game?
  5. I like to think he built it himself because it's more creative, but you could be right.
  6. Honestly, I'm very picky about Jasons. I only really cared for the way C.J Graham, Kane Hodder, and Ken Kirzinger played him.
  7. Level 50, two tapes, which are tapes #2 and #3
  8. I agree with you on everything except for counting it if they get killed by accident.
  9. I think he was up to the point he came back after drowning. I think he was bestowed with some sort of unknown super natural power that gives him advanced strength, stamina, intelligence, etc, and I refuse to believe JGTH explained it. I like to think it's still a mystery
  10. I want to see one where Michael actually dies for good. I want it to be a real, genuine send off. I love the Halloween movies, but to me, the whole killer never dies thing gets old after about ten years of movies. Just my opinion
  11. What's free and what isn't? I know the spring break DLC costs money, but what about Part IV Jason, the new map, new clothing? Also, speculation on the two "new Jasons" and two "new maps": Jason X and reboot Jason. Two maps are Manhattan and the space ship.
  12. In matches where I play as Jason, if a player leaves before I kill them, it deducts it from my kill count as if they had escaped. Do you guys think this is fair? I just played a match as Part 8 Jason where it counted it as a 2/7 score. What it fails to mention is that of those seven people, three of them left the game, so I actually killed half the counselors (2/4) instead of 2/7ths of them. Definitely not my best game by far, but last time I checked, a 50% is better than a 28%
  13. Jason treats the counselor like Mr. Potato head and rips off their nose, ears, and finally their jaw before kicking them in the face. Jason breaks a counselor's forearm and stabs a machete through it, then grabs the counselor's head and pushes it down through the machete
  14. I've said it before and I'll say it again: this needs to be Jason's game. While I'm fine with him fighting or teaming up with other killers, in my opinion, it would need to be an entirely separate project. Something like the online game Terror Dome except a console version
  15. About four hours a day.