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  1. I only play Adam due to his appearance, and I can fit myself better with this counselor instead of going with either those good at running, repair, luck, etc. Having two things, or more that are okay in stats is my preference. Only counselor I haven't played is Bugzy, Eric, Vanessa, Hippy guy, for not interesting me in appearance wise. I like cool looking ones even if those are less good at the meta than others.
  2. The dude really got upset for me not teaming up with him. It was funny hearing his sigh of despair for not negotiating. Fuck teamer's and do the same as me Jason's don't negotiate with them.
  3. Lately my play style on the game got boring. I want to know what ya do when bored playing the same way every time that happens to be effective at circumstances.
  4. You're on to something great. I'm overjoyed for a new item to get implemented this one really seem to fit the game. A straw poll on the meta for the chemlight would help to see who agrees with the originally idea to be a group use item for everyone to be affected from the reduced fear when nearby, or make it a consumable item only for the user and not others. There we narrowed it down :).
  5. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow I gave your idea to my post on the glow sticks called chemlights and even gave credit to you :). You're a genius dood.
  6. To add on to this since the theme is the night for the Friday The 13th games why not encourage random loot to spawn outside, and the chemlight would help to find those items in the dark woods. I discussed this idea with an another individual other than myself, and gave his idea to this post what those chemlights could do for the meta if the community approves it. Credit to + VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow ''I was thinking a glow stick would be something counselors drop and the light source reduces fear for anyone standing near it. It would be useful for people clearing a path to the exit for the counselors that follow. They could come in packs of about 4 and you crack, drop, crack, drop, repeat.''
  7. This implementation won't have any effect on the meta unless if the community want to. What it does? basically a more point of view by tangling the night to be more bright than your average flash light. Dayz is similar to this game, and the item looked good in game. Make it randomly spawn in the maps, and once you find it you can attach it to your counselor. Realistically any camper would bring a chemlight for the woods. Each chemlight will be different colors to add more variety. The chemlight is the threshold to have well lit surrounded areas.
  8. I don't have permanent opinion yet on the books, but I wouldn't know about making it fair towards Jason. I'm exactly in the grey area on that part.
  9. Isn't Jason already buffed, but a update is planned to debuff him already. His stun time is reduce to none pretty much lol. I would love for the game to add chemlight it's like a night light for the woods. Dayz a survival game kind of similiar to this game have a dark atmosphere chemlights would freshen the night. Pretty much you could attach a chemlight to your counselor it's nothing before hand. Unless someone could make use for it in the game meta with a fair mechanic and discuss on the forums, and get the community green light approval.
  10. I like everything except the book idea.
  11. +Host disconnect +Lost Connection +The Bonuses idea doesn't really stack on XP that much +Helping a counselor out of Jason grab should give you XP The XP been a problem since launch, and I don't get adequate XP even when I play good. It's a chore to level might as well play a MMO since leveling is a chore. + Not everyone wants to play this game to death just to get the new Jason. Nerf the longer XP for higher levels.
  12. I didn't say you couldn't voice your opinion, but it's disrespectful to this discussion to say stop talking. If a group were theorizing together, and I came up and said stop theorizing because no one agrees with that theory. Yeah I can voice my opinion, but i'm disrespectful by then, same here.
  13. Dude said to stop the discussion, and I said no. I didn't say no to those who disagreed. Otherwise what's the problem with a discussion being lively, and being discussed even if not a lot doesn't agree with you.
  14. I'm not going to listen to you. It's in my power. You don't give me advice unless I tell you if I want one. Honestly a stupid one comes along eventually. Whether it's a majority or not who likes it I'm giving my idea anyway .