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  1. Friday The 13th Jason Glitch 1.14 PS4
  2. No argument here, Just my opinion on the subject/matter....
  3. It's still a shitty thing to do, I do appreciate the free DLC.
  4. Why not more clothes? A emote thou? LMAO
  5. Never buying a useless emote!!!! It's pathetic at this point.
  6. Why the hell would i buy a emote? Lol fucking sad man
  7. Glad the site is back guys
  8. I don't even use my mic anymore, Nothing but trolls these dayz lol
  9. PSN: A_l_c_a_t_r_a_Z
  10. It's a terrible glitch and needs to be fixed
  11. The little hacker deserved it lol
  12. You can see the scoreboard, Stop crying
  13. That's what it looks like to me sir
  14. Glad i could help