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  1. Oh I know it would be awful, I'm contributing to the topic at hand.
  2. I've said it from the beginning, it needs thunderstorms, rain, crickets chirping, twigs breaking in the woods, all kinds of stuff that is just basic level ideas really.
  3. F13 barely works for F13, don't see cross play happening with this game being as unstable as a mental patient.
  4. He's totally lost it! Poor guy has been damaged by this game.
  5. Well what I said wasn't inaccurate, I just left some information out and I did say that high composure characters such as Jenny are for lone wolfing, it's merely verbal dispute, and I see what you're saying.
  6. Higher composure gives you a larger chance of going unnoticed by Jason's sense, meaning if you enter a hiding spot inside a cabin or elsewhere, you have a larger chance of it not appearing red to him. A character with high composure, i.e. Jenny, is best used for trying to lone wolf your way to the 20 minute mark. Any counselor outside shelter will be revealed to Jason's sense ability and if he cuts power while you're hiding he'll most likely be able to find you as your character's fear increases.
  7. I'll give you the stamped and approved Dev's "answer to everything" response: Soon.
  8. I think we got a little off topic fellas.
  9. 1. Part 8 2. Savini 3. Part 3 4. Part 6 5. Part 9 6. Part 2 7. Part 7
  10. I think there may already be a thread discussing this, but yea the Kenny face is the best.
  11. You're saying as though I'm the only one upset. Virtually everyone that owns/owned this game feels the exact same way. If the game wasn't ready then they should've pushed the release date instead of releasing an unfinished game. Simple as that
  12. My thing is, they keep using "We're not going to stop other departments from their work just because there's an issue, the department that works with DLC's will keep working on DLC's" That's complete shit, if the game has a major issue then ALL teams should be working to fix it, we'll get to adding stuff once the foundation is built. They've built their home on sand with this game, they've started building the house before the foundation was completed. That's beyond illogical.
  13. Yes, it's a such a basic game, and the graphics quality is lower than that of games from 2010.
  14. Fire+Fire=Bigger fire