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  1. Looking forward to the game fixes and the weather FX
  2. I have no doubt there will be lots of content getting released around that time. I also feel like they'll drop double XP in that weekend as well to celebrate, maybe another 13,000 CP. Lots of possibilities.
  3. Please post a video of this! I have to see it!
  4. Currently a Level 96 and only have 1 to my credit. Found it on Higgins Haven in the Evergreen camp in a small green drawer, playing as Chad. I was a Level 53 at the time.
  5. I know that pain. Not a derp moment, but I once played a match on HH. I spawned just off to the side of the main house, close to the boat dock. I took 3 steps and Jason spawned right in front of me. A body slam into the ground later... Oh, and the match also went the full 20. Jason? Only finished a whopping 2/8. I raged a good bit afterwards, needless to say.
  6. Shouldn't be hard to adjust when the kill registers as a kill, I would think. I've lost far too many kills due to rage quitters. So frustrating!
  7. This... I would pay money for this to be in the game. Take note @Gertz
  8. That "wood car" is actually the raft your wagon rode down the river on in The Oregon Trail. Newest escape vehicle, coming...SOON. Boom, nailed it!
  9. Something like this? I would LOVE to come across this in a match. Fear level would automatically max out!
  10. When I first started playing I died 9/10 and now that I've put an unhealthy amount of hours into this game I probably survive 7/10 and only die because I derped hard
  11. It's definitely not fun playing as Jason right now. I played as Part 2 last night and I felt like a noob again. Only went 3/8 and it was a hard fought one at that. Window/door breaking, getting ganged up on by counselors, Morph not working was highly frustrating knowing I should have finished closer to 6/8-7/8. Definitely thinking about taking a break until this gets fixed.
  12. Show dat ankle
  13. I hadn't played as Part 7 for a while and reading this thread got me curious as to how well I would do with him now that I have loads more experience with the game... TL; DR 3/8 and nearly rage quit a few times. Part 7 BADLY needs an overhaul
  14. Part 8 for me followed by 3, 6, & 7.
  15. This is awesome. I can't stop laughing at this