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  1. We shall see. I'm trying to be patient too, with this process. The game is great...when it works! 🤘
  2. 2020....hopefully updated. 🙄
  3. Thanks for the update @Gertz! Now will this patch void the X1 hotfix? Or will users still get it? Have a good day!
  4. @Gertz I'm a big fan and do enjoy the game! After the last's just frustrating man. Thank you for communicating to the community! We all appreciate that! I'm not leaving or not playing...when the game has no's great! I only hope for this game to get better! My apologies.
  5. @Gertz New patch is out...awesome. Xbox users should expect this update in ooh 3 weeks? Unacceptable!
  6. I've been checking out the news, in this forum pretty often. I decided to join this awesome community! This game has its ups and downs...yet that doesn't stop me from playing it. The game...will only get better in time. Have a great day everyone!