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  1. Some Jasons had a problem with their weapon getting stuck by the window. That's why they added a prompt.
  2. They had the medic perk. I once drop one on the ground and someone pick it up and ask me why he suddenly have two.
  3. Eric "JR" LaChappa His survival rate is the lowest due to his piss mobility. He's fast becoming obsolete thanks to Mitch. I propose a tweak to his stats. Composure 4/10 Luck 7/10 Repair 10/10 Speed 3/10 Stamina 2/10 Stealth 6/10 Strength 3/10 Replace his 8/10 stealth and make it 6/10. The "fat guy" stereotype is known for being clumsy and not some expert in ninja stealth. More the 2 points and add it to his Luck to make it 7/10. Since he is the slowest of them all, help the poor guy out by letting him keep the weapon longer to bully and stun Jason for some much need stamina regeneration. We do not have a high repair high luck counselor. This is were LaChappa can fit in and make him more than just an inferior Deborah. Deborah will still be valuable, but this will help bridge the difference between the two nerds in this game.
  4. The next thing they need to get rid of is team killing with the car and we are set.
  5. You should be slashing 100% for those counselors that like to stand by the exit. They always have pocket knives. I once slash someone to death and saw 3 pocket knives hit the ground. I was so happy and the guy was so pissed. When you become good with Jason you'll almost develop a keen sense on people who have pockets knives. They just try to bait you to grab them.
  6. I'm fine if they keep him the way he is right now. It's a chore to chase people down with him, but if you keep at it you'll eventually catch that person. Fear affects stamina. Just stay within proximity and keep the pressure up by breaking down doors the moment they get in a cabin. Most people who are bad with him just give up on a chase too quickly or give them too much time to loot and regain stamina when indoors. Go after the slow counselors first is my suggestion and camp the 4 seater.
  7. One thing I notice on the road map is that it doesn't show when the dedicated servers will come. Word of mouth is mid November. So it doesn't show everything. Maybe this is also the case for the revised Retro Jason. The two upcoming Jasons made not be him.
  8. They should open the kickerstarter back up. I'm pretty sure there will be more people willing to put money in this game to keep content flowing after the roadmap is done. Also does anybody know the sales number for the physical copy of this game? It'll be a good barometer on how well the retail versions did.
  9. Do we know for certain that at the end of the road map there will be more new stuff? Or is that it?
  10. Where did they said there won't be a small Jarvis map?
  11. That Jason took an unrealistic amount of insane damage from Freddy. If he was in this game his HP should be through the roof and harder to kill then any of them.
  12. Honestly I think that was pretty creative but annoying never the less.
  13. I'm comfortable using anybody. So I guess I can't get out of my comfort zone. I don't know how people can just play one character and ignore the rest. I would have gotten so bored. Plus learning everybody, you get a very good insight on how the whole game can be played.
  14. This game is already unrealistic. -Getting shot by the flare gun and see it bounce off counselors as they take no damage. -Stepping on a bear trap and walking around with an injured shoulder. -Jumping off a second story window and surviving the fall. -Needing and average 4 to 5 hits to slash kill a counselor when in the movies most of Jason victims died in 1 hit. There's more. In games and movies sometimes you need to suspend disbelief. Roy was human. But the actions he took made it look like his power level was on par with the rest of the human Jasons. If Rot gets in, they will make him play closely to what his film did.
  15. It's not much of a matter of Pamela being human. You can always suspend disbelief. It happens in movies and it happens in this game. It's more of a matter of game mechanics and the resources they need to do it right. Gun Media mentions that she is not on the table as a future killer. At the same time it doesn't mean she's off the books either. If the game continues to be played and the community continues to support the game, she might appear way down the line.