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  1. Sorry it took so long. But u can see especially in the top photo how it looks like Chad has old saggy lookin skin on the back of his thighs :x Like major cellulite or something :Z Also, u notice in the second screenshot, it looks like Chad has no actual butt. Like instead of where the cheek should be, there's a weird flatness and even a visible line. It's hard to ignore this, especially when Tiffany and Jenny have properly animated Butts and look good in their suits. It'd be nice to have fair treatment for Chad's behind, especially when the girls don't have low detailed booties. Especially when the butt is in view the whole match and you're a Chad main, who loves the speedo outfit! Thanks
  2. Well I always wanted to see Chad's wood xP
  3. Nothin like a little compensation to boost one's confidence XD
  4. I play on PS4 & Xbox, but yes. I'll forward screenshots when I get home later!
  5. I think especially since the swimsuits came out, that the councillor bodies need another update/fixes, mainly Chad! The back of Chad's legs and butt in his speedo look really weird, like blocky and misshapen, would be nice if this is fixed. Kinda like the body's need some extra poly's or somethin. Also, it would be really cool if the guy's with longer hair like "Adam, had hair physics like the girls! Also, it kinda looks like Adam is wearing a wig and Mitch's beard looks kinda the same
  6. I've taken a lot of cool pictures, but this is one of my favorites I took! I even think it's videogame back cover picture worthy
  7. They seem to have added more life into the characters, I noticed in the selection screen everyone seems more lively ie. Eyes moving more, some different poses and they even changed Tiff's back to how it used to be (doesn't look sad anymore lol). I think the models actually look better too, least Vanessa seems more detailed to me?
  8. Anyone see that sweet Chad ass yet??
  9. Omg!!! I'm so excited and happy!!! Especially exxited they're reversing the combat stance/ swing issue, I could just french kiss all of the staff right now ❤?
  10. Like with a slider maybe, or somethin?
  11. I was just wondering, where the heck is Chad's black speedo in the new customization interface pics??? Also, are we only getting the three color choices shown? I want Chad's sexy black speedo :|
  12. Weird. I too remember seeing the hand print thing??? :Z
  13. I really hope they do something with the window Trish jumps out of in the film!!!! Could you imagine that sweet stunt as an animation for risking your life jumping out of the window!???? *just jizzed*
  14. I just discovered in Higgins small, the bridge Chris gets stuck on is in the right place ^.^ Wonder why they never kept in the same place on the big map? Also the lake is more accurate in the big map! On Higgins small, the lake is more like a pond beside the house, not that it was really even a lake in the movie, rather a creek that led to the lake