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  1. When all the Jason's from the films are added to the game (if they do get added that is) will more Jason's be created? Or Will you just stop. And I also have a lot of ideas on New Jason's that I'd like to share if the day ever comes when and if you guys ever begin to make entirely New Jason's for the game. Same question for maps. If the devs could answer, I'd be very grateful.
  2. .

    Absolutely amazing
  3. I didn't know that. I still think his voice should be a little deeper
  4. I love the New cinematic kills. It actually feels true to Friday the 13th
  5. Mental Institution sounds awesome. I hope they add that as a map and a super creepy Jason. But I highly doubt anyone knows the next map except for Gun Media.
  6. I haven't really hear him talk THAT much, but from what I have heard he just sounds nothing like Chuck to me.
  7. Mine also. I also love the New kills. especially the cinematics.
  8. Yeah I'm on ps4 and I still can't find it in the store. I've seen others use the New emotes though.
  9. Lol, yeah. His voice and body are completely different.
  10. Why does he sound like a teenage boy? He's supposed to sound like an old pot smoker.
  11. Can't you still do as planned?...
  12. It'll take a while. Just try to complete as many objectives as you can. Also, the double XP perk might help if you have it