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  1. I live in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK. It's around 20 minutes drive away from Birmingham and an hour and change from London. There's not a great deal here in all honesty. Like most places it has its nice areas and bad areas.
  2. My avatar is well, simply put, I like Superman
  3. I'm still loving the game. Yeah, host migration would be awesome but other than that I'm enjoying it.
  4. Friday the 13th , FIFA 17, just reinstalled Arkham Asylum onto the PS4. Casually making my way through The Witcher 3 and Alien Isolation.
  5. How does Jason manage to carry around numerous traps? Why would Tommy not alert the authorities when he has been contacted?
  6. Level 24. I don't play anywhere as much as I'd like to though.
  7. Hi all! Glad I've finally signed up, I love the game and the films. Just wanted to say Hi!