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  1. I know it's small, but is it possible you can add a feature to switch from talking nearby to talking on the walkie? There's cases where all 6 players have the walkie and are talking at the same time/one talking or yelling at Jason, instead of having it on all the time, maybe you can press and hold a button to talk, also add the beep sound to notify people around you that you are using them? You have no idea how many times I felt dumb realizing people weren't talking to me when they had a walkie and I didn't.
  2. Is it possible you guys can add something where you place bad sports, rage quitters or glitchers in a place with other players like them? So us people who actually want to play a full match can be at peace. I don't know quit 3 times in a day then be placed there? Haven't gave it much thought but I wanted to bring it up.