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  1. Yeah I just figured that out. Still it's not for beginners.
  2. Dead by Daylight can be fun, but it's harder. Example: The repairing. It pops up with no warning. In F13, you can see when it will pop up. Also Dead by Daylight seems to be putting horror movie characters in the game. Who's next? Ghostface? It's great to see more Horror movie characters other than just Jason in f13. I like both equally.
  3. Yeah I hate these people. I think they do it so people can like their videos for telling them how to cheat, with some views too.
  4. Yeah this happened to me on the day of the update. I went to private match to set my Jason to part 4 then went to quick play, hosted a match and the red hockey mask was next to my name. People litteraly thought you could choose yourself Jason in quick play and started getting mad about it and I had nothing to do about it. Let me go report this now.
  5. I just played Friday the 13th a bit ago, wanted to test out a little more part 4 Jason, and I was lucky to be Jason and picked up the first knive in the shack, then boom. Host quit. I know the new blue dots are hinting fox. Focus on dedicated servers. People aren't going to able to be Fox because hosts are going to keep quitting. This is the first time I want to scream, "Fix your game"
  6. Well then if it's too long maybe they can add Jason grabbing the shoulder of the councilor, punch the head off, and throw the body to the ground.
  7. 1. There is a glitch where you find duplicates, it's being fixed. 2. Not sure what your asking, but crouching restores stamina and reduces noise. Standing regenerates too. walking and running makes a lot of noise, which Jason can see as bubbles, and reduces stamina.
  8. I have had vote systems in other games before and people like to kick you for no reason. I saw a 12 year old kid on a different game get kicked because...he was 12? He wasn't doing anything bad. This may be a bad idea in some ways.
  9. So there is people out there who cheat by glitching, helping Jason, hacking and people who don't know how to report them or have no device to use the internet with to report them. They are stuck with these cheaters, because nobody else will report them because they don't want to be snitchers. It may take a lot more work to do this, but we need it.
  10. Maybe it's because the physical version released The game just got easier because of these people but I'll give them one more day to catch up before I start slashing and trolling the new jasons Also because they use art 3 doesnt mean NOO B ALERT NOOB ALERT NOOB ALERT I saw a level 70 using him once
  11. Yeah I have a way better chance of spawn killing on packanack 15 secons trapping the shack and getting knives 15 seconds killing a councilor
  12. "Wave at Jason...just for him to kill you" Is now "Flip off Jason...just before he punches a hole in your chest"
  13. There is nothing wrong with the kill. You want us all to use long moves like part 6 jasons long move where he impales the person for 6 seconds, take 4 seconds to pick up the spear, take 6 more seconds just to walk off?
  14. Shouldn't you post this in Suggestions/Feedback?
  15. Big and painful head twist. the second I knew what was going on I couldn't move and would feel pain.
  16. There's all of a sudden so much graphic popping. In the customization menus whenever you switch to a Jason or councilor it graphic pops, and gets stuck for 1 second.
  17. So Pamela, the mother of Jason. How would she fit in this game? Why would she talk to herself? How would she be stunned by her own sweater? I got some ideas. Where she starts: Some sort of kitchen maybe. The cook could work way out in the woods, where nobody knows where. This is the one I am unsure about. How to stun her: I would say a picture of Jason in his younger age, either when he was born, first came to camp, and such, or a stupider idea of a tape of jasons screams for help. It's stupid because who would just record the sound of a child screaming? I like the picture one better. How she would, "Talk to herself": I also got 2 ideas for this one. one is that she would comment about the dead bodies herself, or she could hear jasons words in her head like she said in the tapes. "Save me mommy, save me" "They hurt me mommy" Mask stuff: I have no idea. Weapon stuff: She would have equipped a simple knife. Abilities: You ask me how part 2 Jason did it Problems: Getting hurt by machetes and guns, grabbing, breaking down doors, Rage. Her stats? I only have 3 ideas, but fill in the rest of blanks, or correct some + Stalk + Can run + ??? - Hit Points - ??? - ??? Correct me on some things
  18. What's gonna be his stats? I need somebody to help me because I don't have the movie to watch Jason's actions. It's also confirmed he has a cleaver. How's the new map gonna look like? Like I said up there. I never owned the movie. (Probably should try to rent it though) Also, were gonna have a chance to recreate Jason's death, just with an older Tommy. Discuss it.
  19. Since some maps have their unique kills (Like Higgins haven, where you can spike the players at the graveyard) Will we be getting new kills there?
  20. Part 2 jasons Head twist. Long but I still like it. For enviorment I say The door one.
  21. I don't like how I have to go to the map to go to the summary. Can't they have emotes as RB (Or whatever block is on PC and PS4) in non-combat mode? I also found a glitch, which I am soon to report, where if your on packanack large and go to the right entrance where the cops are, go to the left and get shot as Jason. You'll get glitch where you go through the rocks. Its Jason only so I don't see how cheaters can use it to win. Because if you try to sneak attack, you'll just get shot by the cops.
  22. I never heard them say that. Only, "Part 8 scared the shit out of me"
  23. I get mixed up sometimes. Modify the pig splitter and it looks like a cleaver a tiny bit.
  24. Just because I didn't watch the movie doesn't mean I didn't spoil myself. quite a lot