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    Confuse Jason challenge

    You have to confuse Jason. It could be you and a lot of other chads partying it out, or anything that just makes Jason stop and look at you.
  2. Once, Gunmedia_Ben said, Yet I still see people do this crap.
  3. So I have played games with a boat before, and I have never heard the boat start up as Jason. Is there a boat noise that's just really quiet, or is there none at all? I only hear the boat when somebody messes up on repairs.
  4. So I just played a game, still in it, and we got the 2 seater repaired. I had the keys and started driving with another person. Along the drive, some guy just ran into the middle of the road and I killed him (On accident). I escaped with the other guy, right now he is Tommy Jarvis and I'm waiting for a response from him. Let you know if he messages me. Edit: To let you know, I could've stopped but he just appeared out of nowhere because of the rain and darkness and yeah I had no time to react Another edit: No response.
  5. jenndar111

    What if, you wrote a friday the 13th movie?

    If I was a good script writer but it would be about Jason killing his bullies, and one of the bullies recognising him. Oh how I want to hear, "I'm so sorry Jason"
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    Guess what? I am pretty sure that same guy I ran over just helped Jason in the next game.
  7. I have never been called a hacker (Except by my brother, 1 foot away from me)
  8. jenndar111


    What confuses me about this game is why did it take Jason so long to realize we were driving the car
  9. Many people are getting angry at what I do. I'm sorry, I just never thought of dropping it at the box.
  10. So I was killing some people as Jason one day, I couldn't find Tommy and one other girl. They were at my shack, my morph still generating, so when I actually got there, they stunned me with the sweater, Tommy shot me with a gun, and the girl had an axe. I guess they were trying to kill me. If they were, they did three things wrong. - I still had my mask - They tried to get me on my knees with a gun - They tried to get sweater girl do the killing part, not Tommy They tried, and failed.
  11. One time I carried around the fuse because the box was trapped, and I would go back once I found a pocket knife to defuse it. The people in-game still said I was a dumbass.
  12. I leave the part on screen because I have low repair.
  13. Sorry I'm late to reply, but are you saying they had some secret medical training or police training?
  14. How I found my second pamela tape: Session: 16 Day: Sunday Time: 11:32 AM Cst Map: Packanack Character: Deborah Funny how I found 2 tapes under a week
  15. jenndar111

    Summer's been over

    Goddamn, some people are just impatient. Maybe they are taking so long just so they could fix all the bugs, make it perfect. Seriously, there are other things you are waiting for in real life that are more important then just offline bots.
  16. So this could maybe give councilors advantages or disadvanteges. Simply some doors are locked and you have to crawl through a window which may be open already. I mean, why would you even leave your door unlocked in the first place? Also, if your running away from Jason, and the only way out is through a room, it could leave you trapped and try to juke Jason.
  17. So you want part 6 Jason to have part 2's speed, and part 2 have super speed? No.
  18. Sometimes. Not all the time. Some doors only lock on one side.
  19. I don't kno what to say. I'll just say that you ragdoll because normally when you quit your character acts if they had a heart attack then ragdoll, and the same happens mid kill.
  20. He would obviously say, "Fuck you."
  21. I think if you saw where the body was, the scare when you discover a body isn't scary, since you would know when its coming up.
  22. jenndar111

    Friday Names & Titles

    Friday the 13th: It used to be easy to kill Jason