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  1. So imagine: You have 3 pocket knives, then theres the phone box part. You can't get it, cuz that other guy will steal your pocket knife, and maybe not repair the phone box if he grabs the part. Backpacks are randomly found around the map, and its color is its rarity. Blue = 1 space, green = 2 spaces, red = 3 spaces. red is the hardest to find. Blue is the easiest. like how I think? And you can only carry 1 backpack. anyy weapons you have, you still have, since you just put the backpack on your back.
  2. Yeah, I killed the host first once, and decided to be that guy, and left.
  3. Yeah, maybe get new weapons for Jason since he used like 20 of them before? (No Chainsaw)
  4. Maybe some memory of Jason. Like a photo of him when he was younger.
  5. All of the characters except Tommy Jarvis has had custom clothes. Why not Tommy? We might not want the same old clothes.
  6. Energy drinks are leftover drinks left by the councilors, well, because they could be thirsty. The ones you find all over, lets say they are already drunk out of. these ones are filled, and will restore your stamina when running from Jason, since crouching takes a few seconds. This only takes 2 seconds (Or 3, if you want to add the cap opening detail) and if you say this is unrealistic, explain the med sprays healing straight away.
  7. Ever since I bought the game, I liked it. I knew all about it, and only bought it like 1 month ago. I mostly came to the forums to report bugs, since I found some, but hope to use more topics.
  8. ...A bit overpowered, don't you think? But it fits Uber Jason...he would have to be a high level Jason.
  9. Why would they makeout when they know a killer is on the loose in the camp?!?
  10. 1. I think this is supposed to be in bug reporting 2. Maybe Jason just got out of the stun really fast. Was he in rage?
  11. Actually I'm pretty sure any perk you have on your main councilor also stays on Tommy
  12. I was thinking of like 30 minute penalties or something. the more you do it, the longer it is.
  13. 31, waiting to try out my part 9 jason, but too many people get to play as jason instead of me.
  14. Oh, thats a problem.
  15. Can you make it so we can push them out of the way when blocking the door at least?
  16. Jason was at first...then became superhuman or something
  17. If it happens again, I'll screenshot it.
  18. This happened to me twice on the xbox version. I couldn't see any players in the lobby It's just blank with a red line at the top of the lobby where I'm supposed to be. I have no photos, though.
  19. Yeah, this happened to me too. I can't hit him in combat stance.
  20. Maybe its story mode chapters, episodes, movies, missions, and the blue one is a boss. (Not very sure though, since the blue one doesn't make sense)
  21. I tried counting the dots ignoring the blue one to see if it resembles a movie, but there are 8 dots, and that Jason is already in the game.
  22. I'm a great part 2 Jason, usually killing most of the players. So I'm looking for expert counselors to kill. Xbox gamertag is redbeard1239.