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  1. Ok. Interesting. They should update the rules then. But they alwas seem to speak/write before they think so ...
  2. I think I have read all the rules for banning. Please state your source. Until then I'm sure it is false as the rules do not diffee private from public. But you have bad friends if the report you in a private match.
  3. Never heard that. You can't even log in when banned. So no.
  4. I will kick you if I get the option. And, btw, you only get points when you destroy the first powerbox.
  5. If they hide thw whole game, they have no items.
  6. A red flag would indirect being a ban. I would kick red flagged direct without even bother talking to them. And 10 times a day is way to high. 10 games is 2 hours play time you can destroy. If you can't win the game using fair methods you are just a looser. And if you think that using exploits or things like that is ok you are just a spoiled. You get better by practice, not googling for a way to cheat the system. This is a thing many (young) players miss. They are used to todays simple games there they can ace without practice.
  7. That's why you need to be repeatably kicked. If you need say 10 kicks in a week this will statistically protect innocent from being banned. And being banned for say 1 week is not death penalty if it happens to an innocent.
  8. It's worth to ban all exploiters imho. But it will not happen because Gun want to sell more stuff.
  9. Excellent suggestion. I totally agree that you should not be able to kick during match, that would be abused. And, also, if a player repeatable get kick by different hosts, this could result in a temporary ban.
  10. People are way to "Oh, but think about these poor people that will be kicked that do not serves it". A properly vote to kick and report system would give very very few of these cases. And the overall gaming experience would benefit hugely.
  11. 1/2 that is is. And I would.
  12. Nah, that is exploiting the game. Ban them.