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  1. No, it's not random. I become Jason WAY to often the first match. I have played 600+ matches. I would say I become Jason 50% of my first matches as host. It should be like 13%.
  2. No, it is when I'm the host and it is tge first match - so nobody has been Jason yet
  3. Snow on the ground with bloody foot prints after injured councelors.
  4. I heard you can only find Pamela tapes on Fridays. Haven't ben able to verify this. Have never found any and played like 600 matches, opened 6000+ drawers.
  5. I think the limited inventory is a very important feature.
  6. I find that then I am hosting a public game, I will be Jason on the first game a mayority of the times. So the random isn't that random. I have played like 600 matches.
  7. Sometimes the Savini "music" is used gor other Jasons. PS4
  8. I have been killed by Jason when he blocked the sweater.